February 28, 2007

Rice Cereal
We fed Hayden rice cereal for the first time today. Here is some video of the experience.....

Not so sure about this stuff............

Are you sure this stuff is edible?!

Nap Time Routine
Here is a little glimpse into Hayden's nap time routine.
When I first put her down she immediately turns towards Turtie the Turtle. It's almost as if she is reminding me to turn him on. The sea creatures inside him move and he also plays different lullabies. She reaches out and touches and kicks him for a while.

She then decides that it's time to roll over since it's more comfortable on her tummy. I hate that she does that, but there is not much I can do about it. She looks around and talks to her crib friends for a little bit.

After she has looked around and played on her tummy for a while she tries to gouge her eyes out with her fingers. She tries to take her nose off too. The fingers do end up in her mouth most of the time.

Finally, she is off to dreamland.........for a little while at least.

February 26, 2007

Sounds of Hayden
I know that the video is sideways, but you get the point.

Givin' It Her All
When Hayden plays with Elinor the Elephant and Popo the Pony she really gives it everything she's got. By the way she "plays" with the two animals I wonder if it is a game to her. Most of the time Elinor gets all the jabs and Popo receives the kung foo kicks. It's almost like she is trying to take them out or something. No smiles during this match.....

February 24, 2007

Noises with the New Found Tongue
Hayden has recently realized that she has a tongue in her mouth. She loves to stick it out and make noises with it. It is really funny to hear.

Here is Miss Hayden in her second outfit of the day (nothing abnormal about that) due to an explosive accident. She is modeling the Cutie long sleeved tee that Pappy sent her for Valentine's Day. The tee says it all.

Suckin' on Those Fingers

We went for a family walk today and Hayden had a good time sucking on her fingers while taking it all in.

Our Mountainous Driveway
We love to take Hayden for walks in her stroller, but our driveway can be such an obstacle...as you will see in the following pictures. Some of our friends won't even pull up the driveway because they are too afraid to face it. One day our mail lady was turning around to go back down the driveway and Jeremy said she was hanging onto the side of her mail truck for dear life. When I told Bernie today that we were going to take a walk he said he wanted to see how we get down that driveway of ours. Here's how............

The treacherous trip back up after our walk.......

February 22, 2007

Spring Is Around The Corner
We just had to go out for a walk today since it was 72 degrees outside! Hayden loves to be outside in the sunny weather. We decided to put the hat on that Grandma Ross gave her since it was so sunny. It fit perfectly! When we were out we saw one of our neighbors walking. Her name was Gloria and she was such a nice little old lady. She never did get Hayden's name right though. We left it at Hagan.....close enough I guess. Although, I could tell that the woman thought that it was a really weird name.

February 20, 2007

Rat Tail Mullet
Yes, our precious one does have a mullet. This hasn't always been the case though. When she was born she had a ton of dark brown hair. Around the 2nd or 3rd month she started to lose it. A lighter brown hair grew in it's place. She just never lost the dark brown hair at the base of her head. We have known about her unique hairstyle for quite a while now. We have just tried to keep it out of the pictures. Well, Auntember busted us when she watched the roll over video. We can't hide the rat tail mullet any longer. So here it is............

February 19, 2007

Roll Over Footage
Well, here she is rolling over from her back to her belly! This was videoed on our old digital camera so the quality isn't the best. We need to get some special software and cords to transfer the roll over footage that we have on our new video camera. Once we get it I will replace this video with the other. Enjoy!!

Here is a failed attempt......... It shows more of the actual "roll over process"

February 18, 2007

Winter Weather Hat

Here's Hayden all dressed and ready to go to church this morning. Well, she doesn't actually go to church-she stays in the nursery while mommy and daddy go to church and Sunday school.

Lost Sleep Battle

Every night around 8:00 Hayden fights a battle against the sleepy heads. And she puts up a good fight but she also loses the battle every night.

February 17, 2007

The Roll Over Queen

As you recall, yesterday Hayden rolled over from her belly to her back. Well, tonight she rolled over from her back to her belly! Once again, no pictures or video....so I posted this annoying and kind of disturbing animation instead.

