June 30, 2011

Feature on Cake Wrecks!!!!

Some of you may remember this beauty! Well, it got me featured on Cake Wrecks today! How exciting......sort of......
Some of the comments aren't so nice, but that's life.
Here's the link so you can see for yourself.

June 23, 2011

Family Adventure!
So......this is ours!! We fell in love with this place about 3 years ago when we discovered it on the island (Treasure Island) where we take our family vacation every year. When we were down a few months ago for my dad's wedding of course we HAD to stop by for a snoball! We noticed that there was a very small for sale sign in the window. And that's where our adventure began! They (September, Morgan, Jeremy, and my mom) began seriously discussing purchasing the business.....
Jeremy made a trip down to talk more with the owners and check everything out and we ended up buying it. We closed on it on Monday and September and Morgan began training that day at 4pm. They are still in training, but they are basically running the shop themselves and they are AMAZING at it!
Here's Sep at the window ready to take your order!!
Check out the facebook page-just search Beach Snoballs!!
Here we are "behind the scenes" of the amazing Snoballs!!
Florida Trip

We took a quick trip to Florida from Sunday to Wednesday this week. Here are the girls hanging by Pappy's pool in their new suits from Grandma and Pap.
September and Morgan live in Florida now....at Pappy's place! They moved from Michigan to Florida this past weekend!! Crazy adventure ladies!

Lots of late nights and eating out while we were in Florida. It was just such a crazy whirl wind few days. This was on Tuesday night around 9:30pm at The Waffle House.
Just gotta be different!
Toe Trouble
This is the end result. Let with about 1/2 a toenail because of a terrible blister after the race on Saturday. That's Jeremy's handy work. The purple one is the one that Jeremy had to drill about 2 weeks ago!
This is what the toe looked like after the race on Saturday!
Check out the huge blister on the side of my big toe! My other foot was a lot better, it just has 2 purple toes. No 1/2 toenails or drill holes on that one. What a mess. Needless to say, I am not going to be running for at least another week.
Run of the Ville 1/2 Marathon
On Saturday I ran my second 1/2 marathon! It was a hot day and a hard hilly course, but I finished. My feet were not too happy about the 13.1 mile run though. I'll post about that later though! Jamie, Matt, Mac, Jeff, Jan, Grandma Leakey, Jerm, and the girls were ALL there to cheer Lacy and I on!!
The run started and finished at Brisco Park. The girls and daddy saw us start the race then they headed to The Waffle House for breakfast. After that they came back to the park to play and wait for mommy! Notice Layne's running shoes!
We ran over this bridge in the park as we headed towards the finish line. Home stretch. Guess Layner is looking for me.
What a cutie!!
Pop with the grandkids.
Almost there!! This was a rough one. There really is a big difference running a half marathon in November when the temp at the beginning of the race is 32 degrees and running a half marathon in June when the temp at the beginning of the race was 75 degrees. The last half of the course was very hilly. They were pretty much mountains if you ask me!! I just didn't feel very good about my run during the entire race, but my finish time was only 5 minutes slower then the one I ran 2 years ago in November.
It was so great being done! My back was killing me so my wonderful hubby had no problem rubbing it for me.....or did he?!
Ahhhhh, stretching! When Lacy finished she said, "Well, we can check that one off the list." and I said, "Yeah, and never do it again!"
Overall I finished 83rd and 9th in my age group.

June 14, 2011

Jewelry Organizer!

As I mentioned in the last post-we are SPRING CLEANING. I am doing 2 rooms per day and today is the LAST DAY. As of right now I have over 6 garbage bags to give to Good Will, 3 bags of stuff to sell, and who knows how much I've thrown out! Anyway, I wanted to create something for my jewelry instead of cramming everything into a jewelry box. Johnny made Mwende a really cool picture frame jewelry organizer. I wanted to make one that was very inexpensive. The only that that I needed to purchase for this was the hardware cloth. A little upcycling of the picture frame!! Here is a great tutorial for it: Centsational Girl: Fabulous for Less

June 12, 2011

Watch Out Ke$ha!
Dance Party clean up! Please excuse the mess in the background.....I am in the middle of spring cleaning the entire house!!

Dance Until The World Ends!

June 11, 2011

Goofy Girl
Who knows where Hayden got the idea to put her shirt on her head while she danced around this morning!
Hayden enjoying her homemade ice cream!!

June 10, 2011

How Does One In The South Deal With A Black and Blue Toe Nail?!

