December 28, 2006

Someone Thinks She's Pregnant!!
About 9 weeks ago we took our little Yorkie, Mazie, to be bred but things didn't go too well and we knew she did not get pregnant. For some reason though Mazie thinks she's pregnant! She has been whining a lot and following me around everywhere. The funniest part about it is she is getting all of her toys and making little beds for them and hiding them. Jeremy decided that he was going to trim Mazie with the new dog clippers he got for Christmas. She wouldn't even put her "baby" down during the hair cut!

Here is a video of Mazie taking care of her "baby". Don't mess with a mother and her child!!!

December 25, 2006

Joseph's Lullaby
Jeremy's dad asked him if he and Hayden would do a little acting on Christmas Eve at the evening church service. His dad sang the some "Joseph's Lullaby" while Jeremy acted as Joseph and Hayden played Jesus. They all did a wonderful job.

The Bumbo Seat

Hayden tried out her new Bumbo seat tonight. At first she just wasn't sure what to think about the fact that she was sitting up without the assistance of mommy or daddy. Then, she really started to enjoy it. She even asked daddy to hand her one of her favorite books so she could read it to herself........

December 18, 2006

Is it a Onsie or a Turban?
As Jeremy was helping Hayden get dressed this morning he was being silly. Hayden thought daddy was so funny when he left the onsie on her head. Unfortunately, I didn't get the camera fast enough to catch her laughing.

Waking Up After an Afternoon Nap in Mommy & Daddy's Bed

I put her in our bed to take her nap because I was putting clothes away and wanted to watch her sleep. The nap didn't last too long, but I did get this cute picture of her stretching after she woke up. She is really getting her own little personality and starting to act like a mini grown up!

December 17, 2006

Baby Jesus & The Angel of the Lord
Hayden and I were asked to act in the Christmas Musical/Drama this year and Jeremy was the Assistant Director. I was really nervous about it because Hayden's fussy time is in the evening which is when the drama was. Jeremy and I just bathed all of it in prayer. She did an AMAZING job all three nights. Her part involved being carried by me, being placed in a manger, then being held by Mary. She didn't even cry when it was her "time to shine". She's an actress in the making. We are so proud of our little "Baby Jesus".

Hayden in the Manger

In the middle of the song I walked down the aisle with Hayden. Then I put her in the manger for the rest of the song. At the end of the song Mary picks her up out of the manger and carries her off the stage. On Sunday night she was sound asleep and stayed that way through the entire production!

The Entire Cast

On Sunday night we posed for a quick group picture before we ate. The church had a little Christmas Party after the performance on Sunday night.

Wings and All......

Here is a shot of me with my angel wings on. It was a cape that tied on, but it also had two wings attached to the cape. They were held in place by two little finger rings that looped around my fingers. It was quite flowy and glittery.

December 15, 2006

Here We Go Steelers!
Finally, she fits into the best outfit she has......her Steelers outfit (thanks to Mom and Bernie)! When I took this picture I tried to get her to hold up 1 finger, as if she was saying, "The Steelers are #1!". It just didn't work out though. As you can see she is a very proud Steelers fan.

Playing This Hard Can Make a Girl Tired!

This is the second time that she has fallen asleep while playing with Latin Horse (according to Jeremy) and Miss Elephant. The Latin Horse has a voice similar to Antonio Bandares. It's great listening to Jeremy imitate Antonio B.! Hayden has gotten to the point where she does not need mommy and daddy to play with her when she is on the floor. She and her two friends can handle it on their own. She just plays with them so hard that she falls asleep! Sometimes her hand will twitch and hit Antonio while she is sleeping. It wakes her right up and she continues playing like nothing ever happened!

December 11, 2006

Our Family Christmas Photo
Today we took our first Ross family Christmas picture.

All Smiles in the Christmas Dress

Since Hayden is all smiles in the morning I decided to put her in her Christmas dress that Grandma Ross bought her. We got some really great pictures, here is one of my favorites!

Happy as Can Be in Her Christmas Outfit

Since she was still happy, I decided to do an outfit change and shoot some more pictures. She still smiled throughout the whole things.

December 8, 2006

Hope You Like Pink!!
This year I decided to go with the PINK theme for our tree in honor of our new addition. It was actually Jeremy's idea; he has gotten in touch with his feminine side quite a bit since Hayden was born.......just kidding-he had nothing to do with the pink theme!

Cold Atlanta Winter
We made sure to bundle up Miss Priss before we took her out into the cold winter weather. She is just so much fun to dress up! Normally pink and red clash, but Hayden can make anything look good!

Shop 'Til You Drop Girlfriend
All of that shopping for Christmas tree decorations tired the little one out. We only went to one store!!!

December 7, 2006

All Smiles!
Hayden now smiles back when we smile at her first. She is just so much fun to hang out with! We can't get enough of her.

Hanging Out With Some of Her Friends

Hayden loves to sit in her swing and talk to her bear friends. The swing MUST be on full speed (6) for her to be happy. She is a motion baby for sure!

December 6, 2006

Pappy Howat's Short Visit
My dad was in the Atlanta area on business so he was able to stop by for a nice visit. He wanted some pictures so that he could put together a Christmas card this year.

Do You Know What a Thumb is Yet?
After seeing that Hayden's friend, Hannah, could suck her thumb Jeremy and I tried to make Hayden suck hers. We can put her thumb in her mouth while she is sleeping, but when she is awake she wants nothing to do with it. She just hasn't figured out how great it can be yet.

Fussy Time in the Ross Home
Every night starting at about 6 our little one has a melt down......We try EVERYTHING to get her to smile and be happy. Oh to be a fly on the wall during that time of day.