October 30, 2010

Contest Time on my Baking Blog!!

Go to Sugar and Spice Sweets (click) to check it out.
Hurry because it end tonight at 10pm EST!!!

October 29, 2010

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

October 28, 2010

The Date

Here they are on their date at Steak and Shake (Hayden's choice) sharing a shake. Wonder if daddy will want her to do that when she's in high school and goes out on a date?!
Date Night....Time to Call in the Beauty Experts....

Tonight, Hayden is going on a date with daddy! So, Connie the Cosmetologist stopped in for a visit. She did a makeover on both girls! We even got a visit from Betty the Beautician who did Hayden's hair (couldn't do much with Layners) AND Fiona the Fashionista who dressed Hayden for the evening. They each had different looks and accents. Unfortunately, daddy only got a picture of Connie the Cosmetologist. Here they are striking a pose! Layner looks like an old lady that forgot to put her dentures in! Hayden looks like she was on the receiving end of a punch in the face. And that Connie the Cosmetologist really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and striking a pose!!
The Before and After shot of the face...... I had to remind her that nobody ever smiles in their before picture-only in the after picture!
They Hayden became the beauty expert!
She did my hair and makeup.
She did Layne's too!
Here's the newly made over Hayden with daddy right before they left. This was their "prom pose".
Arktober Fest
At preschool this week Hayden has been learning all about Noah's Ark. Today all the kids are supposed to dress up like animals for Arktober Fest! They will "take a tour of the ark", play animal games, have a visit from Noah, and do a bunch of other cool stuff. Fortunately, I had already planned for the girls to be animals for Halloween this year!
I can't wait to hear all about the fun that they had at Arktober Fest!

October 27, 2010

Halloween Cuties

I put them in their Halloween shirts today because tomorrow they get to wear their animal costumes to school. Layne was just in one of those moods this morning and as soon I said "ready for school?" this is the look that I got.
Then I told them that Grandma and Pap sent them a Halloween card on the computer and we would look at it as soon as they smiles.....and this is what I got!
Gio came over for a visit this morning while the girls were at school. I put him up on the couch while I read him books and he just sat back and put his arms behind his head. It was SO cute!
Here he is lounging with one of his new best buddies!

October 26, 2010


Layne is learning about "C" this week so they made a cowboy/cowgirl hat today!! SO CUTE! She just came walking out during carpool and I just cracked up. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling too well when I picked her up so she didn't want to smile for the picture.

October 25, 2010


Hayden got a late birthday present yesterday from the Lehman's. It's just perfect for her-hundreds of beads that link together to make jewelry. No strings or tiny pieces!
Layne loves to put the beads in her mouth and the kitten love to bat them across the room. So, she gets to play with this by herself :)
The girls have discovered that the pumpkins that they painted at Abby's party are perfect little stools! They just turn them upside-down and sit!
That look just kills me. She always has some mischievous plan going through her little head and she can't hide it!
The girls have named their painted pumpkins, Painty and Pumpky. They gave them a kiss good night and read them a story last night.

October 23, 2010

Dance Party Yo!

The girls LOVE when I put on Pandora Radio for our cleaning/dance party sessions. Today they even put on the shades to enhance the experience!
See Hayden's pj's? That's what we brought back from Colorado for both girls. Aren't they so cute?!
Gettin their groove on....
Princess Party!
Today, the girls got all dolled up for one of Hayden's friends birthday parties. Abby lives right down the street!

Abby and Hayden painting pumpkins together. What a cute idea!!
Abby opened some books and decided to cross her little legs, open the book, and begin "reading" to her audience. It was so cute!
Layner fell in love with this little doggie that Abby got. She even asked if she could take it with her as we were getting ready to leave!
Abby called on Hayden and Layne to help her open the gift that they gave her. Notice that Layne has a good grip on the doggie!!

October 22, 2010

Our Trip to Colorado!

Last Saturday we flew into Denver Colorado with Philip and Angela. We then drove to Avon Colorado which was about 2 hours away. Once we got there we went to our rooms and then decided to go hiking. This was the view as we were wondering around aimlessly trying to find hiking trails that were pictured on the map!

This was our view from the suite!
On Sunday we went to a pretty cool church right near our suite. I think it was nice for all of us to just sit in service, praise God, and soak in His word-no other responsibilities! Then we went to lunch. We had to make sure that we went somewhere that had lots of TVs so we could watch some of both the Steelers game and the Falcons game. We found the place and Big Ben and the boys looked great! The falcons on the other hand...... Then we went bike riding through Glenwood Canyon.
Some of the trail was right along the highway but other parts were away from the roads so that was nice.
Angela gave me the idea to try and take pictures of ourselves while we were riding. It was hysterical watching her try to do it, but I thought it could be a really cool picture!
This rock was at one of the rest stops. Jerm tried to climb it.....
The two adventurous ones climbed down some rocks to get a closer look at the rapids! Crazy!!
On Tuesday we volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Edwards Colorado. They were building 4 duplexes so we helped out. We hammered drywall stops, swept the floors, sawed some wood, and appeared on the local news!
We all had a lot of fun with it and everyone was super nice. We'll have to look into the Habitat in the Atlanta area!!
We also went 4 wheeling on Tuesday. This adventure was Philip, Angela, and Jeremy's favorite.
We took 2 four wheelers all the way up a dirt road to the snow covered mountain in the background of this picture! It was pretty awesome and cold.
Here we are at the top. That's the Continental Divide in the background.
Another attempt at a "take a close up picture of yourselves".
Jerm and I got off the four wheelers and did a little hiking to a non-existent waterfall. We were so disappointed because we both really love waterfalls. It was worth it though. At one point Jeremy went way up ahead of me and I just stood there.....in TOTAL silence. When was the last time you just heard NOTHING?! It was so peaceful and relaxing. It was amazing.
On Wednesday we went Zip Lining-this was the one that I was most nervous about but it turned out to be my favorite adventure of the week.
There were 6 zip lines cross the canyon and we just zipped from one to the other. It was pretty awesome!
We also went to Piney Lake on Wednesday too. It was about a 40 minute drive on a bumpy dirt road, but look at this view!! It was another one of those totally silent peaceful places.
It may seem like we had a very busy time while we were in Colorado but we definitely took the time to relax with games or smores by the fire at night. Philip has played Monopoly so much that he has the board memorized (I mean I am talking prices of each property to purchase or if you land on it and locations! It's pretty amazing). Angela brought Bananagrams and that game is just plain awesome! We also stayed in and cooked dinner together a few nights during the vacation.
It was an unbelievable vacation and we enjoyed every second of it. Thanks so much Philip and Angela for inviting us and for planning all of the outstanding adventures!

October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch with G and P

Jeremy and I are on vacation with Philip and Angela this week so the girls are hanging out with Grandma and Pop. On Sunday they went to a pumpkin patch and sent us some pictures. The pictures that we're taking while we are on our adventure here in Colorado will go on the blog when we get back. But here's some of the girls since I know that's why most of you visit anyways!!