April 30, 2009

Just Having Fun!

Lately, Layne is everywhere! She just loves to explore.....and put everything in her mouth along the way! Jeremy and I were talking tonight about the fact that Layne is a HUGE mama's girl. And we thought Hayden was attached to me when she was a baby. Not even close compared to little Layner!
She loves to pull herself up on this toy, hit the buttons to play music, and dance! Notice the left foot....

April 27, 2009

9 Month Doctor's Appointment

Jeremy got to take Layne to her 9 month visit since I was at work (sniff sniff). He did a great job of getting all of the information that I needed in order to update all of you about Layne's growth! Height is 27 1/2 inches (50th percentile), head circumference is 44 cm (50th percentile) and weight is 15.4 pounds (3rd percentile). They aren't concerned about her weight-not sure why not! But if they're not I'm not. I know that she eats well, she's just skinny I guess. She still has a fever so they did some blood work and determined that it's a virus and she'll be fine. What a little peanut, just like her sis!

April 26, 2009

Baby Dedication

Today was baby dedication at church. Layne and the other two babies (Giovanni was one of them) did a great job. Layne is still running a fever so she was a little fussy leading up to the dedication but once we got into the sanctuary she was fine.
Finishing up the Vegetable Garden
Jeremy and I have been working very hard over the past two days trying to get our vegetable garden finished. We installed a sprinkler system (thanks to John and Jessica!), conditioned the soil, tilled, roped a walkway, planted, and most importantly added an electric fence loop so that Grady can't get in!! Most of the work took place while the girls were napping. It was really nice to spend some time-just the two of us-working together. We both enjoyed the alone time.
Here is Hayden planting her green bean and corn plants that she started growing in a wet paper towel at preschool. When Hayden brought them home about 3 weeks ago I assumed (for some crazy reason) that they were flower plants. So, I planted them in the flower pot the she made me for Mother's Day last year. About a week later I saw Miss Glenda, Hayden's teacher, at church and asked her what the plants were (since they didn't really look like flowers). Glenda informed me , very kindly, that they were green beans and corn! So, they are now in the vegetable garden where they belong!
After They Were Planted!!
Daddy and I walked down to the other end of the garden to plant the two little corn plants. Hayden walked back to the green bean plants, yanked them out of their new home in the dirt, and came running. Not sure what she was planning on doing with her plants! What a nut-we just had to laugh. I guess we have to watch her once the other stuff starts to come up-she is likely to pull everything up.

April 25, 2009

Sweet as Honey?!

You know those moments that happen in slow motion sometimes? Well, one of those moments occurred today. Layne was crawling on the floor in the family room and she was headed towards the laundry room. All of a sudden I saw what I thought was a wasp on the floor directly in her path. Sure enough it was and she wanted to pick the pretty yellow and black thing up. And she did. And it stung her. And she screamed! And screamed! Once I got her calmed down I went on a search for the bugger. We got him!
The spot didn't swell too badly but she has been running a fever all day and she's been pretty fussy. Poor sweet girl.
Fun in the Sun!
Today it's in the high 70's so we have been outside most of the time. We even brought the hose and sprinkler up on the deck for Hayden. Layne wasn't a big fan, as you can see. She's not a big fan of anything today though!
I showed Hayden that she could run around the sprinkler instead of going right through the streams of water. She liked that idea a whole lot better. Yesterday great grandma took us shopping at the consignment sale down the street. She got Hayden lots of clothes-including 2 bathing suites! This is her bikini for the summer. We can't wait for our 2 week Florida trip in July! Thanks great grandma!!
Hayden's new thing is summersaulting (I guess that's a word). Not sure where she learned it, but she loves it!
Humpty Dumpty
Yesterday morning while I was making cupcakes Hayden started saying the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. I am assuming that she learned that one at preschool. She got the first verse down pat. We talked about Humpty Dumpty and she knew that he was an egg and he fell. She wanted to know what happened to Humpty Dumpty after they couldn't put him back together though. Daddy's answer was that he's now scrambled!
I showed Hayden how to pretend that she's Humpty Dumpty. Here she is reenacting Humpty Dumpty falling off of the wall.
Another Visitor: Baby Giovanni!
Last night I watched Giovanni while Jonathan and Becca went out for a date night. The girls had so much fun with him!
We played inside for a little bit, then we came outside to swing. Hayden gracefully gave up her swing to Gio.
He is such a good baby! He didn't mind being dropped off at a stranger's house for a few hours while his parents had a good meal together. No tears and no complaints!
Crazy Layne-always has that tongue out!
Hayden multi-tasking! She is such a little mother. I can't imagine what I would do without my precious little helper.

