September 6, 2013


We signed Hayden up for soccer this year. She's on the U8 girls team!! I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. I can't remember when I started to play soccer as a kid, but it was very young. I fell in love with the sport and played it all the way through high school. Soccer was such a huge part of my life for all of those year. I played year round and we did lots of traveling. I really don't know how my parents did it, but they made it all seem so easy. It's kind of weird too. It's like a surreal experience. It's like I am experiencing all of this again, but through the eyes of a parent. It's so hard to explain. So, we got her all of her needed equipment so that on practice day she was ready to go!! 

She could NOT wait until her first practice. That day she came home from school, ate her snack, and then asked if she could put her soccer clothes on! So, she did her homework in her soccer stuff. Then it was time to wait!! 

Layne was just about as excited as Hayden. She just could not wait to go and watch her sister practice.

Wynnie was a sweaty mess! But, she did great. It worked out well because she hates grass, so she just sat in my lap the whole time. 

Water break! 

Needed some water just like big sister!! 

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