Do Americans Dress Their Baby Girls Like Cindy Lauper?!

While Hayden and I were in Blockbuster the other day we struck up a conversation with one of the workers. The worker was telling us that when she retires she wants to make baby dresses like they had when she was little. She wants to make them with all the bows, frills, sashes, and ribbons. The woman also said that she feels like people dress their babies up like Cindy Lauper now a days. Because I am an 80's baby I vaguely remember Miss Lauper. I left Blockbuster wondering if this woman was on to something....so I am posting some recent images that I took of little miss Hayden. I wanted to see if indeed we do dress our little girls up like the 80's pop princess...... What do you think?

February 16, 2007

All for a Laugh
Oh the things we find ourselves doing in order to hear the sweet sound of a baby's laughter. I think I've said all I need to say for this posting......

The Roll Over Process
(Yes...SHE DID IT!)
It started out just like any other belly time. Then, we introduced the cow into the equation. That's what pushed her "over the top"!
Here she is pausing for a quick pic before she preforms her amazing roll over trick. This picture was actually taken after the roll over took place. So the three pictures that you are about to see are reenactment photos. During the actual roll over there were no cameras present. Again, what you are about to see is a reenactment of an actual event that did take place only moments earlier.

Then, she glances over at her beloved cow. She wants to get over next to the cow really bad....but how will she do it?! Will they always have this distance between them?! Or wait....maybe......

Yep, she rolled over to get to her cow friend! We made a really big deal about it and she was really surprised and happy. We are so excited!!

A Chipmunk...no...a Balloon...ummm...a Blow Fish?

We went over to Jeff and Jan's house to get together with some family for dinner. After dinner Hayden fell asleep in daddy's arms. This is daddy's impersonation of Hayden while she is sleeping. I told him the moment this picture was taken that it was a "blog worthy" picture.

Shy Game

Hayden likes to play this new "shy game". She will look at someone and then hides her face in the shoulder of the person who is holding her- in this case it happens to be Grandpa Ross. They had a good time spending time together.

February 15, 2007

Are These All Mine?
We have been putting Hayden in her bouncy chair to help build her leg muscles. She loves to turn herself around and stare up into her closet. I think that she enjoys looking at all of the clothes that she has been blessed with. Notice her Sunday dress that's picked out already and hanging in the center. Aunt September bought that for Hayden for Christmas.

Another Toy Becomes a Victim of the Hayden Mouth!

As I have said before, anything and everything goes in this child's mouth. Here is one of her newest victims. It's a musical moooving (sorry-couldn't resist) cow with a huge head (we thought the huge head thing was rather appropriate). When you turn him on he "crawls" across the floor. Supposedly, that helps to encourage babies to crawl. She's not ready for the crawling thing yet. We bought it because Hayden holds it up to her mouth while it vibrates and she makes a really funny face. Oh yeah, and because it has a huge head!

February 14, 2007

Flowers for Mommy!
When I got home from tutoring there was a vase with 24 beautiful pink roses on the kitchen table. Daddy was also busy cooking a magnificent dinner....fondue! It was a great first Valentine's Day with Hayden.

What's Going on Over There?!

While I was giving Hayden a bath she kept turning her head and body in order to see what Daddy was doing in the kitchen. I think that she may be a chef when she grows up because she LOVES to watch us cook. Look out, she may be the next Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee....but hopefully not the big headed Everyday Italian lady..... Then when she gets older she can be the northern version of Paula Dean....because we all know that Hayden is going to speak and act like a yankie-just like her mama!!

Chef Daddy

Their eyes only met for a moment because daddy had to get back to cooking the gourmet Valentine's Day meal. Notice the Chardonnay on the counter (green bottle). I think that Daddy was taking a few swigs as he cooked. No just kidding, he used it in the fondue. We're hoping that didn't affect Hayden later than night. The last thing we need is a drunk baby!

