April 30, 2007

Flower Baby
Today we decided to take some pictures in the garden. Some of the flowers are blooming already. Hayden has a little flower from the pink ice behind her ear.

She just loves to be outside in the sunshine. Even if she is sitting in her booster seat on the garden wall.

She loved sitting on the garden bench. I think she felt like a big girl. She was so distracted by everything around her so I had to blow in her face to get her attention.

Here she is posing on the steps the lead up to our garden. The wisteria is already blooming for the first time this season. It looks and smells great!

New Life in the Garden
As Hayden and I were taking pictures in the garden this afternoon we heard some chirping. I walked up to this birdhouse and noticed some little baby birds!

I was a little nervous that the mother was going to come flying out of the hole and attack me. then I thought that she may be watching my every move waiting for me to inch closer so she could come at me from behind! I never did see the mom though.

I walked out to the family room today to get a clean shirt from the laundry basket and this is what I found! Mazie had decided to make a little bed for herself in the clean clothes. Don't mind her crazy hair...I have to put the long stuff back in a pony tail....normally it looks pretty cute!

April 29, 2007

Ruffle Butt
These were the bloomers that went with the dress that Hayden wore to church today. I just love the ruffles, so I had to take a picture for you guys.

So Close

I really think that she is going to start crawling any day now. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, but she just isn't crawling yet. She slithers and rolls to get where she wants to go.

Mission Accomplished!

She slithered in order to get to daddy's cell phone. And once she reached it it went straight to the mouth! UGH!

You got a problem with me chewing on this dirty cell phone?!

Ready For School!
Here's Hayden sitting at her little "desk" playing with her activity center. She feels like such a big girl when she sits here.

Check out the leg...she's really getting into it!

April 25, 2007

Soooo Sleepy
Daddy gets to spend some quality time with Hayden while mommy tutors. Today they played so hard that she fell asleep in her Exersaucer! He said that her eyes were slowly closing then her body slouched then her head went back and then fell forward. She was out for about 20 minutes in this position!

Come On...Let's Get Moving!

Doesn't it look like she is talking to her legs saying, "What is the problem!? Why are you guys not moving when I want you to? We are all supposed to work together as a team here! Now lets get moving!"

"Ok, I guess we are not on the same page quite yet!"

April 23, 2007

Look at Me...No Shirt!
Tonight we stripped Hayden down to her diaper for dinner. She enjoys being without clothes. Can't you tell by her huge smile!


Last night, Hayden enjoyed biting daddy's arm while they were sitting on the couch. She left two little teeth marks but we couldn't get a good shot of them.

Ok, I Think I'm Ready Now...

Yesterday we loaded up her stroller with all of the fun things that Hayden like to play with in hopes that she would entertain herself while Mommy and Daddy worked outside. It worked....for a little while at least. That's ok though because mommy likes to take lots of water breaks any way!

April 21, 2007

Workin' with Mommy & Daddy
This afternoon we decided to work outside in the garden. Daddy worked to get the vegetable garden ready for planting (no seeds this year...we cheated and bought the plants!). And Mommy worked in the flower garden. Hayden decided to be a mommy's girl and cry until I picked her up. You'll have those days I guess! As you can see, she is very happy that she has mommy's full attention.

Shopping with Whitney

Mommy and Whitney used to go out all the time before Hayden came along. We would spend hours in restaurants just talking away. Well, today we met Whitney at Atlanta Bread Company and had a girls afternoon. The three of us just talked and talked. Then we went to a consignments sale in Old Town and we shopped and shopped! It was a great afternoon.

She just loves Whitney!

Today everything was 50% off so we got some GREAT clothes at some unbelievable prices! See how happy they both are!? The overalls that Hayden has been wearing in the pictures today were from the consignment sale....I went on Wednesday too!

Summer Sandals
Here is the new pair of sandals that we bought today! She thinks their neat....
By the way, mommy took Hayden's shirt off because it was so hot outside....daddy said that Hayden is definately a red neck now!! Mommy still thinks she's a yankie!

