October 31, 2012

Owls, Smiles, and a Hair Cut!

Yesterday Layne was allowed to wear her costume to school for their Halloween Parade! She was excited.

The other day we had to pick up some pictures at Walmart. I needed to update some frames BIG TIME! Finally, we have Gwynn in some picture around the house :) Here we are waiting at the photo center. Big sister little sister!

All three girlies. Man do I love these girls!

Then we decided to get Layner her first real haircut!! Here she is in her "before shot"

I had no idea what the lady was going to do with her hair......

I totally forgot to tell the lady....NO BANGS! Too late now. Now that we're home and can style it the way we want I really don't see too much of a difference at all! Oh well. You get what you pay for I suppose.
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October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Today was the day! We've had the pumpkins for about a week now, but we've just been waiting to carve them. The girls started by cleaning out their pumpkins.....

Then the fun began....

Daddy and Layne were on a team.......

Hayden and mommy were on the other team.....

Hayden and I did the kitty cat and daddy and Layne did the funny smiley face. Daddy and Layne took their pumpkin to the garage and used "man tools" for the job! We were all happy with how they turned out. Fun stuff!
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The mornings and evenings are pretty chilly here. Oh how I love this weather! Bundle up Gwynn!!

Look at those chunky legs, they may not look too pudgy to you but I have never seen rolls on my babies! So cute!! It's always good to know that your baby is well fed, especially when you're nursing.
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October 27, 2012


No, I am not back in business yet. We are hoping that it will be by the first of the year and I can't wait! We went to a Welcome Baby cookout last night and I decided to bring a caramel cake. I wanted it to look pretty though :)

These little monster cupcakes were for the cake walk at Trunk or Treat. They were ALL gone by the time we got to trunk or treat. Oh well....

Pinterest does it again! What a cute way to transport and package cupcakes!
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Hayden's First Deer

Hayden went hunting with daddy on Friday and Saturday. On Friday they sat in the box stand that daddy and John built. They watched nature. They camped and ate dinner and hung out. Then Saturday they hunted on the ground. A mommy deer and her baby came near them and Jerm asked Hayden if she wanted him to shoot the mommy and SHE SAID YES! WHAT?!?!!? So, he did. I will spare you the details of what they did to the deer when we took a family trip to the processing place. All I will say is that I was almost in tears and Layne said, "Oh my, I will pray for that mommy deer!" Hayden still likes hunting and wants to go again.
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Trunk or Treat!

The Discover Point Students put on our very first Trunk or Treat this year! There was a really good turnout and it was a lot of fun. This year Ella, Sarah, Hayden, Layne, and Gwynn are all owls and it wasn't even planned!

I had to keep reminding the girls that you couldn't be shy when it was time to trick or treat. They would just go up to the people and stand there. You gotta say Trick or Treat!!!
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October 24, 2012


Grandma and Pap sent the girls cards for Halloween today. This is Gwynn's card....Eek-a-boo....how adorable!

Layne's new hair style. She loves it!
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Swing High.......

This afternoon I took the girls outside to hang on "the playground". Gwynn had a great time on the swing.

And her sisters were silly as usual!

I can't wait to see how Gwynn fits into the sisterly bonds once she get older!
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October 23, 2012

Owls, Wigs, Food, and Rolls

I decided to make the girls owl trick or treat bags! I thought since I made their costumes I should make the bags too. All I did was get two of those plastic pumpkins and hot glue felt to them! I think that they turned out pretty cute :)

Layner and one of her many wigs!

Hayden made our after school snack yesterday. It was Ritz cucumber turkey cheese and may sandwiches. They were delicious!

Gwynn is half way rolling over these days. She's so happy to be "mobile"!
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October 22, 2012

Happy Voter

Yep, Gwynn and I voted early! We met Jeff and Jan at the early voting place and took care of it. The wait wasn't too bad at all. It probably took me about 35 minutes total and I went during lunch hour. Hayden was asking me what I did that day (she always asks me that when I pick her up from school) and when I told her that I went to vote she said, "Did you vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?" I was shocked that she knew that people running in the election!
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October 20, 2012

Chinese Handcuffs

We all got goody bags after the race. There were some Chinese handcuffs in the bags!

