September 29, 2007

Army Crawl...

September 28, 2007

I Just Love Her Clothes
I had to get a picture of her outfit today because I just love it! It's a corduroy skirt with a cute pink and brown onesie!! Baby clothes are the best!
Sleeping with My Peeps
This picture is quite normal. Hayden will all of her stuffed animals around her. When she wakes up from her nap she gives her animals kisses! It's really cute. We will have to get it on video some time.
Let's Get Movin'
Hayden decided that she would explore different forms of transportation today since she is refusing to walk. Hershey didn't want any part of it though.

September 27, 2007

Fruity Cheerios!!
I bought Hayden some fruity cheerios and she LOVES them. Here she is just hanging out on the floor eating the fruity o's.

Stopping to pose for a picture. She is so used to seeing the flash when she gets her picture taken that she has started to squint her eyes when she sees the camera!!!


We are really trying to get Hayden to stop feeding Mazie. Hayden knows that she isn't supposed to feed her but she tries to sneak her food anyway. This is her busted face. She tried to cover it up by grabbing her foot really quickly.

September 26, 2007

Birthday Weekend!
Hayden had two first birthday parties to attend last weekend. She learned a lot about how to eat cake and open present!
Hannah's Lady Bug Birthday Party
We went to Hannah's first birthday party on Saturday. As you can see there was a cute little lady bug theme to it. Here are the cakes that Jessica made....impressive and VERY good!

Here's Hannah digging in to her cake. She LOVED the red icing. Check out her cute little lady bug hat! Those are her parents John and Jessica.

Here's Hannah opening up some of her gifts.

This is the present that John and Jessica gave Hannah. She just loved it.

Jennifer's Polka Dot Party

We went to Jennifer's first birthday party on Sunday. Jennifer is Jeremy's cousin's baby. She was born 10 days before Hayden.

Here she is trying her cake..and loving it!

All the kids had their own little party table! Hayden is at the bottom in the booster seat.
They even gave out little treat bags. Here are two of the toys that were in the treat bags.
Hayden was introduced to and fell in love with Elmo while she was at Jennifer's party. She just couldn't get enough of this strange furry little man.
Hayden and Jennifer had a little "discussion" about who's Dora the Explorer chair it really was.

We just had to do something special to let Aunt September know that we were thinking about her and missing her on her special day!! Happy birthday Sep, have a great day!

September 25, 2007

Hangin' with Hersh
Hayden has discovered that Hershey can be just as fun as Mazie. He doesn't move as quickly as Mazie does!

September 20, 2007

Early Birthday Present
Since Whitney is going to be away for Hayden's birthday party she came over and gave Hayden her gifts tonight. Hayden had a good time practicing opening gifts. She loved the tissue paper! She also loved her two shirts, corduroy pants, and learning pal. Thanks Whitney!

Hayden liked the idea that her new buddy had a leash so it could be pulled around. She quickly discovered that the easiest way to crawl and pull her new friend at the same time was to put the leash in her mouth!!

A Tisket a Tasket a Baby & a Basket...
Hayden wanted to play with one of the baskets that Jeremy got me in Zimbabwe. So, here are some pictures of her fun with the basket. To be honest, I was the one that was having fun with Hayden and the basket.

Peek-a-Boo...I see you!

All of a sudden it got dark in here!

Ok, we've had enough with the basket.

September 19, 2007

Found: Bottom Teeth
Hayden's upper lip has found her bottom two teeth and she love it! This is the face that she makes when she's concentrating or just trying to be silly (which is pretty much all the time).
I know, I know...her bangs are SO long. We just can't keep barrettes in her hair because she is moving around so much.
I Just Love Her....
Here's Hayden looking at a new picture of herself in a frame. The look on her face seemed to say that she recognized the girl but she wasn't sure where she knew her from.

Then it clicked!Hayden realized that the girl in the frame was her!

So of course, she had to greet herself with a kiss!