April 24, 2009

Baby Dedication
(well, just getting ready for it any ways!)

We wanted to see if this dress that Jeff and Jan bought for Hayden would fit Layne for her baby dedication this Sunday-so we turned it into a photo shoot!
What a sweet little angel!
Yesterday must have been a rough day for her gums and teeth. Layne had her fingers in her mouth and was fussy a lot. Last night not only was she fussing a lot but she would sit on her knees, bounce up a down, swing her hands around, and yell until she turned bright red. She was very mad at her teeth I think!
I guess all of the pictures tired her out...
This is what the girls decided to do last night! Stand on the chair together! Layne started it and Hayden followed right behind. Layne loves Hayden little chair. Little does she know that she's getting a similar one for her birthday in a couple of months!
Polka Dot Shower

I made these for a baby shower that's this Saturday. The customer wanted three different flavored cupcakes with these three colored icings. I added the fondant dot for a little flair. The shower theme is polka dots so I couldn't resist!
Pink ones are chocolate chunk surprise with butter cream icing. Brown ones are chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate icing (VERY chocolaty). Green ones are carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
Made these for Hayden's art show at the preschool last week. I wanted to make something that the little ones would enjoy eating.
I had some lemon curd left over from the lemon meringue cupcakes so I made these lemon filled cup cookies for the adults to enjoy at the art show.

April 23, 2009

Happy Belated Earth Day
To: Earth
Love: The Ross'

Finally, we have decided what to do with the other half of the upper back yard, since the grass won't grow up there. We are tilling it up and planting a big vegetable garden.
Daddy with his girls.
Playing in the dirt after mommy and daddy took turns tilling it up.
That thing is a beast!
We are going to till it more tomorrow, then plant. We'll plant tomatoes, green beans, squash, zucchini, and broccoli. Fun stuff! Daddy is even going to extend the sprinkler system to this side so that it will get watered when the flower garden does!

April 21, 2009

Preschool Spring Art Show

Tonight we went up to the church for Hayden's art show. All of the students' art was displayed in the fellowship hall. They even had sandwiches, cookies, and punch. It was a great time to celebrate Hayden and her creative side. And that's what we did tonight. We started the night by going to Chili's for dinner (thanks to John and Jessica for the gift card!) and then to the church to see Darrin!
Here she is admiring her art work!
Hayden is in two classes at preschool. She goes to the preschool class on Tuesday and Thursday with Miss Julie and Miss Glenda. Then on Monday and Wednesday she in in the Early Learning Center class with Miss Amy. This is the art work that she did for Miss Amy's class.
Here she is hanging out with Jenna, one of her buddies.
This was a little write up that Miss Julie and Miss Glenda printed up to go with the art work. I think I have read it 10 times to Hayden already. She just holds it and stares at the picture then asks me to read about the Teddy Grahams (it says that her favorite snack is Teddy Grahams).
Funny story: When we were getting ready to leave the art show Hayden said that she wanted to say bye to.... none other than Darrin. We saw that he was leaving through the other door and Hayden literally broke down in tears. To that Jeremy swooped her up and took off down the hallway in search of her beloved Darrin! I was shocked but then again she does have daddy wrapped around her finger! He got Darrin's grandpa's attention and put Hayden down. Hayden went running down the hallway to her Darrin, said nothing, gave him a big hug, turned around and ran back to her daddy-her hero!