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

February 13, 2007

Don't Move the Binkie!
Since Hayden is teething she has now started to take her binkie. She won't suck on it though, she just bites/gums/chews it. She has trouble holding it in her mouth using her hands...so she uses my hand! When I am holding it in her mouth she makes certain that I do my job. Also, notice her Valentine's Day PJ's. She wanted to make sure she woke up in the appropriate holiday attire.

February 12, 2007

Little Leap Pad
Hayden loves her little leap pad. She is looking at her favorite page in this book. It is the alphabet page. I'm pretty sure that she has the alphabet memorized, but she just can vocalize it yet. Yep, that's definitely what it is....just can't get the words out.

Talkin' Girl Talk

It's just so much fun to have a little buddy around the house to talk with. We talk about everything: cooking dinner, unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, writing emails, vacuuming, getting dressed, changing diapers.......need I say more!

February 11, 2007

Trio Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we had Aunt Jamie, Uncle Matt, and Grandma Ross over for a birthday celebration. We celebrated Matt, Trista, and Jan's birthdays.

Here is Hayden with Aunt Jamie...and yes Hayden has a bit of a drooling problem right now! She is also trying to shove anything and everything in her mouth. Jamie had a great time holding her except for the occasional drip 'o drool on the old hand.

"This is the Life Ladies & Gents"

(Hayden's words....if she could talk)

Here is Hayden being bathed. When you think about it....she really has it good. She just sits back and mommy and daddy wash her, we change her diaper, dress her (in really cute clothes I might add), and feed her. She's got it made!

Say Cheese.....

Here is Hayden spending some time with Grandma Ross. It was getting close to nap time, so it's not her best shot.

ExerSaucer Time

Hayden just loves to play in her new exersaucer toy. There are so many fun things to do and she can even spin around and bounce up and down.....if she wants. She's a little too small for it so we just shove a towel in the seat with her to prevent her from doing a face plant in her toys. It looks like she's saying, "Come on and play Mommy, this thing is really fun!"


Stare into the spinny cylinder rattle thingy. You are getting verrrrrrrry sleepy......

February 9, 2007

Visit with Great-Grandma Leakey
We all went over to great grandam Leakey's house to have dinner. Hayden had a great time smiling, talking, and laughing with great grandma. We are all going to have to get together again sometime soon.

Hey, That Baby is Pretty Cute!
I put Hayden in her Bumbo today while I was putting on my makeup. She gets a huge kick out of looking at herself in the mirror. I just wonder what she thinks when she sees herself.......

February 8, 2007

Rough Day for the Big Headed Girlie

Hayden had her 4 month pediatrician visit today. She weighs 13 pounds even which is average for her age (50th percentile). She is 25 inches long which is in the 75th percentile. And her head circumference is 43 1/4 cm which is in the 95th percentile! She has a HUGE HEAD!!! The pediatrician said that it's nothing to be concerned about though. Hayden also got 2 shots, but daddy was holding her the whole time so at least she had a shoulder to cry on. Mommy was turning her back so she didn't have to see Hayden's heartbreaking face......... it's just so hard to watch.

What...You're Saying I Have a Big Head?!

This was the look on Hayden's face when the nurse told us she has a big head. It was pretty funny, the nurse took all of her measurements and then went to chart it all. When she got to charting the head circumference she said, "What, that's can't be right!" and measured it again. But it was right.....she has a HUGE head. Then when the doctor came in and looked at the measurement she decided to remeasure because the nurse may have made a mistake. But the doctor found out that Hayden just has an enormous head and the measurements were indeed correct! Her head really doesn't look big....who knows?!

Sprawled Out

Hayden has started taking her morning and afternoon naps in her crib. I guess the swing just isn't nap worthy anymore. When I put her down for her nap she watches Ellie the elephant, Gigi the giraffe, and Homer the horse....her mobile friends and then she drifts off to sleep. She is out cold!!

Bunny Booty

I just had to take a picture of the back of this outfit. I just love the little bunny on her butt!! Thankfully, she was very drowsy when I put her on her belly. She didn't put up much of a fight.