February 17, 2015

Valentines and Stuff

The girls worked to create valentines for their teachers and friends! 

Special valentine deliveries at Wynn's preschool 

Of course, they were minions! 

Layne helped me decorate some cupcakes that we delivered to some friends from church. 

On Friday night we had our very first friends bonfire at the land! We lined the pathway leading down to the rock from the street with paper bag lanterns...100 of them! Jeremy built a huge fire and also got a little fire going for the food. Everyone came and brought something to share. We sat around the fire, ate, and roasted marshmallows! It was such a great night with friends. 

Every month HomeDepot and Lowes put on free kids building mornings. We try to get to both of them every month. It's SO much fun!! 

Heart shaped picture holders!! 

It is OFFICIAL! Let the building begin! 

Little Layne putting her tithe in the Discover Kids tithe box!