September 30, 2010

Photo Spots!

September 28, 2010

Hello and Goodbye!

Yesterday, on the way home from picking the girls up at school we saw a turtle crossing our street. So, I stopped and scooped him up. The girls played with him for a few minutes then we put him in the garden while we ate lunch. But, when we came back out about 20 minutes later he was gone. Oh well! At least he won't get hit by a car I guess.
This is what happens when you give the bag of yogurt covered raisins to a 2 year old!! Notice Diddle eating them off of the floor using "No Hands!"
Another Sneak!
Rocket decoration/treat bags for Diddle's party next Saturday! Made using cups, scrapbook paper, and stickers!
Last night was rough for our little one. When I picked her up from school she sounded like a frog! As the day went on she got worse and then the fever hit. She was just pitiful. No eating, no drinking, and her throat must have been killing her because when she'd cough she would just cry and cry. Needless to say, she slept in mommy and daddy's room last night just to be on the safe side. When she got up this morning the cough was still there, but the fever is gone. And, she's eating and drinking and acting pretty normal.
This was the other day at Kroger.

September 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek!

Hayden is having an outer space/alien 4th birthday party in a couple weeks. So, we are getting prepared! Here's the first craft that Jeremy and I conquered this afternoon while watching football. The kids are going to get to decorate their very own alien mask!!

September 25, 2010

Girl Camo Hat

I found this hat for Hayden a year or so ago. Layne found it yesterday and randomly turned it backwards to fit "her style". Isn't she the cutest thing EVER?!
Here she is "building" with my piping tips this morning while I finished up the polka dots on a cake.
The other day when I picked the girls up at school this is what Layne had on her head. I laughed out loud when I saw her standing there waiting to be loaded into the car. It's just so cute!
Hayden was pouting in the car yesterday. I can't even remember why.
This was taken last saturday night at Wyatt's spaghetti dinner fund raiser. The one I did the heart strings cake for. The girls LOVE spaghetti!
An update on Wyatt is that he got a heart last Friday. He's doing really well. They did a biopsy the other day and it was grade ZERO rejection!! So, keep praying for the little guy.
This was a picture of all of the 175 cupcakes that were done for Discover Point's 5th birthday!
My new bookshelf for my baking books! An IKEA purchase. The only color that they had was red, so I got it and spray painted it brown to match!

**As you can see, I went through my phone and got some old pictures off. That's why this post is so random towards the end!

September 22, 2010

School Picture Practice

BIG Bubble Bath Time

September 19, 2010

More Ballerinas
These are some pictures that Jessica took yesterday at the party. She's such a great photographer and she's wonderful at capturing "moments". Not sure if you noticed in the last post but Hayden was the only girl wearing black, not only that...she was the only girl not wearing pink!

This was just the cutest party ever!!
Hannah's Ballerina Birthday Party!

Yesterday we went to Hannah's 4th birthday party. It was SO cute. The girls got to take a dance lesson from a real ballerina and hear a story about a ballerina and of course eat cute little pink cupcakes! Here are the girls admiring the ballerina.
Notice that Layner is not in the picture. She was all dressed like a little ballerina but she didn't want to participate at all. Oh well!
Thank you hugs!
On the way home from the party Hayden's "neck hurt" which means she's about to throw up! Yep, she got car sick. I'll spare the details, but we had enough warning that it wasn't messy. We gave her GUM afterwards and this is her "I am so exited that I'm chewing gum" face.

September 17, 2010

Potty Training Update!

Layne doesn't use these during the day daddy decided that they'd make good hats!
The kits have been exploring around the house lately. This morning I found them cuddled up on Hayden's bed.
Layner "Reading"

September 15, 2010

Last Days of Summer

Our little acrobat!

Hayden was helping daddy work on our new TV table that he's building. He went down to the crawlspace (man cave) and told Hayden to wait for him in the house. She could hear him talking on the phone while he was down there so she put her ear to the floor. She just couldn't wait until he came back up so she could help.
Feeding the kitty cats.

