April 15, 2012

Gardening and Stuff

The girls and daddy LOVE to tend to the vegetable garden. Here's Layne nurturing a tomato plant.

Hayden just likes to build dirt piles, not a lot of tending to or nurturing the plants!

I hate that Layne's face is so blurry here. Roxy is allowed to sit on one of the couches. She's normally up there with one of her two best buds....daddy or Layner!

This was taken yesterday after Roxy came in the house from being outside snacking on cat poop and THREW UP under the coffee table! It was so nasty. Thankfully, daddy cleaned it up. Layne was very concerned about Roxy so she hung out on the porch with her until she felt well enough to come back inside.

Layner finding her Easter basket on Sunday afternoon. We had a long morning at Discover Point (three services) so we did a brunch-it was really a 1:00 lunch where we ate breakfast foods-and then the girls found their Easter baskets....after we hid them!

Hayden's was hanging up in their shower!!

Here are the Easter cupcakes that I made for the Ross family Easter dinner that we had later that day.

The girls intently watching their movie on the drive home from Florida (I know...this is an old one!)

Graceful sleepy head number one!

Not so graceful sleepy head number 2.

Apricot tongue!

My poor baby with her first sunburn in Florida. It doesn't look too bad, but her skin is so fair. She complained about it for 2 days.

Aunt September slept over at Pappy's house the last night that we were in Florida. We were in the family room talking when all of a sudden...down pour! Layne and Aunt September went running around in the rain. Crazy kids!
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