November 20, 2013

So....we have had a raccoon that comes into the garage at night and eats the cat food. So, daddy decided to try and catch it. Instead.....he caught at cat! 

Then he caught another.......

And the same one again! Needless to say, we did not catch the raccoon! 

Oh how the girls love to help daddy with outside work. 

He got a shed from Craigslist the other day. He's using it to store all of his ACS supplies. 

They loved to play in the emptiness before anything was put in. 

We took the girls to a fall festival right after Halloween. On the way we stopped at this little locomotive place. So cute!  

Then it was off to the corn maze. Stopped to pet some animals first. 

Wynnie trying hard to reach her precious blankie! 

Playing footsies. Such a dangerous game for me back in the day. It always ended with someone healing the other person right in the shin! 

Wynnie likes to ride sisters pet doggie!! 

My last run before my marathon! 

I packed the important stuff first when I started to prepare for race weekend! 

Can you find the real girls?! 

What happens when you buy 2.......the suspense is killing me!! 

Oh the things that Wynnie puts in her hair! 

The congratulations shoes that mom and Bern sent me! I got them right before I left and wore them ALL weekend and they were perfect and so comfortable! 

Found this magnet at the expo in Savannah and I just loved the saying! 

This was the view from our front porch. That's the finish line to the race!!! 

Getting everything set out the night before the big day!! 

DONE....DID IT....RAN 26.2 miles!!

Oh yeah! Getting to put that magnet on the car was such an awesome feeling! 

The marathon route! 

One of my favorite signs from the race! 

My poor foot was NOT happy with me at all. 

Sick baby. She threw up so much last night. She wasn't able to keep anything down until noon :( She's on the mend now though! 

The first fire of the season! 

Wynnie helping me sort clothes and fold them.....sort of. 

20 questions by the fire staring daddy and Layne. 

Hayden's cake for her soccer party. 

Our little hunters and bambi! 

Hayden got the award for "Most Improved!"

Hayden and her crew! 

Daddy took Hayden out on the ice while I watched the other two on the safe ground :) 

We ended up walking across the street for ice cream while daddy and Hayden ice skated. 
Messy face! 

That night we went to see The Little Mermaid! The girls got front row seats!! They LOVED it!! 

Getting ready for the leadership Thanksgiving Dinner for Discover Kids. It was GREAT! 

Daddy took care of frying up the turkey! 

Such a great night with amazing people! 

Cake topper for a Little Mermaid cake the I did for the musical crew. 

Christmas deliveries have arrived thanks to Amazon Prime! 

Tons of plastic Easter eggs!!