September 25, 2013

The girls playing "beauty shop" while we were in the car. They found a paint brush and got to work. 

Hayden doing a little extra soccer at the school near our house. Now that she's had a few games she kind of understands the game a little better. It's going to be so much fun experiencing soccer through the eyes of a parent now! I love it!! 

Wynnie playing with daddy at one of Hayden's soccer practices. 

Layne normally plays with the boys in the dirt or plays by herself in the dirt during Hayden's practice! I guess she is our tomboy after all! 

She really is enjoying herself! 

Ready for the game! 

Team picture before their first game. 

Wynnie's Halloween costume. She's a little kitty cat! 

Layne busy doing her homework. 

Wynnie and I surprised Layne one day at school. We brought her lunch and hung out with her. 

Yeah for hanging out at school!! 
Wynnie learning how to be a mommy to her Sweetie Belle! 

She loves to play ini the girls kitchen....especially when they are not around to boss her around!!

Oh those toenails! Since this picture one of them has fallen off and the other is just hanging on by a little! 

Wynnie is a very independent eater. She likes to do it herself and she doesn't mind getting food everywhere!!! 

Our little monkey is fearless! 

Daddy, can I go hunting with you?! 

Daddy said no and Wynnie cried when he left :( 

Combover for the silly Layner! 

Oh yeah, someone has a new front facing car seat!! It's like a whole new world!! 

When it rains during the day the girls LOVE to get their umbrellas out and make me go outside with them. They got soaked this time because we were playing around in the rain and getting each other wet. 

Begging to go inside! 

Building project with daddy! 

I just can't even tell you how precious this moment was. Well, I guess that you can kind of tell since I have a picture of it. But I just fell in love with this moment!! 

Starting them early! 

Cleaning dishes?! 

I am currently seeing a chiropractor for my shin problem. Wynnie often accompanies me to the appointments. Here she is on the adjustment table being silly. 

Another precious moment! 

September 6, 2013


We signed Hayden up for soccer this year. She's on the U8 girls team!! I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. I can't remember when I started to play soccer as a kid, but it was very young. I fell in love with the sport and played it all the way through high school. Soccer was such a huge part of my life for all of those year. I played year round and we did lots of traveling. I really don't know how my parents did it, but they made it all seem so easy. It's kind of weird too. It's like a surreal experience. It's like I am experiencing all of this again, but through the eyes of a parent. It's so hard to explain. So, we got her all of her needed equipment so that on practice day she was ready to go!! 

She could NOT wait until her first practice. That day she came home from school, ate her snack, and then asked if she could put her soccer clothes on! So, she did her homework in her soccer stuff. Then it was time to wait!! 

Layne was just about as excited as Hayden. She just could not wait to go and watch her sister practice.

Wynnie was a sweaty mess! But, she did great. It worked out well because she hates grass, so she just sat in my lap the whole time. 

Water break! 

Needed some water just like big sister!!