May 30, 2007

And It Was All Yellow....
Hayden wore the yellow outfit that Pappy bought her while he was in for a visit the last time. Right before we started taking pictures I decided to take a peek at her barrette collection to see if any would stay in her thin short locks. To my surprise I found a barrette that matched and stayed in! I have her leaning against the dresser even though it looks like she is standing on her own. She's not there yet! Thankfully!

She was a little gassy during the photo session....I think she was working on something in this pictures- if you know what I mean.

She got a little embarrassed when I questioned her about her flatulation problem.....

So pretty......

May 29, 2007

Yep, The Look Pretty Much Sums it Up!
Now tell us how you really feel about Cheerios!

The Shades

I was looking through the pictures on our camera tonight and I realized that we didn't post the next two! They are from Friday night when we had everyone over. What a cutie!

I think she is trying to make sure that her hair looks just as cool as her face does with her new glasses on.

Dinner with Whit

Hayden got to sit in a booster seat for the second time tonight. She sat so quietly and drank her juice while Whitney and I talked business. We stopped at the store on the way there to get this binki clip so that when she threw her bink bink it wouldn't fall on the ground. It was awesome!

New Bath Time Pal

Not only did Kenneth and Angie get Hayden the UGA outfit with the matching sun glasses but they also got her this puppet wash cloth. We used it for the first time tonight and she LOVED it! I think that she really felt like she had a friend in the tub with her. It was really cute.

May 27, 2007

Cookin' Out with Friends & Family
Last night we had Matt (Jerm's brother) and his wife Jamie and Kenneth and Angie (friends from church) over for a cook out. We grilled, talked, laughed, cried (just kidding about that one), and of course made homemade ice cream! We all had a great time.
Jamie bought Matt an awesome camera for Christmas and he has become quite the photographer! I posted so many pictures from the evening because I loved them all and just couldn't narrow it down. Matt took all of these pictures.

Wind Chimes
Hayden loves the wind chimes that we have on the side of the house. She gets so excited when I make them ring. She looks up at the chimes, then looks at me and smiles, and then rests her head on my shoulder and giggles.

Mommy's Flowers

It's kind of funny how gentle Hayden is with the flowers in my garden. I think she loves them as much as I do.....which doesn't even compare to how much I love her!

Laughing with Mommy

Matt noticed that Hayden cracks up when she sees me. She thinks I am the funniest person in the world (which is awesome!). I was telling them that she cracks me up just as much as I crack her up. We just have the best time together.

Those Eyes

I can picture it already...."Daddy, can I go out with my friends and take your truck tonight-even though you said I was grounded?" 16 year old Hayden is saying this to Jeremy as she bats her big beautiful puppy dog eyes. "Ok sweetie, but be careful and I love you." Let's pray that doesn't really happen!

Daddy's Girl

Boy, does she love her daddy. Her face just lights up every afternoon when he gets home for lunch. We are so blessed that his job allows him to be home so much. She loves to feel her two teeth with her tongue. Yes-still just two teeth.....

Even Cool Kids Have to Eat
Kenneth and Angie bought Hayden her first Georgia Bulldogs outfit with matching sun glasses of course. The outfit is a little shirt and cheer leading skirt. Even though I am not a fan of the dawgs I have to admit that the outfit is just adorable and I can't wait until she can fit into it! Here she is eating her peaches in style.

Daddy Time

Aren't they just so cute! God has given me such an amazing life.....

Just Hanging Low

Earlier in the evening Hayden gave Angie a look as if she understood what Angie was saying to her. So, I asked Angie if it seemed like Hayden understood what she was saying. Angie agreed that it really looked like Hayden understood. I then explained to them that that's why it's so easy to talk to matter where we are-because she understands me! Kenneth responded with, "Oh, I'd love to be a fly on your wall one day!" Man, he would have some funny stories to share!

Miss Mazie

Poor little squirrel obsessed semi-neglected dog. Every year during spring and summer she sits in front of the back door and stares outside just waiting for squirrels to enter the garden. She then goes NUTS until we let her outside. It's so bad that we can't even say words that start with "sq" around her!

Good Old Hershey

Poor old guy. He's about 13 years old and we are really starting to notice a change in him. He's moving a lot slower these days. This picture just sums up how he has been feeling lately!

May 24, 2007

It Has Arrived!
Jeremy is the proud owner of his dream truck! This is the very first brand new truck that he has owned and he's loving it. He is really enjoying telling me about all of the cool features that it has. Now all we need to get is a second car seat base so that little miss priss can take a ride with Daddy! Doesn't he look so cool in the driver's seat!?

Waiting patiently while Daddy signed about a million documents.

It's a GMC Sierra Z 71 Crew Cab.

May 23, 2007

Sleeping Beauty
This is what I found this morning when I came home from running! Daddy didn't sleep well last night and apparently Hayden didn't either because they both fell asleep while I was gone. Daddy said that Hayden was barely able to finish her peaches during breakfast time...she was just so sleepy.