Why, you drill a hole in it of course!
Last Friday I went on my 11 mile run in order to prepare for this 1/2 marathon that I have in about a week. When I got home my toe was bothering me a little. By the end of the night, the nail was black and blue and it was throbbing. When I talked with Jerm about it he very mater of factly told me that the solution was to drill a hole in the toe nail!?!? I had never heard of such a thing! Since the toe was throbbing and I had a 5K race in the morning I gave in and he got his tools. Sure enough, he sat there with a small drill bit and twirled it around using his fingers until he reached the blood blister. It felt much better and there was definitely a blood blister under that toe nail!! He ended up having to "drill" it two times that night.
Needless to say, I did not end up running the 5K race the next morning and I actually had to take 3 other days off in order for the toe to heal.
the picture above is what it looks like TODAY....one week later! I finally got back to running yesterday and today (just 4 miles each day). Toe is a little tender, but I think it's going to be fine. I guess we'll see how it is tomorrow after my 12 mile run!!!
The race is next Saturday in Snellville and it starts at 7:30am. The temperature here have been in the 90s every single day. The morning temperatures are in the 70s. It's pretty miserable trying to run in the heat. I'm just not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for a race in Georgia in June!!! As Jamie, sis-in-law, reminded me the other day-I should be just fine running the race since I have been training in these temperatures for months.
The most absolutely I can't even stand it exciting thing about this race next Saturday is that my sister and her girlfriend will be in town to watch!!!! They are moving from Michigan to Florida that weekend and stopping in GA on the way. More details on that later!! I just can't wait to see them both.
The other day Hayden got stung by a bee while the girls were swimming in their pool. I have never heard her scream like that before. Layne was very concerned about her big sis.

June 9, 2011


Crazy girl decided to hang out on the table yesterday morning! That couldn't have been very comfortable!
Weekend at Grandma and Pop's

Chores on the farm started early in the morning. Lots to do: feed the chickens, collect eggs, feed the fish....
The girls are "kneading" the bread dough.
More chickens to feed.

June 4, 2011

I have some sad news to share today. In light of The Rockdale Citizen article that was run on me last week I was contacted by the County Code Enforcement and they informed me that I have been running in improperly licensed business out of my home. We thought that we had gone through all of the proper channels to be licensed to do what we were doing, but apparently not. I've contacted both state and county officials to see if there is any way for me to be properly licensed in my home, but initial responses haven't been favorable. Because of all of this I will not be taking any new orders and I will have to cancel all current orders. We know that God has all of this in his hands and as I said just 2 nights ago on my blog (before I knew all of this): Our life has not always be good, nobody's is ALWAYS good. But I know this to be true-no matter what's going on in life I know that God is ALWAYS good, ALWAYS faithful, and ALWAYS there (just to name a few).

May God receive ALL of the glory!

I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

June 2, 2011

The Rockdale Citizen Article!

Below is the link the the article that they did on me in our local newspaper, The Rockdale Citizen!! God has given me such an amazing opportunity. He has allowed me to serve Him with an amazing group of Christ Followers at Discover Point Church. Every Sunday the Discover Kids family and I are given the chance to help the kids learn that Jesus is REAL, FUN, and EXCITING no matter what your age! As if that's not enough, God has allowed me to be the mother of two absolutely amazing little girls. He has trusted Jeremy and I with the task of teaching these precious girls about who He is and how much He loves them. And not only did He give me these baby girls, but He matched me with a wonderful Godly man that balances me out just right. And as if that all isn't enough......He has blessed me with cake artistry so that I can be home with my girls! Our life has not always be good, nobody's is ALWAYS good. But I know this to be true-no matter what's going on in life I know that God is ALWAYS good, ALWAYS faithful, and ALWAYS there (just to name a few).
May God receive ALL of the glory!

June 1, 2011

Pool Day with Abby!

Yesterday Julie and Abby invited us to their aunt's pool. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! We all had such a great time.
Hayden just got right in and swam around all by herself-no fear!
Once Layner had her little inner tube she was good to go!
Fun times with buddies!

Layner's Day
On Monday Pop took Hayden out on a date for lunch and a movie so Layner had daddy and mommy all to herself! She was beyond excited!
We just had to stop at Target to get a new pool, but I couldn't even believe this bike helmet! They had so many different styles.
The New Pool!!!
As soon as Hayden got home from the movie she changed right into her suit and jumped right in!

Fire House Subs!!

This was just too cute to pass up. We went to Fire House Subs the other day for lunch. The girls got these cute little fireman hats with their meals!

Dress Up

The other night I came home from a meeting and this is what I found! Don't miss the clear high heel shoes!
Not only did Hayden get into the dress up clothes, but she also found the.....
On Sunday night we grilled out and our neighbor's grand-daughter, Zoe, came over to play. The three girls had such a great time running back and forth from one house to another to play with all the toys.

Think Layner's favorite part of the night was the S'more!!