September 18, 2007

The New Look
Hayden was on the floor eating her afternoon snack. When she popped up this was what her barrette looked like. I'm not really sure how she got her hair to stick up like this, but she liked the look!

September 17, 2007

Long Locks
Hayden found this little elastic head band thing today. I decided to put it in her hair so we could tell if she messes with her ears because her hair tickles them or if her ears are really bothering her.

Once I put it in her hair she got this really girlie look on her face. She's making the super girlie girl face in both pictures. It was kind of weird!

She kind of likes wearing it like this better. Then it doesn't mess up her hair so much.

Birthday Dance!
(Thanks Brian & Suzanne for the great website!!)

September 13, 2007

She's a Climber.....

September 11, 2007

Laughing with Daddy

More Walking...

Halloween Costume
I hesitated to even put this picture on the blog because I know the few of you out there in the world that are not Steelers fans are going to make a smarty pants comment. She wasn't fussing because she doesn't like the outfit or because she's not a fan. She just didn't want to be standing...simple as that. If you haven't guessed it-Hayden is going to be a Steelers cheerleader for Halloween this year!

September 8, 2007

Tricks on the Step Stool
Hayden discovered the step stool today.
First, she tried to get on it by stretching one leg up to the step.

She was quite happy when she realized that her plan was working!

Once she got up she decided that she wasn't going to stop there....She needed to try and stand up!

Then came the poses!

And finally the tricks!

Sleepy Head
Hayden just loves to cuddle with her stuffed animals in her crib.

September 7, 2007

This morning while we thought Hayden was napping we heard a big bang and then a crying baby! It appears as if Hayden was playing in her crib and she fell and it her forehead on the crib rail. Once I got to her she was fine, but she has quite a bump and bruise!
We used her safari soother to make her feel better.

Not sure if you can see it, but it's there. It sure didn't slow her down today though. We all went to the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain with Grandma Ross and then to our small group Bible study tonight. She's a tough cookie!

September 6, 2007

Crazy Girl
You guys don't know how much I utter that phrase in one day. Hayden is just so silly and I love every second of it! Here is a picture of her newest crazy girl trick!

This is the bowl that we put her morning and afternoon snack in...I guess she was trying to tell me that she needs dessert after dinner!

I inherited a glass bowl filled with fake fruits and vegetables from my dad a few years ago. It has just been sitting on the bottom shelf in my kitchen for a while. Well, Hayden discovered it today and had a ball with all of the fruits and veggies. I would say the name as she pulled it out of the bowl and she would try her best to repeat it. It was pretty funny....but they are great learning tools!

Sleeping Beauty
Hayden decided that her baby needed to take a nap in the crib this morning too. So, she brought baby in with her. Hayden is playing "mommy" already. She hugs, pats, and kisses her baby! It's really sweet to watch.

Letting it all hang out.........

September 5, 2007

Walking with Assistance
I was finally able to get some video of Hayden walking with her little walker. It's a little choppy beacause Hayden isn't very good at steering her walker you will be able to see.

September 3, 2007

A Busy Labor Day
Our day began with a lunch date with Whitney. It had been about a month or so since we saw her. After lunch we all came back to the house to play. Here's Whitney reading a story to Hayden. As you can see, as soon as she saw the camera she lost focus of the story!

Our next stop was dinner at John, Jessica, and Hannah's house. They had another family over too. And they had a little girl that was a little over a year old. So it was a house full of girlie girls...for the most part. Everyone had a great time playing and hanging out together.

Here's Hayden and her good buddy Hannah.

This is Hayden's new friend Ellie. Hayden tried to learn how to walk by watching Ellie take a few wobbly steps.

When it was dinner time Hayden wasn't too interested. She wanted to be back on the floor playing with her girlfriends.

Hannah's dog, Emmit, loves toys that squeak. Hayden found out that she could make one of Hannah's rubber duckies squeak by chewing on it. As you can see it drove Emmit crazy because he wanted to get to the toy so badly!