May 22, 2007

Hanging with Pops
Aren't they so cute! Daddy entertained Hayden while I mopped the family room floor last night. Here they are hanging out on the couch.

Silly silly!

Aww Man, You Found Me!

At first Hayden was using the table to pull up so that she could stand and see things better. But then she used it to hide under so Mommy and Daddy couldn't see her.

Another Nap on the Job

This time she fell asleep while holding onto her juice. You can't let that get away!

A Beauty in Nature
We took some pictures outside today since it was such a nice day. I stuck a gardenia bloom behind her ear for some of the pictures. If you have never smelled a gardenia bloom you have to!! They smell amazing.

Here she is sitting in the lower garden with the hydrangea bush. I love spring...everything is starting to come to life and bloom!

Playing with some of the hydrangea flowers.

Looking up at daddy to make sure everything is ok.

May 20, 2007

Just the Girls
I asked Jerm to take some pictures of my new haircut since it's "styled" today because we went to church. By styled I mean that I dried it using a round brush. Once I looked at the pictures I saw that my hair is kind of limp and flat.....but this is the new do!

Now that Hayden has things to do (crawl, pull up on things, chew on toys, talk to people) she doesn't really like to take the time to pose for pictures. This is the only shot where she was actually looking at the camera!

May 19, 2007

You keep up the good work mommy, I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute.

I think that Mazie really enjoys hitching a ride when we take our walks in the neighborhood. This is her normal pose as we stroll down the street.

This morning Hayden decided that she was going to pull herself up to a standing position instead of taking a nap. At first she was pretty proud of herself but she soon discovered a problem.....How do I get down?! She hasn't figured that one out yet so she just cries and cries.

Dancing to the Music
This morning Hayden was dancing to the music of one of her lullaby cd's.

May 18, 2007

Something is Wrong Here.....
There is something wrong with this picture, can you tell what it is? If you aren't sure scroll down to the next picture and see if you can tell then.

Something Just Doesn't Feel Right.....

Yep, something is still wrong in this picture too.

Much Better

Tonight, Daddy dressed Hayden after her bath. He was having a hard time because he was talking on the phone and trying to put lotion on a very mobile baby at the same time....not a good combination. Finally, after some grunting and groaning he said, "Trista, we need you in here." When I got in there he said, "Is this outfit on right?". Sure enough it was on backwards! He has trouble with the ones that have the snaps up the back. He just automatically thinks that the snaps go in the front. Funny stuff.

Relaxing on the Couch
Hayden thought it was so cool laying with all of the pillows on the couch this morning. The pillows had to be there in order to prevent her from rolling off the couch. She is moving so much and both mommy and daddy have been to blame for some accidents. Hayden is a tough girl though. Don't mind the wet spot on her shirt, she had just finished her sweet potato lunch. I am going to try and get video of her talking because it has really changed. She is combining a lot of her sounds together (ma-da, ba-da...) and she is changing the intonation of her voice. It's really cute. She does it a lot when she "reads" books to me. I will try to capture it on video.

May 14, 2007

She finally did it! We are so proud of our little princess!

Another Nasty Food....
(according to Hayden)
Here's Hayden trying the Gerber Puffs for the first time.

Buck Teeth?!
Today I gave Hayden some Gerber Puffs. They are little astrix shaped quick dissolving cereal bits. I bought the strawberry apple flavor. Hayden isn't a big fan of them yet as you saw in the video. When I first put one in her mouth she looked like she had buck teeth because she had it hanging out of her mouth and she wouldn't chew it or swallow it.

May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Vacation

We went to Savannah, Georgia for the weekend. Jeremy has some friends from college, Brian and Suzanne, who live there. They have a little girl, Anna Leigh, who is almost two years old. We had such a wonderful weekend visiting with them and seeing all that Savannah had to offer. We just fell in love with the town.

Here we are on our way to church on Sunday morning. Notice the short hair...I got it cut again!

Brian, Suzanne, and Anna Leigh.

Here's Hayden giving me my Mother's Day card this morning. It says "Mamamamama" on the front of the envelope.

While we were in Savannah we had to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant! We couldn't get a reservation on Saturday night until 9:45pm!! So, we had a late night but it was worth it! We all packed into the Colorado for the ride there. It was Jerm, Suzanne, and me in the front seat and Brian, Hayden, and Anna Leigh in the back. The girls had a fun little screaming competition on the way there. And they tried to continue it while we were sitting at the table in the restaurant. Crazy girls! What a difference another child makes!!

The girls spent a lot of time playing on the floor together. Anna Leigh did such a great job of sharing her toys with Hayden. They got along so well together.

Anna Leigh is such a beautiful little girl, don't you think?! She has the prettiest big brown eyes. And she has the cutest voice.