May 30, 2008

Get Well Soon!
Grand Marmee just had surgery this week so we wanted to send her a special Get Well picture. The first one is the one we sent to her. Hayden has become such a nut when I get the camera out.

See what I mean!

On a different note-we are really trying to potty train Hayden now that I am done with work for a while. I think we put her on the potty 10 times yesterday and she didn't go once!! So today, Jerm decided to let her walk around without a diaper as a different training method. No accidents as of yet....and she did go in the potty once. Hopefully this training won't take too long-we'd really like her out of diapers before her sister comes along!

May 28, 2008

First Hayden got a cold, then Jerm, and now me. So, Hayden has seen a lot of nose blowing recently.

Daddy Peas & I Love You
When Jerm tickles Hayden she yells, "Daddy peas..." (Daddy please). We finally caught it on tape.
We've also been trying to teach her "I love you". We got that on tape too.

Hayden just loves to talk on the phone. Today she was talking to daddy since he ran an errand to HomeDepot. She even has the head tilt down pat!

I guess daddy wanted to talk to Grady too!

May 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun
(well....sort of)
As Hayden took her afternoon nap I sat and thought of all of the fun things that we would do with her outside when she woke up. As soon as she woke up we picked out a bathing suit, lathered on the sunblock and got ready to have some water fun outside.
First idea: hook the sprinkler in and have Hayden run through it-FAILED-she didn't want anything to do with that.
Second idea: get the slide wet with the hose and have Hayden slide down the slide-FAILED-she just sat at the top saying "wet".
Third idea: blow up and fill up her pool and put it in the fort for Hayden to sit in-PASSED (kind of)-Hayden got in the pool after a lot of coaxing...mommy had to get in first...but she would not sit down, she just stood there. Well, unless you count the time that she tried to jump and slipped and fell in the cold water.

May 24, 2008

Mommy & Growing Baby
Baby Girl number 2 is definitely growing as you can see. I don't really remember being this big with Hayden. I don't remember it being this hard to get around either. I'm sure I went through all of this with her though. I will say that it seems like a different experience when you are trying to keep up with a 1 1/2 year old and be pregnant at the same time. We're all managing just fine though. We are very excited to see the precious gift that God brings us in a couple months!

This afternoon Hayden just wanted to feel like a baby again. We sat in her old room, the nursery, rocked in the chair, and I wrapped her up in a blanket that Grandma made her when she was a newborn. The crying and whining stopped instantly.

May 22, 2008

New Swing Set and Fort
Grandma and Pap sent us some money so that we could buy a swing set for Hayden (what a nice surprise!). We searched and searched for a good deal. After getting so close a few times on Craigslist I was ready to give up and just get a metal one at the store. Jerm convinced me to give him a week to find a good set. Last Sunday we found the swing set of all swing sets!! We got an amazing deal on it and it's in great condition.
Jeremy has spent all week pressure washing it and putting it back together for her sweet little princess. Here is video of Hayden seeing the finished swing set for the first time...and of course testing it out!

Exploring the Fort
Hayden is in love already. I think she is going to want to go outside every single day and play with her "wing" and "lide".

She looks over the side of the fort and says "Peek-a-Boo"

May 19, 2008

Popsicle Bliss..... short lived
We made some popsicles last night and Hayden got to have the first one this afternoon. Everything was wonderful, she sat outside so she wouldn't make a mess as it melted away.

She just thought about what a great day it was because she was sitting in the sun enjoying her "popicel".

Things couldn't get any better.........but would they get worse?!

The Aftermath...

Yes! Hayden decided that she didn't want to sit outside with her popsicle anymore, she would rather come inside with her melting popsicle and drip EVERYWHERE! So, mommy had to be the bad guy and take it away. To that, Hayden threw one of her mini fits that she has been throwing lately (terrible twos are coming just in time for the new addition...oh joy!). She ended up hitting mommy, so Hayden had to go to the do better area. She was crying and crying until I took the camera out in order to take a picture of the Popsicle Bliss aftermath. She just had to muster up some sort of smile for the camera even though she was so very upset with mommy. Oh, the changing moods of a 19 month old. What a nut!

May 18, 2008

Listening to Some Tunes
We discovered that Hayden likes to listen to my iPod! Too bad the ear phones doesn't stay in too well.
We'll be posting pictures of Hayden's new swing set very soon. We went and picked it up today. We got a great deal on it!

May 15, 2008

Walking in the Rain
We took Hayden out in the rain tonight. She was a little cold, but didn't want to come inside.

She has her new shoes on that we got her at Target today.

After bath time we didn't put pj's on her right away, so she only had one place to put mommy's cell phone!

May 13, 2008

Daddy's Turkey
Jeremy finally got a turkey....two days before the season ends!

Airplane Rides

Here's daddy giving Hayden an airplane ride. She love it!

May 12, 2008

Hayden's Class Picture!
Here's a picture of Hayden with all of her friends at preschool, and of course her wonderful teachers.

May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mom, Now That I'm a Mother

Author: Teri Harrison

Until I became a mother,

I did not understand

The profound sense of love,

In a mother's heart and hand.

As I whisper, "Mommy loves you",

I rock my precious child to sleep.

Small perfection in my arms,

Sweet breaths, slow and deep.

I now see me as a baby,

You're rocking me to sleep.

You whisper, "Mommy loves you,

My heart is your to keep."

At last I recognize your love,

As a mother I now see.

As I hold and love my child.

You feel that love for me.

The greatest thanks I can offer,

More than words can ever say,

Is to give my child the love,

You gave me everyday.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I love you and appreciate you even more than ever now that I am a mom myself. Thank you for being such an amazing mother!

Mother's Day Breakfast
This morning before church Daddy and Hayden worked hard in the kitchen to make me breakfast for Mother's Day.

At school Hayden made me flower pot with her handprints on it. She also made me a really pretty picture. Daddy got me a GPS for my car.

The waffles were just perfect this morning. The best I have ever had!

May 8, 2008

Body Parts

Jumping and Making Animal Sounds

This is what Hayden does when we say prayers during the day. She has started making noises during the prayer, kind of like she is interjecting her prayers too. What a nut!

Purple Pretties
I asked Jeremy to paint my toenails the other morning. The simplest little things aren't so easy when you are 7 months pregnant! Hayden sat on the bed with her feet out (making sure that daddy saw them) ready for them to painted as soon as he finished with mommy's. Sure enough, daddy painted Hayden's when he was finished. She thinks it's just so special...especially because daddy did it for her.

May 6, 2008

Weekend in St. Simon's
This past weekend we took a trip to St. Simon's Island for Jeremy's cousin's wedding. They planned a Welcome dinner for Friday night. After dinner we got to climb to the top of the light house. It was a tough truck up those steps, but well worth it!

We went to Driftwood Beach on Saturday. Hayden didn't want to have anything to do with the sand. She must have realized that it wasn't the Florida beaches like she is used to!

Brandon & Melissa's Wedding
Yes, I am quite pregnant! You don't need to say anything about it!

They had a little food and goodie bag for the kids at the thoughtful!

Hayden found a friend at the reception. She's 14 months old and just as tall as Hayden!!

This is what Hayden does when we tell her it's time to pray.

The Wedding
Brandon and Melissa had a beach side wedding. It was in the evening, so there was a nice breeze and the sun was not too hot!

The reception was right behind where the wedding was.