September 28, 2009

What a Treat!

Yesterday after church I baked some peanut butter cup cookies. The girls each got one even before the chocolate had a chance to set back up! They both loved dipping their finger into the top and scooping the chocolate off. That's all they ate though! They left the rest of the peanut butter cup and the cookie!!
Still has her pretty princess pink nails! And she is feeling much better too. After her afternoon nap on Saturday she was back to normal and never ended up having a fever! Weird, but we are glad it's gone. Now all we have to deal with is Layner's like cold.
Oh, notice daddy in the background enjoying HIS treat too. He likes to lick the bowl when I am baking....

September 26, 2009

Sick Little Princess

This morning Hayden got sick! So, our exciting plans for the day, which included Hannah's princess birthday party, had to be canceled. Hayden really wanted to go to Hannah's party. She kept telling us that she felt good, then she got sick again! So, I decided to give Hayden a little princess make-over at home since she was missing the one with her friends.
We did the make-up and the pretty pink princess nail polish on the fingers and toes. Sorry we missed your special day Hannah-we'll have to plan a visit soon!

Where Has My Zone Gone!?

Running just hasn't been going so well lately. For the past week and a half each run has felt more like a dreaded chore than an enjoyable activity! When I start my run I am mentally figuring out how much longer it will be until I get home and as I run I am visualizing the course (since I run it all the time) to see when I will be home. My mile pace has been a little slower lately for some reason and that get frustrating since I check it frequently as I am running. I just want so desperately to get back to my running zone. The zone is a point in the run where you just tune everything thing out and you are just enjoying nature, the music, the movement, and the run. No struggling, pain, shortness or breath, or wishing you were just done! The thing about the zone though is that it's unpredictable, it could last for a minute, 30 minutes, the entire run, or anywhere in between. It's such an amazing desirable feeling though. I have been completing all of my scheduled runs even though the zone is gone....with the exception of today. I was supposed to run 11 miles today and I just couldn't make it. I ran out to energy at 8.5 miles. I just didn't have it in me so I walked and ran the rest of the way...mainly walked! It's just so frusterating.....where did my zone go!? I need you back Zone friend!! Any suggestions to help take my mind off the run and get back into my zone?? Please let me know....

The Foot of a Runner

I know you guys may not want to see this, but I did want to enlighten the future runners out there-your feet will not get prettier by running! Not that I had pretty feet to begin with. I have always has feet that look like there were crammed into soccer cleats all the time-and they were! You know, short stubby toes. But this running thing has destroyed any good looking features that they possibly had! I have to keep my toe nail VERY short or they will get black and blue and sore. My toe nails are super thick too, kind of crazy. Then I have a big blister looking callus on my second toe and then of course the beautiful blood blister like jewel on my third toe. Not sure what that's all about. Now I know that I could do some things in order to make them look a little more presentable-putting a fresh coat on polish on them, filing down the callus.....but who has time for all that!? They are what they are-just a perk of running I suppose.

