May 30, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Yesterday while we were at Sarah's first birthday party Lisa shot some pictures of the girls. Isn't she an amazing photographer?! She has such a way of capturing moments....
The guys were outside playing football but Jerm took some time to cuddle with little Layner.
No joke-Hayden has a big brush burn scrape on her nose....not anymore! Lisa was able to do her magic.
Thanks for taking pictures of the girlies Lisa! You did an awesome job :)

Sleepover with G & P
On Thursday Jan came to pick the girls up for a day of fun. As you saw, I had SO MUCH baking to do and I really didn't want the girls to feel neglected so they had a sleepover. Jan asked me to pack the girls' bathing suits....and this was why!

Dancing in the dolphin fountain!
Drinking in the dolphin fountain!
It even had a slide!

May 29, 2010

Boo Boo Baby!

Hayden fell and skinned her knees, ankle, and palms! She was running when she fell so that's what made it so bad. The boo boo on her nose is "because Layne scratched me"...really we think it's because she fell off of her pillow slide and got a brush burn on the blanket. She's a tough cookie though-smiling right through it.
Hello Kitty saves the day.

Tonight Layne and I went out to BJ's to get some supplies for the church and other stuff for us. As soon as I put those grapes in the cart she was determined to get into the container. It consumed her! I had stopped the cart and was looking at something for like 30 seconds when I was TOO quiet....
She had figured it out and was snacking on one grape at a time....very quietly.
Look Whoo's One...

Sweet Sarah turns one tomorrow! They had her birthday party today and it was so cute. I am in love with the owl/pink and brown theme. These were the last cakes on my long baking list this weekend and I think they're my favorite!
I even got to make a little smash cake for Miss Sarah. Chocolate chocolate chip of course!
This cake was chocolate chocolate chip with buttercream filling and chocolate toffee chip with mocha chocolate buttercream with toffee chips. The brown band and branch are chocolate and the owl is gumpaste.
Made to match the paper products and decorations.

May 28, 2010

Graduation Madness....

This is a graduation cake for two senior siblings. Nikki attends Alcovy High School and is a cheerleader....
Peyton attends Rockdale County High School and is in band.
I sent their mom a picture of a similar cake but she came up with the idea of having 1/2 the cake be for one child and the other half be for the other. Love it! Did I mention that the mother is Dakota Fanning's aunt!!??
Love these eagle cupcake toppers! This is part of the HUGE order that I have this weekend (48 cookies, 48 cupcakes, and 2 cakes!)
Cake number one for Timothy. Marble cake with chocolate fudge filling.
Cake number 2 for Stephen. Chocolate chocolate chip cake with buttercream filling.
Another graduation cake for a music lover. White cake with Oreo filling!
Congratulations to all of the graduates!!

May 27, 2010

Grad Cap Cupcakes

Lisa Dawkin's son is graduating high school so she asked me to make these cupcakes for him. Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing and white buttercream icing. Caps are made of fondant so they're edible! Enjoy!!
These eagle cookies are only a small part of my biggest order this weekend....48 of them! Well, I made a few extra just in case. And, so far "just in case" hasn't happened so we'll have a few extras to enjoy.
I enlisted Jeremy's help last night in order to "flood" the cookies with me. I was so thankful that he was willing to help out and he did a great job :)

May 26, 2010


Tonight on my way home from a meeting I picked up a sweet treat for mommy and daddy. And of course, the vultures were still awake and they came swarming!

Hayden loves this Cheerio book. Layne just loves Cheerios!
This afternoon Hayden took her nap on the couch in the family room. Layne woke up first and decided that sissy needed to be awake too. Do you see the scheming looking in her eyes?!
Hayden's new favorite thing-she takes all of the cushions off of out couch, stacks them up, and slides down.....I think we need to get her in gymnastics!
And it Begins....

First out are these Georgia Bulldog cupcakes for a friend. Her hubby's birthday is tomorrow and she asked me to make a special order for him :) Of course they are chocolate chocolate chip!!
Next up are Pac Man cupcakes. This was an order from one of my Facebook fans. She and her daughter were looking at my Sugar and Spice Sweets fan page and they just had to have the Pac Man cupcakes for the daughter's birthday! Another chocolate chocolate chip order!!

May 24, 2010

She's Baaaack.....

We got to hang out with Sarah for a little while today! We played and played all morning. Hayden really enjoyed playing with Sarah, since she's on "summer vacation" now.
I have never seen Layne sit in one place for so long. I showed her how to stack the blocks and she built towers over and over again for about 20 minutes. And she had the most serious look on her face too....
Boy did we make a mess this morning!

May 22, 2010

Race Day

This morning the fam headed to Olde Town Conyers for a 10K race. I am just trying to get back into running I was 6 months ago! It was a VERY small race throughout Conyers in order to raise money so that they can pave some bike/running trail. This is the 3rd year they've done it.
We got there and the gang sat on the curb and ate breakfast while I stretched and got warmed up. I finished in about an hour which was pretty good considering I haven't been running much at all. I am hoping that this will jump start my training.
Hayden told me that she wants to run with me someday. I am thinking about signing her up for like a 2K or something. I think she would love the experience and feel so special! She tries to go with me when I go for runs in the morning or evening!
Layner tried on Daddy's glasses.... upside down.....the other night.

May 21, 2010

Music at Preschool

Hayden's teacher, Ms. Starla, gave us this picture and I am just in love with it. Ms. Starla is going to be moving to Florida this summer, so she won't be Hayden's music teacher anymore :(
When we were having the refreshments after the program one of Hayden's teachers came up to us and said that everyone just loves Hayden and she's known as the "mother" of the group. She is always the one to console and comfort when someone is hurt or sad. So sweet to hear!
Part 2

Check out her head movement during the "dancing" song! Cracks me up!!!
Hayden's Preschool Performance
(Part 1)

Motorcycle Cake

Loved doing this one! Simple 10 inch square cake, but there was a lot of work that had to be done ahead of time. Flames are hand painted gumpaste and the motorcycle is hand sculpted fondant and gumpaste. So Fun!
What do you think Bernie?!

After nap time we blew up and filled up the pool. Even though it was very chilly they still went in.
Little Layner trying to get used to the chilly water.
As an end of the year gift we got Hayden this little Hello Kitty pool set. It came with flippers, hand flipper, and goggles.
The goggles were a big hit!
Hayden's teachers gave her a little bucket filled with some summer toys. This crab was one of the things in the bucket.

May 20, 2010

Last Day of School!

Here's a split screen of Hayden going to school on her first day in August 2009 (left) and going to school on her last day today 2010 (right). She was SO excited for today.
The two year olds put on a special program in their own theater for their parents. There were 13 kiddos in the 2 year old class and they sang SEVEN songs! You may be thinking....Hayden is 3 and HAS been 3 for a long time, so why is she in the 2 year old class. Since she's born in October she doesn't make the September cutoff date. So, she's one of the oldest in her class....and Layne will be one of the youngest in her class next year since she has a July birthday. Here's Layner waiting patiently for sissy to perform!
She was just the cutest thing I have ever seen-don't worry I will be posting the video of it.
For the last song they put on these precious duck hats!
Early Learning Center 2 Year Old Class Graduate!
Early Learning Center....get ready, cause Layner is coming your way next year!!!
They served cookies and punch in Hayden's classroom after the performance.
Then I took the girls to Chick-fil-A for a special celebration lunch!
Great job girl, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!!