She didn't want to stand for long because she wanted to get a better look at these things that were on her feet. Once she got a closer look she decided that she had to have a taste.

Yep....they met the required touch and taste tests. She can wear them.

Long Day

Miss Priss had a long day filled with looking cute, socializing with Whitney, shopping, going out to eat, modeling the new sandals, visiting with Grandpa, working in the garden.....and taking in all of her surroundings! She can barely hold her head up in her walker! What a day!

April 19, 2007

Lost the Fight
Hayden normally puts up a pretty good fight in the afternoons during nap time. She just exhausted herself today! No, it really wasn't that bad....maybe 5 minutes of crying.

Cooking Series

Hayden normally sits in the kitchen and swings and drinks her juice while mommy makes dinner. Tonight I put her in the bumbo seat on the counter so she could watch what I was doing.

As you can see, she is very excited about the opportunity to see an amazing chef at work!

As she watched me, she had a few suggestions of her own. She thought that it may be a good idea if I put some sugar in the peas and rice. We didn't take that suggestion though......

Hayden couldn't stand sitting there and just watching. She really wanted to help out so she grabbed a spoon and offered to stir the peas. I think she's a little too young to be close to the stove, so I let her do the next best thing.....chew on the spoon's handle! She was very happy with that.

April 18, 2007

The Crawling Process


Hayden starts out on her belly (most of the time because she has rolled over). She pushes up with her arms, picks her head up, and brings her legs in towards her tummy. She threw in a smile too!

She then pushes to hard with her legs that she makes herself fall over.

She rolls back over on her tummy and tries again.

Look, I Can Roll Over Anywhere!

Hayden has a lovely new trick...she likes to roll over on the changing table while I am trying to put a clean diaper on her! I let her do it this time because I thought it would be a good picture!

Trying to crawl while on the changing table!

April 17, 2007

Daddy, Is That You!?
We get such a kick out of putting the phone to Hayden's ear when mommy or daddy is on the other end. I think that she recognizes the voice, but she has no clue what is going on.

Get Me Out Of Here!

Lately, Hayden has been trying to "break out" of her Bumbo seat. I think it's only a matter of time before she actually does it, so we need to keep a close watch on her!

April 16, 2007

Want Some Daddy?
The other night Hayden decided that she wanted to share her teething toy with daddy. Normally, when I take a toy of hers and put it in my mouth she get an angry/determined look on her face and she grabs it back. She wanted to share with daddy though.

I Can Handle This Meal Mommy

Tonight, Hayden wanted to see what it was like to feed herself! She didn't get too far. She couldn't get the food off of the spoon by herself. It was funny to see though. She is always trying out new things. Our little explorer. And yes, she is still eating peas every once in a while-no more crazy faces....

April 15, 2007

Carrots Anyone?...I Have Some to Spare!
Tonight was carrot night for the little one. Daddy had a good time feeding her tonight. It is quite normal for her to have food all over her mouth like this. She just can't get enough of her veggies!

She is probably thinking, "I have my eyes on you carrots...you can't get away from me. Now get in my belly!"

Wrinkly Tootsies

Maybe Mommy and Hayden spend too much time in the bath sometimes! I never noticed her wrinkly little toes before! What do you think Auntember!?

April 13, 2007

All Dressed Up
Today Hayden got all dressed up in the dress that Pappy bought her because we went to Davis Middle School to visit some teacher friends. Everyone just fell in love with her! She was wonderful, as usual.

I had to blow in Hayden's face in order to get her to smile for this shot!

Teeth and hair are coming in nicely!
Check out the chunk!!
Goodbye AquaBouncer
Now that Hayden can sit up in her A Bouncer it is time to pack it up! We realized that she could do that this morning while I was in the shower.
She is wearing an outfit that one of Pappy's clients gave him to send to her! How sweet! Thank you so much for the warm cozy sleeper.