July 29, 2009

Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy

We took a trip to Long Boat Key in order to visit my uncle and aunt. They rented a boat and took us out on the sea!
By the end of the trip Layner was sound asleep in Johnny's arms....just like Hayden was 2 years ago on the boat!
Uncle Johnny put sand all over Layne's legs while we were at the beach one day.
Talking to Jerm on Sunday-checking to see when he was arriving at the beach!
Johnny-always under that umbrella...or in the ocean.
More of the boat.
After the boat ride we went back to Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy's house and went swimming.
Kung Foo!
Hanging out with daddy.
Smiley girl-right before she fell asleep.
Getting very sleepy.
Flying Hayden!
Dolphin watching.

Nice hair girl!
Our favorite place to go after dinner. It's like a mix between a snow cone and italian ice. Delicious!!

July 25, 2009

Fun at the Park

Pappy and I took the girls to the park near his house this afternoon.
There wasn't much for Layner to do, so she sat quietly (for once) in her stroller and observed...
Pappy slowly learned that Hayden is quite independent and she will tell you about it!
She really liked the slide.
The other night we all went over to Pappy's and had dinner and went for a swim in the pool. It was a little chilly but we had fun.
Both girls are little water babies....
Still a little cold....
Layne eating some bananas by the pool.
"Swimming" with Pappy.

Hayden had a great time playing in the little foot shower last night.
She even tried to coax her sister into crawling under it so she could get her soaked too!
Chilling on the hammock.
Yes, the Cornhole boards made the trip too! We finally remembered to get them out and play last night. We had a great time. I think that Bern may be the best cornhole player ever!!
Hayden got the extra bean bags and played right along with us!!
For some of the time I had to multi-task....as you can see.
I actually played better when I held Layne!
Bern-The Ultimate Cornhole Player!
Johnny didn't do too badly either! A little celebration dance going on here....
And we will play again soon......

July 23, 2009

Beach Bum

Every afternoon before we bring the girls up from the beach we strip Layne down and get all of the sand off...
Layne really enjoys eating sand! She also enjoys the taste of the salt water.
Johnny spends most of his time under the umbrella reading his book.
Yesterday the girls and I sand right by the waters edge and played in the wet sand. Layne loved the mess but Hayden wasn't so sure about it.
Hanging with the girlies at the beach. Day 1 with the bikini-hence the whiteness!!
Hayden went for a sunset walk on the beach with Pap and Grandma.
Hanging out on the porch before dinner.
Sister by the water.
Hayden is a nice golden brown-even though she has 50 SPF on each day!
Layner is still white as a ghost which is a good thing because she would just turn bright red!
Aunt Ashley and Aunt Amber love to braid Hayden's hair. Here she is with her new shades and pretty braided pigtails before we hit the beach.

Out for ice cream/italian ice!
Hayden hanging with Aunt Ashley on the porch swing.
Grandma brought down punching balloons. The girls LOVE them!!