September 25, 2009

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cake II

So, last night Jeremy got an awesome call from his cousin, Brandon. Let me back up a little. Brandon works for UPS-he is the one that got Jerm the night job there. So, we have been grateful to him for that. Recently, Jerm has been talking to the higher ups about switching the the pre-load shift. It would be an early morning shift rather than the 11pm-3am shift he's currently working. We just weren't sure if it was going to happen because his bosses weren't making it sound good. Well, that's where Brandon comes in. Basically, he worked some magic and traded one of his guys from his shift in order to get Jerm moved to the early morning shift! Brandon's shift isn't either of the shifts involved so he really didn't have to get involved at all. He did it just to help Jerm out! So, I told Jerm to email Brandon and ask him what his favorite kind of cake was. That's where this second version of the peanut butter chocolate cake comes in! I like the other one I make, but I think it was a little too strong and rich. This one is a chocolate cake with peanut butter chips and iced in a peanut butter butter cream. Hope he likes it!! Thanks Brandon, you're the best!!
*I wanted to share a new little tip that I have discovered about finding a cake recipe. My new favorite method is to type in the kind of cake that I am looking for in a Google IMAGE search! Then tons of amazing pictures come up. Most of them are blogs or other websites that share the recipe to that cake! LOVE IT! That's how I got the recipe for this one.
Let The Celebration Begin!!
I realize that by revealing what I am about to reveal I am risking all of you thinking that I am crazy, but I am just so excited about Hayden's party that I had to share! So, I absolutely love birthdays. I love everything about them: the cake, the decorations, the friends and family, the joy, the games and crafts, and especially the anticipation leading up the the actual day! So, I decided last year, when I was getting ready for Hayden's party, to decorate a week early. I make most of the decorations for the parties and I hate that they are only up for a day. So, most of the decorations go up early! It's so great to see how excited Hayden gets about her birthday throughout the week. Another thing about me is that I don't like stress or stressful situations. So, I often do things well in advance so that I don't feel too stressed about things. Parties can be stressful things, but if you do the decorating a week early all that's left is the cleaning, baking, and cooking! Did you notice the blog background change!? It's the fancies Fancy Nancy like background that I could find!
Above are some of the kitchen decorations. Tissue paper flower balls and a banner and some accessories hanging on the wall.
Another flower ball light decoration and a Fancy Hayden banner. That was so simple-just scrapbook paper and card stock. I printed off the letters on the card stock, cut it out, glued it to the paper, cut that out with fancy scissors, hole punched them and put them on a ribbon! Thankfully, we don't want much TV anymore, so that won't be in the way for the next week!
More tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces on the little picnic tables for the tea party. The things in the pink cup are straws so that they can drink their fancy pink punch!
Plastic straws, fake flowers, and ribbon!
The vase is just a glass vase I got for $1. Covered it with scrapbook paper and card stock. Tied a ribbon around it, put the flower and butterflies in and that's it!
So, you may think that I am crazy, but I do it all for the girls. The excitement in my soon to be three year olds eyes when she see all of the little details is priceless and that's what makes it all worth it!
Now all we need is for all of our guests to RSVP!!

September 22, 2009

Hair Day!

This wig is going to go with Layner's Halloween costume this year. We have decided not to reveal what Layne will be, but at least you know what her hair will look like!! She LOVED the wig. She screamed when sister tried it on and then again when I put it away. What a goof.
Sister wanted a turn with the wig too.
Layne just new that she looked silly with the wig and the apron look. She loved every minute of it though.
This morning Hayden did not have preschool because of all of the flooding going on. So, after our shower I decided to put her hair in pin curls to see if it's something that I would want to take the time and do for her birthday party.
It took a long time and a lot of hair spray....
But she loves it! I keep catching her standing in front of mirrors just turning right and then turning left so she can admire her curly new look.

What Happened to Chenayi...

**This is taken from an email that Barry Robinson (a missionary in Africa) sent**

The thing is tragic in any sense of the word, but the way it happened makes it even more tragic. Chitungwisa is a separate city but has grown to join Harare. It is not like Harare in that it has no big downtown part, but is one big high density area like Sunningdale where Chitsere lives. They were living in a really nice small house. The electricity there, like everywhere else is erratic at best. They had a small generator to keep the fridge cold. They kept it in a small bathroom when it was not in use. The electricity went off two Saturdays ago a little after dark. Her brother went into the bathroom to fill the generator with petrol and to take it outside and start it. Of course it was dark in the bathroom. Chenai decided he needed some light to see as he filled the generator. I think you can guess what happened. She used a candle for the light. The gasoline exploded and the force blew the door shut with her and her brother inside. They both received extensive third degree burns. She lived for one week, but I think was unrecognizable. He is still in the hospital in critical condition.

**Please continue to pray for Chenayi's family and especially for her brother who is still fighting for his life.**

Hayden Chenayi...Meet Chenayi Moyo
Last night when I was getting Hayden ready for bed she kept saying "Chenayi". She told me that she had to go to heaven to play with God and Dabney. How simple and sweet. I decided that I would give Hayden my framed picture of Chenayi so that she could keep it in her room. After I answered 101 questions about Chenayi (yes, Hayden is in that questioning stage!) I tried to put the picture on her nightstand. She said, "No, I want to sleep next to Chenayi tonight." And that's exactly what she did...

September 20, 2009

Lucky You're So Cute!

