April 27, 2012

Girlie Girl Hunts

Shes ready to go for a hunting weekend with daddy!!
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Fun Day!!

Today Hayden had Fun Day at Peachtree. It was a morning filled with games and fun!! She and her class traveled from station to station and played all kinds of games. Here's the softball toss.

Then there was a water game....

Layner came with me too. She didn't get into Hightower Trail's pre-k program for next year so she'll be going to Peachtree. I wanted her to see how much fun it will be! She's excited!!

Egg on a spoon....

Snow Cone relay!
One of Hayden's teachers, Ms Winstead, had some sweet words to say about my baby girl. She said that she's very smart, a natural leaders, all the kids love her, and she's beautiful inside and out. Of course, I agree with all of that! I feel so blessed that God has given me this sweet child to raise. I can't wait to see what He has planned for her!
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April 26, 2012

little huntress

Yes, Hayden is going hunting with daddy for the first time tomorrow! We HAD to find her some boots for the occasion. Walmart just happened to have these camo boots!! She is excited and ready....to spend some quality time with her favorite guy!!
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April 25, 2012

Wrapping Things Up

Layne helped me bake some brownies last night. Her favorite part of the whole process is....licking the spoon. She discovered that she could stick her tongue out of the mouth spot! Crazy girl.

Next week Layne has "ABC Olympics Day". Her class is wearing red for the event. They sent home this red t-shirt today and asked us to decorate it for next week. All she had to do was pick her favorite letter and decorated it creatively. So, we picked the letter "F" for flowers!!

Hayden got a flower clip for her hair too!!
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Baby Bump Week 28

April 24, 2012

The Garden Protector

Jeremy and Layne were out in the garden yesterday planting their sunflower plants and this is what they dug up!!! This trapdoor spider had a nice little home underground until Jerm and Layne came along. Now he doesn't have a home or a life anymore! It was the freakiest spider I have ever seen around the house!!

Here was it's home. It was a little cylinder and the spider was at the bottom when Jeremy tore it open!! 

When he smashed it guts squirted EVERYWHERE....including on my pants even though I was probably 10 feet away.

When the whole ordeal was over Layne said, "That was just terrible!"
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April 21, 2012

Work and Pony Tails

Daddy did most of the hard work today-heavy lifting and bending over to spread the mulch. I used a rake so it was much easier. Still hard work in the heat while 6 months preggo though!

Front view of the pony tail.

Pony Tail.....FINALLY!!!!
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I got this picture in a text from daddy and the girls that said, "Waiting for you to get home." 36 bags later....it was a tiring afternoon and we still need to get about 10 more bags!
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April 17, 2012

Perfect Profile

How perfect is this child?! 
I had to do my 1 hour glucose test this morning (that stuff is SO sweet) so I also got to see my precious baby! Isn't she just beautiful? Her little profile just took my breath away when I saw it on the screen. I just want to meet that jumping jelly bean! 
She's still breech, which they won't really worry about until the last month. The funny thing is that her legs are right up there with her head (you can see her arms in the picture....but her legs are right there too!). So her bottom is pointing down but her head and feet are at the top! So silly. 
So, you know how I have shared with you about the due date confusion....well it's now becoming a little bit of an issue that we are not all on the same page. The doctor is still saying that I am 28 week and due on July 7th. Everyone else (including Jerm and I) think that I am 26 weeks and due on July 19th. Since the doctor thinks that the little peanut is two weeks further along than she really is the doctor is now saying that Gwynn is measuring small and she's a little concerned and wants me to come back in 2 weeks. But really, she is measuring the way she should since she's only 26 weeks along!! We'll get it all sorted out soon enough.

**UPDATE-Jan just called. She presented all of the data to the doctor this afternoon and they have now officially changed my due date to July 19th!! Everyone is on the same page now and instead of Gwynn measuring as a 28 week old baby in the 18th percentile for growth she is measuring as a 26 week old baby in the 50th percentile for growth!! No additional ultrasound in 2 weeks and no specialist for me!! 

April 15, 2012

Gardening and Stuff

The girls and daddy LOVE to tend to the vegetable garden. Here's Layne nurturing a tomato plant.

Hayden just likes to build dirt piles, not a lot of tending to or nurturing the plants!

I hate that Layne's face is so blurry here. Roxy is allowed to sit on one of the couches. She's normally up there with one of her two best buds....daddy or Layner!

This was taken yesterday after Roxy came in the house from being outside snacking on cat poop and THREW UP under the coffee table! It was so nasty. Thankfully, daddy cleaned it up. Layne was very concerned about Roxy so she hung out on the porch with her until she felt well enough to come back inside.

Layner finding her Easter basket on Sunday afternoon. We had a long morning at Discover Point (three services) so we did a brunch-it was really a 1:00 lunch where we ate breakfast foods-and then the girls found their Easter baskets....after we hid them!

Hayden's was hanging up in their shower!!

Here are the Easter cupcakes that I made for the Ross family Easter dinner that we had later that day.

The girls intently watching their movie on the drive home from Florida (I know...this is an old one!)

Graceful sleepy head number one!

Not so graceful sleepy head number 2.

Apricot tongue!

My poor baby with her first sunburn in Florida. It doesn't look too bad, but her skin is so fair. She complained about it for 2 days.

Aunt September slept over at Pappy's house the last night that we were in Florida. We were in the family room talking when all of a sudden...down pour! Layne and Aunt September went running around in the rain. Crazy kids!
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April 8, 2012

Easter Beauties

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April 3, 2012

Morning Market,Snoballs, and Easter Dresses

Ok, now I am home with internet access....so I can add words to the Florida pictures!

On Tuesday we went to Gulf Port (where Sep and Morgan live). They have a little market on Tuesday mornings. There are shops on both sides of the streets and vendors set up tents selling their goods. It was so cute. Layner and her best bud Morgan!

One of the tents was a florist. Layne found an orchid blossom on the ground. What a cutie!

Of course, we spent lots of time at Snoballs! The girls tasted lots of flavors!!

We also went Easter dress shopping on Tuesday with Pappy and Melody. These are their Easter dresses. They each also got a spring dress and a pair of sandals!! It was a great shopping trip.
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April 2, 2012

Easter Treats and Treasures!

On Monday we went over to Pappy and Melody's condo for some Easter fun! The girls started by making rice krispy treat baskets and eggs with them. They had lots of fun doing that!

Then they stuffed the plastic eggs with candy for their egg hunt. Next it was a great meal together!

Then it was off to the park that's right across the street. Pappy went out early to spread all of the eggs around....a little more than 60 eggs!!

The girls had a blast running around gathering all of the eggs.

They each picked up around 30 eggs!

Tampa Bay is right behind them. It was the perfect place for an evening egg hunt!!
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