April 20, 2009

You Got a Problem with This!?
Layne has fallen in love with drinking juice from her strawed cup. She just thinks it's the greatest thing. She just sits on the floor on her knees and drinks away. Sometimes she bounces up and down because she gets to excited about the whole thing.
This is another one of Layne's favorite things-the fridge magnets. Hayden doesn't really like it when Layne comes around and plays with them because she "messes them up".
Special Visitor!
Today Hannah came over for a visit! Daddy was closing a refinancing loan for them in Conyers so Hannah got to play at our house for a little while. When we got home from work/preschool I told Hayden that she had to take her nap and when she woke up Hannah would be here. I didn't have to tell her twice-she walked right back to her room, closed her door, and got under her covers....end of story!
They played together in Hayden's room. Here they are pretending that they are cheerleaders.
Then we went outside to swing for a while. They just looked at each other and laughed most of the time.
Hannah wanted to go higher and higher!
When Layne woke up from her nap she got to swing too. Mommy pushed Hannah and Hayden took care of pushing Layne. Layne got a kick out of that!
Then the girls came in and ate some fruit snacks. As I was in the kitchen getting Hayden some apple juice I heard Hannah say, "Hayden is Hannah friend." and Hayden said, "Eennah is Hayden friend." To that Hannah said, "I Hannah not Eennah". Then Hayden said, "I Hayden not Hayden." I just thought it was the cutest and funniest conversation. It was so nice to see Hayden interact with someone her age. They really did have a great time and so did I. Thanks Jess for bringing Hannah over. It made me sad that we don't live closer to one another! We'll have to get the kids together more over the summer!!

April 19, 2009

Girls in the Garden

We hung out outside for a little while today. The azalea bushes are in full bloom right now and they look great. So, I decided to have the girls sit down in front of my favorite azalea for a few pictures.
I hope and pray that the girls are this close always. They truly do adore each other.
Here is Hayden "reading" a story to Layne.
While Layne was napping this afternoon daddy, Hayden, and I were in Hayden's room. Daddy and I were shopping online (on the laptop) for Layne's birthday present and Hayden was playing quietly on her dry erase board. As soon as she crawled out of the toy door I said, "Oh my goodness! Daddy, it looks like someone tried to put some make up on!". Sure enough, Hayden had applied "eye liner" using her back dry erase marker-not a bad job considering she's 2 and didn't have a mirror! I guess the hand was her attempt at henna. What a goof. If you click on the picture it will be enlarged and you can see her artwork a little better.
I had to leave the room and collect myself (and of course get the camera!) while Jeremy talked to her about ONLY drawing on her dry erase board with those markers.

April 18, 2009


Darrin came over this morning because his grandma came to pick up the bridal shower cake. I didn't tell Hayden that Darrin was coming because I really wasn't sure if Sue would bring him or not. When he walked up on our front porch and she saw him through the windows she took in the cutest most excited deep breath I have ever heard! She was just beside herself!
Our little model is always striking a pose!
Monkey see monkey do! Hayden likes to do just about everything that Layne does.
Little Layner has two teeth on the top and two on the bottom AND she is now working on two more on top! She loves her teeth. Thankfully, she is not bothered by teeth coming in at all.
Daddy went hunting today and killed a turkey. Yeah for daddy...even though it very sad for me to think about! John video taped the kill so I got to watch the murder on our big screen TV this afternoon. Jeremy even took it a step further though. For the second viewing he put it in slow motion! I had to cover my eyes for that one. Don't worry-the girls were napping! Anyway-Hayden found daddy's hunting hat and decided to put it on. Little big!
Hayden wanted little sis to have a chance to wear it too!