October 31, 2008

Let's Pretend at Preschool!

Here is Hayden on Thursday morning at preschool. They had Let's Pretend Parties at school.

Here is Hayden with her preschool teacher, Miss Julie. She adores Miss Julie and Miss Glenda.

This is Hayden's doggie hair do that I did for her on Halloween night.

Our church had Trunk or Treat tonight. They have lots of cars that park in the front parking lot. The kids walk around the parking lot and get candy. They also had a Chick-fil-a trailer, smoothie cafe stand, and of course the ever popular inflatables! Here is the HUGE inflatable slide.

And Hayden just had to conquer this slide!

Yeah for Hayden!

Down we go. She went down a lot faster on this one since it was so steep.

They also had a bouncy inflatable. She just stood near the side and bounced and fell a lot.

After Hayden bounced and went down the slide a few times it was time to get some candy. Here is daddy with the girls while we were "trunk-or-treating". Layne was just taking it all in-she was very good the entire night until we headed home.

About half way through the trunk or treat line we saw Darin's sister. She told us that Darin was around somewhere. From that moment on Hayden was determined to find Darin. This is what they did when they finally found each other!

Now that she found her buddy it was time to drag him around like she normally tries to do. They waited in line for the bouncy together. When it was time to say goodbye and goodnight they kissed each other....on the lips! It caught Jeremy off guard. I think it gave him a little taste of what's to come concerning out two beautiful babies!

Hayden wanted to keep her candy on her lap for the ride home. Mommy and daddy knew better though!

Layne didn't have a clue what was going on...like normal!

Here's Hayden getting something to drink before she went to bed. Daddy had just taken her doggie hair do out...yikes!

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October 29, 2008

Hayden Is Famous!

This is one of Rebecca's new business cards! This picture of Hayden was taken during her 6 month photo shoot with Rebecca. What a cutie! If you haven't been to Rebecca's website you really should visit. She is super talented. www.rebeccacipollaphotography.com

Just Hanging Out

Got it! It took a few tries to actually get a picture of Layne's beautiful smile. Like I said earlier, when the camera comes out she makes this crazy face.

She loves hanging out in her aqua bouncer especially now that I have replaced the batteries and it vibrates again.

If I don't strap her in she slouches down and hangs her leg over the side. She loves to slouch-I guess it's cause she can't really do much else these days!
Today Becca, our great photographer (among many other wonderful things) friend. She took some pictures of Layne and Hayden. This was Layne's first Rebecca Cipolla photo shoot and she did a good job. Hayden kept calling Becca "Aunt Nember". I guess it's because they both have glasses. It was pretty funny. Thanks for taking pictures today Becca-we had a great time!!

October 28, 2008

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

I ended up having to hand form these candy corn cookies to get them the size that I wanted. I didn't realize that if I followed the recipe it made cookies the size of actual candy corns! You will see my first batch below.

The ones on either side of the bowl are from my first batch. I wanted to make some big enough so that Hayden could practice icing cookies. She's going to be doing that at school on Thursday.

She did a great job icing the big candy corns.

Once she was finished icing the cookies she put some sprinkles on the cookies. By the time she was finished putting "pinkles" on the cookies the top of the sprinkles was clogged with icing. Oh well!

She would eat the mini cookies as she worked. Just a little snack to keep her goin'.

99 Balloons
I saw this on Oprah today and I just had to share. Get the Kleenex out! You can also see it at: http://www.oprah.com/media/20081001_tows_99balloons


October 27, 2008

Fall Festival Video
Here is some video footage from the fall festival that we went to last night. Last night was one of the best nights. It was so wonderful watching our daughter's face light up with joy as she played on the inflatables. It's a feeling that I've never had before. I just loved seeing her so happy.

October 26, 2008

First Baptist Church Fall Festival

Hayden had a blast at the fall festival this evening. We got her all dressed up in her pink poodle costume and Layne wore her candy corn outfit. They had a ton of inflatables. Here she is climbing the "stairs" to get to the slide.

Time for the best part...Weeeeee!


This was a very big slide, but Hayden was determined to get to the top.


We went on a hay ride that was lots of fun for all of us.

My ear started aching before we went and by this point it was pretty painful. Just gotta grin and bear it for the kidos.

Hayden's first train ride. She had fun.

This was an inflatable carousel type thing. Hayden just went to the center and hung on while the other kids bounced around her.

October 25, 2008

Another Comparison

They really do look different! A lot of people say that Layne looks just like Hayden did as an infant. But, in this side by side there are clearly some differences!! Layne is not as photogenic as Hayden was at this age. Not to say that Hayden was particularly photogenic at 3 months but when I get the camera out Layne makes this crazy deer in headlights face so it's hard to get a good shot of her. She really is very cute though.

Health update:Everyone is feeling a lot better. Layne and daddy are 100% better and Hayden and I are about 90%.

Old Towne Fall Festival

Hayden doesn't normally sit on shoulders, but she really wanted to see the little kids preforming in the pavilion. I thought they were tap dancing, but Jeremy said that they were clogging. Looked like tap dancing to me though.

There were huge inflatable things at the festival. We talked Hayden into going on this one. We didn't realize that you needed a special bracelet to go on the inflatable things. Oops!

First, she had to climb up the slippery slope.

Then she slid down a hill and ended up in a ditch. She then had to climb up another slope. She was very overwhelmed at this point because kids kept jumping and sliding and she was be bounced everywhere! She liked it, but I think she was a little nervous too....or at least her mother was!

Some kids ended up helping her up the second slope because she just couldn't get up herself with all of the bouncing going on! Then she slid down the last slide!

Wee!! I think she wanted to do it again, but it was a little too scary for mommy to watch again! I just felt so helpless because I couldn't get to her or assist her at all.

On to face painting! There were all of these cute Halloween and fall characters and designs. But she wanted Hello Kitty.

She was so excited about her new friend on her cheek!

Once we went back to the car I showed Hayden her Hello Kitty again in the car mirror.

The simplest things.....

October 23, 2008

Cookie Dough

Daddy loves chocolate chip cookie dough. He has been working very hard doing online courses each day trying to get ready for his new job. So, while he was at a meeting tonight we decided to make him some cookie dough. Hayden decided that she was going to hold the 1 cup measuring cup up to her face after I had used it to measure the flour!

Here is Layne sitting in her Bumbo seat looking CRAZY!

She's a little less crazy in this shot.

October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Painting

Today we decided that the pumpkin Hayden got at the fruit stand is a little plain looking. So, we got out the paints, google eyes, and yarn and got to work.

Hayden did the painting all by herself.

She got a little on her hands and it drove her crazy! She wanted the paint "osh" (off) immediately!

We did have a little accident when we were gluing the hair on the pumpkin. Mommy was using the hot glue gun for the eyes and hair. That wasn't my smartest mommy moment...oops! after watching me glue the hair on for a while Hayden decided that she was going to give it a try. She got a little hot glue on her finger so we had to put a Dora band aide on.

Here's our new pretty pumpkin....that Hayden won't go near anymore. All she says when she sees the pumpkin is "Pumpkin hurt Hayden". Darn hot glue!

Reading to Layne

Hayden decided to entertain Layne by reading her a book while I was putting clothes away.
She must have realized that she can multitask...read the book and get her daily stretching done all at the same time!
We found this hooded Steelers sweatshirt at a consignment sale! What a find!!
After she finished reading Hayden decided to spin and dance around Layne's room.
Lastly, it was time to pose for a picture. She loves to put her hands in the front pocket and try to do things like close doors and pick things up.