May 28, 2013

Layne's 5th Birthday Party (EARLY!)

The girls helped me make lady bugs for Layne's cake, cookies, and cupcakes. It was fun teaching them how to do something like that. Good times! 
Layne was very specific about what cake she wanted. I talked her into a smaller cake so that we could do cupcakes too-just easier for kids to eat. 

Lady bug cupcakes. Layne probably changed the theme of the party 4 or 5 times. 

Lady bug cookie favors for everyone....and then some! 

The cake that Layne designed. She's such an artist. I love watching her creative juices flow. She knew exactly what she wanted. Even to the point of what tip I should use for the grass! She watched me do every step of the cake and definitely inserted her opinion during the whole process. It made me glad that every customer doesn't sit and watch me work! 

Chuck E Cheese! We made it this far without having to come here, but that ended last night. Layne was dead set on having in there. It was actually nice to not have to worry about cleaning the house and decorating!! 

Of course, Hayden had a blast too! 

Madi from DP came with her sister Milan and brother Myles. 

Ryleigh was crazy on that horse. She actually brought her own mic so that when it was time to sing Happy Birthday she could sing nice and loud! 

Myles playing air hockey with Ethan. 

Sarah! It's so crazy to see her "all grown up". I remember when I watched her when she was a baby! 

Talking to Chuck E on the phone! 

Kendall hanging out with Chuck E

Kendall and her brother Mason! 

Layne was pretty terrified with Chuck E came out. That was as close as she's get to him. 

Then she got a little closer! 

Wynnie even got to play some....

She had no idea what she was doing....

But it was fun! 

When Chuck E came out Layne scrambled out of her chair and hid behind her sister! It was so funny. 

Then he gave her a birthday crown and they were best buds! Random!! 

I couldn't believe the change of heart that she had. 

Ticket blaster. She had to grab as many tickets as she could....I think that she got 2, but our party host picked up a bunch for her! 

Pans and Cookout Fun!

Wynnie has discovered my round cake pan drawer! She LOVE it! 

We went over to our friend's house on Sunday evening for a cook out. We had such a great time hanging out with some DP families. Layne helped Wynnie eat watermelon and.....

Hayden hung out with the boys and got drenched! 

Everyone had a blast! Wynnie slept until 10AM the next morning!!!