Tonight Hayden was trying to get the box of mini pineapple upside-down cakes down and this is what happened! Don't worry DP family that attended the baptism today....these were the leftovers and this happened AFTER the baptism!
I wasn't too upset about it because I had just told Jeremy that I was just going to throw them away because this recipe wasn't as good as one I had used before. They use biscuits and these tasted "too biscuitie" to me! I know that sounds crazy to all of those southerners out there-but please remember that I am a Yankie (and proud of it!) and we don't really do biscuits that much. This is the look that Hayden gave me as she was cleaning up her mess. How could you be mad at that face!?
Layner wasn't far from the sweet treats. She decided to munch on a cupcake wrapper instead of digging in on the real food-go figure!
Daddy, I picked this one off the floor especially for you!
The other day I gave Layner an Oreo-what a mistake! She loved every minute of it though!
Hayden and Her Boys...

Here are the Williams twins with Hayden in the nursery of Discover Point Church. Brady is in the blue shirt and Connor is in the red shirt. Connor is ONE of Hayden's boy friends. Lisa took this picture and posted it on facebook with a caption that read: Our nursery is a safe environment for your kids!! LOL.
Personally, I think that she posed the children on top of the tables-especially Hayden (she would never do something like this on her own!). Just kidding!!!

September 19, 2009

Dear Sweet Chenayi
Today, a piece of my heart is gone. I just got word that Chenayi passed away. She was burned very badly when a generator exploded. She spent the last few days of her life in a hospital in Harare. I met Chenayi about 4 years ago when I went over to Zimbabwe, Africa for a mission trip with Heritage Hills. She was working as one of our interpreters for the first week. The minute I met her I knew she was going to be someone very special in my life. Her sweet spirit and undying love for the Lord just captured me. If I could have taken her home with me, I would have in a second. Chenayi touched my heart so deeply that I told her that I would name my first daughter after her and that's just what I did. Hayden's full name is Hayden Chenayi Ross. I can't wait until Hayden is old enough so that I can tell her all about the special person that she received her name from. Chenayi Moyo (her full name) means "smart heart". I will never forget my sweet sister in Christ and I know the heavens are rejoicing to have her home, where she belongs. I can't wait to see her again! I will miss you my soul mate!

September 18, 2009

Noise Makers and Drama
I made the girls some noise makers the other day. They just love them. Here they are shaking them, singing, and dancing. Everyone is having a great time until Layne bumps her head, then sees daddy's reaction, and then realizes that she got hurt....Oh the drama!
Twinkle Twinkle

Here is Hayden singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I think they are working on it at preschool. She doesn't quite have it though. In the beginning she is telling me what kind of cereal she got at the store: Rice Kripsies. I just LOVE how she says it!
Then, for memories sake she brings back the "Don't bark at the babies".

September 17, 2009

Teaching Little Sis about Hygiene

Hayden is very good about washing her hand after she goes potty. When Layne hears that water turn on she speed crawls to the bathroom to get in on the action.
I took Layne to the doctor's office yesterday to get her weighed (finally). She weighs 17 pounds 10 ounces, which I thought was good. Well, once they charted it it showed that she is less than the 3rd percentile for weight. They are still concerned and want to see her next month for a weight check. I think I am going to call her regular pediatrician and see if I can talk with her about it, since Layne saw a new doctor in that office for her 1 year appointment..... I try not to worry about her weight since she is so happy and healthy otherwise, but I want to make sure she's ok.

September 15, 2009

Let's Walk

Hayden decided to help Layne walk today. She was so good with her little sis. She just held her hands and guided her every so gently. Layne really enjoyed it!
Miss Fancy's Party is Right Around the Corner!!

Here is the invite that Uncle Johnny made for Hayden's Fancy Nancy Par-TEA. I blocked out the address, phone number, and email....only special recipients get access to that information! If you click on the invitation it will enlarge and you can see it's awesomeness! It's he amazing?! I know that I can be kind of detail oriented and be a "hard client" to work with. But, he just listens, most likely rolls his eyes, calls me crazy, and then brings my little mental projects and pictures to life! It's so special to me that he has a part in the girl's birthday parties. I know he doesn't think it's a big deal but he will understand it all one day....
Thanks Johnny-we love you!
(that's the name of the paint color!)

