March 29, 2011


The girls have been sick with a cold and cough for a few days now. But, when Layne woke up screaming from her nap today I knew there was more to this story. Once I got her calmed down she let me know that her ear hurt. She was in a lot of pain too. Our pediatrician had no appointments for today so it was off to the Take Care Clinic for the first time.....
Fortunately, the only waiting we did was for them to get back from lunch. I scheduled an appointment for both girls. Here they are enjoying the exam room. The verdict- Layne has an ear infection and Hayden has strep. Layne most likely has strep too, but the nurse didn't put her through that awful test since the antibiotic that she's on for her ear would knock out strep too if she has it. Poor Hayden took one for the team with that strep test-it was bad....there was gagging and coughing and watering eyes.
The girls got a special package in the mail the other day. Coloring books and candy! Is there a better combination if your a toddler that loves to color?! They LOVE their coloring books and jelly beans. Thanks Grandma and Pap!!
On Monday I kept the girls home from school because of their terrible coughs. I looked at Layne's class calendar and they were making umbrellas at school, so we decided to make an umbrella craft too. They loved getting to squeeze that glitter glue themselves! Layne kept calling her umbrella "gordella" for some reason.

On Monday Daddy and Pop were also working hard on the kitchen mini renovation!! Layne was not a big fan of the nail gun. This is what she would do. No joke, if the nail gun was ever sitting on the kitchen floor while Layne was in there she'd squat down to get a closer look. It was almost like she was sizing it up or something! She'd never touch it....just look at it and ask lots of questions :)
The renovation was as follows-moving some cabinets above and below, taking out the stove, putting in the new stove top, and putting in the new double CONVECTION oven.
Hayden and Pop reading the instructions.
The almost finished product!! Still need to re-size the drawer under the flattop and wait for the cabinet guy to build us the new drawer for under the ovens. I did use both the stove and the oven last night! Cooked mom's lasagna!! It was awesome. Now I really need to read all of those instructions before I start baking all my cakes for the weekend!!
This is what a 2 and 4 year old do with a big box! After they were done laying in it they colored all over it!

March 24, 2011

Art Show!!

Tonight was one of my most favorite nights of being the mother of a preschooler that attends the ELC!! ART SHOW NIGHT! I was almost not going to be able to go since I have Bible study on Thursday nights at 6:30 and it's at my house since Lisa had her baby less than a week ago! But, Jerm said that he'd stay home and let the ladies in the house while I took the girlies to their art show! I wasn't going to pass that offer up!
Layner holding her robot's hand.
Showing off her quilted letter "Q".
She gets so gitty and shy when she's around Ms. Melodie. It's just the cutest darn thing. When she was looking at these pictures on the computer tonight we got to this one and she said, "That's my Melodie, I love her."
Hayden posing next to her cows in the pasture....I felt so bad-when we walked in I said, "Oh, look at these cute little dogs." Hayden was like, "Ummm, mommy those are cows not dogs." What WAS I thinking?
As you can probably see by how Hayden looks, she not feeling the best right now. She's got a terrible cough and she says her throat hurts. Poor girlie may be taking a trip to the doctor's tomorrow.
I just can't get over how cute everything was. All of the teachers had set everything up so nicely. It was all just so adorable and well done.
Hayden's little ocean filled with sharks.
The hair on these clowns was kind of freaky. Not sure why. Apparently they had a lot of it because it appeared on a lot of art projects throughout the class rooms. Or maybe I was just seeing things.....
Loved these bees!
Now, I don't normally make it a practice to take pictures of commodes but this thing was just so cute! It's the littlest functional toilet that I have ever seen.
Cookies and punch for the "starving artists".
What a great night....I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

March 23, 2011

Girl Time!

March 22, 2011

Spring is in the Air

On Saturday it was in the 80's so we all walked to the school down the street and played our little hearts out! That girl is getting so big-she barely needs any help anymore!!
This one thinks that she doesn't need help....until she gets stuck!

They brought baby dolls with them.
Fun stuff!

March 19, 2011

Sugar & Spice Sweets Has T-Shirts FOR SALE!!

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She's Addicted!

Layne LOVES to color! If she doesn't have a flat surface to color on, no worries....she's just use her leg!
Coloring sheets have started to travel with us in the car.....
She uses the crossed leg method in order to create more workable surface area to color on.
Then there's the good old table!
"Strawberry Fork Cake" is one of her favs!

March 17, 2011

Shirts are Here!

Aren't these the cutest!? The girls are super cute, but I'm also talking about the shirts that they're wearing!! Layne is modeling the front and Hayden is showing us the back of the shirt. I have 4 more (2 ladies medium and 2 ladies larger). I will be doing giveaways for them soon. I'm planning on designing another S&S Sweets shirt and seeing if anyone is interested in pre-ordering one. I'll post pictures onces it's designed!

March 15, 2011

Top Knotch Gear.....
A Top Knotch Company!

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Yes, ALL SALES from this bracelet are donated to the American Red Cross for aid relief for Japan.
Japan has been devastated by a massive earthquake, multiple tsunamis and now faces serious threats of nuclear radiation. THEY NEED OUR HELP.

These 2 paracord key chains, symbolizing the Japanese flag, are tied in the style of good luck knots - and the best part: 100% OF ALL SALES GOES TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS FOR JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE AND PACIFIC TSUNAMI RELIEF.

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March 14, 2011

My New Game!

Do you have a smartphone or a computer phone as I like to call it?!
Well, I have been trying to get back into working out, sort of successfully, since I don't like to diet or calorie count or count any other food related things. Philip, my wise pastor :), was telling me that Angela was calorie counting. When I told him that I just didn't like to take the time and effort to do that he said that "she has an app for that".
So, it interested me! I went to my Android Market on my phone and searched for calorie counters. I found one called My Fitness Pal (they also have a website for those non-computer phone users). This is the coolest thing ever! It's like a game! I had to enter in some information to get started: current weight, birthday, goal weight, pounds that you want to lose each week, etc. Then it tells you how many calories you should take in per day. Here's the fun part.....
BTW, this IS NOT my phone or my plan pictured above.
I enter the foods that I each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. I can either search for the foods on the phone OR-here it is.....I can SCAN THE BAR-CODE of the container that the food is in and it will bring it up!! WHAT?!?! Can a phone really be so smart!?
It's just so much fun I almost forget that I am dieting! You really should check it out!

March 12, 2011

Oh The Things They Do....

These girls bring such joy to my life....They are sweet and sensitive and funny and silly and caring and I love them more and more every day.
Such sweet silliness in this video!
Hanging At The Burn Pile

Welcome Home GIVE-AWAY!!

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2 winners!!

March 8, 2011

Lunch with a Friend

Sarah wanted to share some of her lunch with a little friend since the girls are staying for Lunch Bunch at school all this week. She got up from the table, picked up the penguin backpack, and sat him right next to her. She even tried to feed him some lunch!
This is how we roll....Hayden in a booster, Layne in Hayden's seat, and Sarah in Layne's seat!
Yesterday during snack the girls were just being silly. I did not have them pose like this! From RIGHT to LEFT: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!

Planting flowers at Grandma and Pop's the other day.
Layner's new bike at Grandma and Pop's house!