June 20, 2013

The Tree

We've gotten a lot of rain this summer in GA. On Tuesday it had been raining and storming on and off-I got caught in a storm while I was running early that morning and the girls swim lessons were cancelled that afternoon due to the weather. So, we were on our way home from the called off lessons and we pulled up the driveway into the garage. The next thing you know we hear this crackling sound as we're getting out of the car. I finally figured out that it was a tree. We headed down the driveway to explore the situation and this is what we saw!! 

The girls were terrified! 

I tried to remind them that God was looking out for us and He protected us. After all, we were JUST driving up the driveway 30 seconds earlier!! 

The tree was so huge that it went across the driveway, through our "yard" and into the street!! 

Layne was excited about the adventure but Hayden just wanted to be inside where it was "safe". She was pretty shaken up about the whole thing. 

At one point the girls looked out the window and saw a fire truck! So, we headed down to watch them work. 

It started raining pretty hard while we were down there, but the girls just had to wave bye and say thank you!! 

Jeff and his friend David came over to "cut us out"! They had to take a few brakes due to the rain and storms...but they got the driveway cleared!! 

We stopped to take a picture at the huge trunk on our way out to Test Kitchen that night! 

Last night daddy started the huge task of cutting it up. We're going to have some GREAT firewood this winter! I need to look up some projects on Pinterest that I can do with all of this wood!! 

Their own little stools for performances!!  

Where do they learn this stuff?!

Daddy the lumberjack! 

He got his chainsaw stuck one time so the girls and I had to use the truck and a chain to pull a log to free the saw. It was pretty awesome! 

Layne helping daddy by putting all of the cut pieces into a pile! 

Even this one! 

Awww...one of the trees had a birds nest in it. Hope those babies knew how to fly! 

Crabby Baby

I had to wake Wynnie up from her morning nap the other day because we had to go and pick the girls up at camp (1:00!!). She was sound asleep! 

She's been a little crabby these days. She just developed a terrible cough yesterday, she's teething, and she has terrible diaper rash. She's on the mend though. 
She's kind of stopped nursing too. I think that it probably has to do with all the other things going on in her life right now. She can't be done nursing already!!! We've got at least 3 more weeks!!!! 

Gwynn Meets World Week Forty Nine

June 16, 2013

Breakfast for Daddy and Bubble Art

On Father's Day the girls woke up early to help me make breakfast for daddy. They were super excited and lot of great help! 

Bubbles, food coloring, white paper.....

Bubble Art! 


Last weekend we headed out to Madison to deliver a wedding cake. We decided to just all go as a family and then just hang out in the cutest little town ever! They have a cute square and some great restaurants. 

There was a cute little park in the center on town. We went on the swings and the girls tried to do cartwheels. 

They are terrible at cartwheels! 

We had a great time. All of us left there wanting to move there! Maybe one day..... Hayden would like to make sure that we at least wait until camp is over (in 1 week) before we move! 

Father's Day and the Girls

Check out this cookie cake that we found for daddy at Kroger! I know that I could have baked him a nice fancy dessert, but this was just too perfect! It wasn't very good at all-normally I love their cookie cakes! 

Our little vulture! As soon as food gets around she is begging like crazy. 

I am slowly working on making decorations for Wynnie's big first birthday party. The girls love to watch me and help out. The day I was sewing some ice cream cones and they went a little crazy with the scraps. 

They created some cute accessories using the scraps. Silly girls! 

June 14, 2013

Gwynn Meets World Week 48

Busy Days!

Check out the bed head that Wynnie has!! Her new thing is to drop her blankie on the floor when she wakes up. Then she gets upset because she can't reach her blankie! Silly girl. 

The other day Wynnie and I went to go and get my tires rotated and balanced. She just sat in her own little chair and hang out with her snacks while we waited. 

Getting ready for the big birthday! Isn't this dress just precious?! Perfect for an Ice Cream Parlor first birthday!! 

Oh Hayden! Such a silly willy!