September 14, 2010

One of Those Moments...
Do you ever have those moments in your life where you kind of can't believe that "this is MY life?" Most of the time these moments for me are as a result of some amazing thing that God has done in my life. I just have to stop and wonder....why me God because I certainly don't deserve it? It's such an indescribable feeling.
But this morning when I pulled up the driveway after dropping the girls off and running errands I did not experience an amazing God moment. It was more like a totally shocked and embarrassed "this is MY life!" Below is what I saw as I drove up our driveway....I did find God in the moment though....I said to myself, "Thank you GOD that nobody can see this from the street!"

Then it hit me....."Oh no, Lisa and Rebecca are coming over this afternoon!!" Now, you may be thinking, Ok, so just pick the clothes up and bring them inside. Well, I have lived with this hunter for 7 years now and I have learned not to mess with a hunter's freshly unscented killing attire! So, I prayed that Jerm would get home from work early (before 3:15) so that he could disassemble his......manly clothes line?! Let me stop for a moment so that I can describe a little about what you are seeing in the above picture. He rigged up this solid steal beam and laid it across the porch railing and the garden box. Then he took his freshly washed in unscented detergent killing attire-all the way down to the long johns-and hung them on his "man line". I guess maybe the boots were cleaned too since they are on display as well. The laundry basket-let's just rename it the killing attire cage since that's it's current purpose-is holding some of the smaller items used to camouflage oneself (hat, socks, I think I saw one of those bank robber type ski masks in there). And of course, we cannot leave out the freshly emptied hosed out yet still nasty smelling trash can on the left. I mean, it just completes do I say this nicely...."backwoodsman" picture.
So, back to my story. I waited and waited for Jeremy to get home but I knew it wasn't going to happen. So, I went to the shower and cleaned myself with his special Hunter's No Scent Shampoo-hair and all. Then I washed the clothing that I was planning on wearing in order to move his killing attire in the hunter's no scent detergent. I had to hang them on the "man line" to dry so that they remained scent free. Once they were dry I put them on and then oh so gingerly placed each item into the laundry cage and carried it into the garage. I then moved the solid steal beam man line out of the way so that my friends didn't have to do the limbo in order to get to the front door. Yep, I even moved the freshly emptied hosed out yet still nasty smelling trash can! Which I feel like I must take a moment to say how much I appreciate my wonderful husband taking the trash to the recycling center each time it gets full! That is definitely not something that I would want to do. Love ya my manly backwoodsman hunter :)
Oh and by the way I was totally kidding about the whole "de-scenting process" that I went through before I moved his clothes....I just took my chances that I may make them smell a little.

September 13, 2010

Boat Ride.

The girls sailed the high seas in their "boat" this evening after dinner. They had quite an adventure!!
About 2 mornings a week this is what we wake up to. Layne come into our room between 4:00 and 6:00 (at least that's what Jerm tells me because I rarely hear her!). She doesn't try to wake me up or anything. She just comes in, walks to my side of the bed, and sleeps on all of the decorative pillows that are piled on the floor!! And she never forgets blankie and bear!

September 9, 2010

Out to Dinner

They had some bean bag game at Chick-fil-A tonight. Both girls won a brand new pair of Cinderella sunglasses!
My new magnet thanks to VistaPrint
That's where I get all of my printing for S and S Sweets done. They are super cheap, always have amazing deals, and I am very happy with the quality. This magnet was!
Cookin' Dinner

The girls helped me put the biscuits on the cookie sheet the other night. We were having chicken ala king! Love it!
Then they helped me make the sauce too!
We must have been too loud for Kit!
Who wants to go for a ride?!
One of Layne's MANY kitty scratches.

September 7, 2010

Best Buds

The kittens are getting used to the "love" that Layne likes to show them daily. They'll meow when they are really unhappy about the "love" but for the most part they purr!

Today the girls are both staying for lunch bunch!! We packed their backpacks and lunch bags this morning. They were so excited! Yes, Layne is sporting a feminine mo-hawk today.