This should keep her busy for a while!!
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Trialblazer 1 Mile Fun Run!

About a month ago Hayden brought home a form for the 1 Mile Fun Run and 5K race at her school. There was also a sponsorship form! I figured since Sugar and Spice Sweets is going to be back in business soon it may be a good move to sponsor the race! So, S&S Sweets did!! We got 4 free registrations with our sponsorship. Jerm and the girls were going to do the 1 mile run and I was going to do the 5K. But, then Jerm realized it was opening day for gun season so he was out. So, the girls and I just did the 1 mile together. Here they are ready to run!

"It's cold!!"

Got to stretch so that we don't pull muscles. There were only about 15 to 20 people that did the 1 mile!

The race started out rough. We were in the back since I had the jogging stroller. Layne started running with her hand in her pockets. When I asked her to take her hand out of her pockets she started to cry. She cried for about half a lap around the track. Finally she told me why she was crying, "Because I don't want to run!". My thought was....Ummm, this IS a 1 mile fun RUN, what the heck did you think we were doing? But instead of saying that I encouraged her and told her that she could do it! Everything was going great. We went a lap around the track and then around the school then through a church parking lot and back to the school-all running! Then we were on the last part of pavement before we headed back to the track and disaster struck! Layne tripped and fell! Yikes. We were about to start passing people too darn it! I had to shove that little spark of competitiveness away and tend to Layne. I really would not consider myself a competitive person at all, but something comes out in me when I am doing a road race....even if it's a 1 mile fun run apparently! Back to Layner though. So, she was crying pretty hard. I told Hayden to just go ahead. Poor girls just wondered around slowly like a lost little puppy. I ended up having to pick Layne up. So, now I am trying to steer the jogging stroller and comfort Layne while holding her and try to continue running to keep up with Hayden the lost wondering running. Finally, Layne felt like she was good enough to walk on her own. She decided that once we got to the grass leading to the track we could run again. So, we all finished in LAST place but we finished running! It wasn't about finishing first though. The girls had a great time and that's what matters.....right?! Hayden did get an award for finishing third in the girls group!! She got THREE MONTHS of FREE Karate lessons! How awesome is that!?

The palms of her hands got a little scratched (no blood) but her knee got skinned too. Thankfully, she did not see the knee injury until after we had finished the race. If she had seen in during the race she definitely would have lost it!

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October 19, 2012

The Owl Family

All of the costumes are done finally! I am happy with how they all turned out, just like I pictured them in my mind. Cute little owls!!
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School Pictures....We Forgot!

So, the other day Layne had school pictures. We forgot and I sent her to school with two pig tails that were a little crazy (see picture below). So, they took them out after a few pictures and you now see "the poofy" hair look.

Crazy pigtails!!
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October 18, 2012


Hayden has been racking up the awards! First she came home with the Trailblazer of the Month Award then two days later she came home with a Reading Award, Perfect Attendance Award, and a Blazing Behavior Award! We are so proud of her for how well she is doing in school. Of course, it helps that she absolutely loves school!
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Gwynn Updates

I'm so glad that we picked this toy up at the sale. She just loves it!

The growth spurt is still going on and we're hanging in there. It's crazy how she just wakes up and is ready to eat every 2 hours 15 minutes when she's going through a growth spurt! We are on day two of the growth spurt so maybe it's coming to an end? Another crazy thing about Gwynn when she goes through a growth spurt she sleeps really well at night! I am so thankful for that though. I couldn't imagine her waking up every 2 hours at night.

The girls are going to be owls for Halloween! Here's Gwynn's costume all finished. Hopefully I will finish the other two today. So cute and so cheap! Felt is so inexpensive!
HUGE flower on my head!!
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