Well, we have finally finished painting and gotten Hayden's room all put back together. We are in love with the wall color. I think Hayden may have been happier with princess pink or prissy purple, but she likes it!
Grandma and Pap got Hayden a new comforter and sheets for her upcoming birthday. I have them put away so that she can open them at her party, but I just can't wait. There are little cupcakes all over them-perfect!! Notice that the bed rials are gone! She hasn't fallen out yet.
Jeremy built the shelf thing above the window so that we had a place for the snow domes. They are actually mine, I collected them as a child. Now, Hayden gets to have them. He also built the little steps going up to Hayden's bed. What a handy guy I married! Notice the do better mat near the window. Gotta have one of those if you have a toddler around!
Hayden is having school pictures taken at school today. So, I got her dressed in one of her prettiest dresses and even blew her hair dry! What a treat. She even wanted some lip gloss for this picture.
What a big girl, I can't believe that she's almost three year old!

September 14, 2009

Discover Point Church's 4th Anniversary Celebration!

After church yesterday everyone went and got some lunch and brought it back to "Discover Point Park" for a celebration. We all ate under the pavilion together then the kids played on the playground and the adults had a staff verses volunteers football game. Here is Layner having fun on the swings with her sister.
Miss Priss on the swings. Lisa and Hannah watched the girls while Jerm and I played football. Thanks ladies!!
The volunteer team. I was really hoping that they would not be able to recruit a lady to play on their team so that I wouldn't have to play. And then I thought, well if they are able to recruit one I really hope it isn't Kenna....sure enough they got one and it WAS Kenna-the very fit competitive nutritionist that can walk on her hands just as well as she can walk on her feet!
Here is our staff team from left to right (top row: Brien, Jeff, Brad, Me, Jeremy bottom row: Philip, David). It was actually the staff and their spouses team, but no other lady was crazy enough to be on the team. I don't blame them-even though I did have much more fun than I thought I would.
Lisa was right there taking pictures and video of the game. She missed one of these huddles and tried to get all of us back together for a posed shot but the guys weren't hearin' it-it was game time not picture time! She did end up getting some pretty cool shots though.
Here's our mean face pose. It just cracks me up!
Jerm running in for a touchdown. I can't really remember what the score was, but I know that the staff won! I think it was 6 to 11 or something like that.
Here is Hannah (Brien's wife) with some of the kiddos-Layne, Ethan, Hayden, and Brady.
Hayden with the other twin, Connor. They are just in love! She also loves Ethan and Micah though....
The future Discover Point football team....
It was nice to have a day where we stop and take a look at all that God has done in the life of Discover Point. He has done so many wonderful things just in the short time that Jeremy and I have been there. He is an amazing God and our church has been so blessed by Him. I hope He enjoyed watching us celebrate the church and most importantly glorifying Him yesterday!

September 10, 2009

"Oh My Gosh, I Forgot to Get Hayden!"

So, today Layne and I left the house around 10:30am so that we could run a few errands before we picked Hayden up at preschool. As I rushed from store to store I kept my eye on the clock in order to make sure I wasn't late picking the little diddle up. I made my last stop and rushed back in the car at 11:45- Ahh, just in time to pick Hayden up and I won't be late! Then I made the mistake of calling my sis back. We talked and talked and I even told her that I was on the way to pick Hayden up and even though I was going to arrive at her school around noon I would most likely be the last one to pick their child up. The last few times that I have arrived at noon to pick Hayden up they have her waiting in the front lobby-Is my watch wrong, does noon really mean 11:50 in preschool terms? School ends at noon but all of the parents get there at like 11:45-overachievers I guess. As we talked and talked I just drove and drove. I stopped at the mailbox to get the mail and made a comment to Sep about the lack of mail and then drove on up the driveway. I pulled into the garage and turned off the car and then it hit me- "Oh my gosh Sep, I forgot to pick up Hayden! I can't believe I did this! Now she really IS going to be waiting and I really AM going to be late! I can't believe that I forgot to pick up my own daughter at school and that's practically all we were talking about on the drive!" Sure enough, when I pulled up at 12:05 she was waiting in the front lobby staring out the window like a little lost sheep....
Sep called later tonight while I happened to be making dinner. I said to her, "Sep I can't talk to you right now. It's bad enough that I forgot to pick my daughter up at school I can't risk forgetting to feed them dinner too!"
Fun Sister Pictures

Tonight, I took the girls up to the Horse Park to take some pictures of them together. I just love this one. Layne is screaming with excitement and Hayden is yawning!
They aren't used to grass covered hills to run and crawl down. They both had a great time getting down the hill. Layne walked on all fours. That's her new crawl-she is getting ready to walk I think. Oh no for us!!
Sweet girl.
Layner's athletic football pose.