June 30, 2010

Our Cuties

Last Saturday Jeremy and I went to a conference with some of the other staff members at Discover Point. Jeff and Jan watched the girls while we were gone. Here's one of my favorite pictures that he took. Their outfits are a little mixed and matched. Hayden is wearing Layne's shirt and Layne is wearing Hayden's shirt! Oh well, you'll have that as Mom and Bernie like to say!

Speak no evil, See no evil....where's Hear no evil?! What a great reason to have a third child!!

June 29, 2010

Look Who's Birthday is Today!!!

Great Marmee's 80th birthday is today!! We hope you are having an amazing day and we'll see you in a couple weeks when we make the trip for Kate's wedding!!
Happy birthday Marmee!! We love you.
Little Layner with her posse

June 26, 2010

I love Pink and Brown
Sandra referred me to one of her coworkers! Love referrals......thanks Sandra! So, this cake is for her daughter's baby shower tomorrow. It's white almond cake with strawberry cream filling iced in butter cream. The nest, birds, and branches are chocolate and the flowers are gumpaste

June 24, 2010

Jungle Baby Shower!

This cake is actually traveling all the way to Mississippi today! No, I am not shipping it. The couple that's having the baby shower is driving to Mississippi for the family baby shower this weekend. His mom couldn't find anyone locally to do a cake so he called me and asked if a cake could make the trip. Chocolate chocolate chip cake with cream cheese icing. Iced in butter cream with fondant, gumpaste, and chocolate details.

June 21, 2010

Box Train

Father's Day Cook Out
This was the only picture that I took....but we all had a great Father's Day together. We had the Collinsworth's, the Cipolla's, and the McInnis' over. Jeremy grilled/smoked the best ribs I have ever had. Now, I think that I have only had ribs like twice in my life-but these were amazing! I was so full, but I couldn't stop thinking about them.

French Cafe
Today for lunch the girls ate at a "French Cafe". The menu was cheese crepes (cheese tortillas!) with a side of dried fruit. Their server spoke with an excellent French accent.....if I may say so! They got to enjoy the outdoor cafe atmosphere all by themselves.

June 19, 2010

Sweet Prayers of a Child

When we put Hayden to bed each night we say a prayer with her. I always ask her if she wants to say it and about 98% of the time she says, "No, you say it." So I do. Well, tonight she just started praying, "Dear Lord....." then she paused and said, "Mommy, you apeat (repeat) after me tonight." So, here's what she prayed:
"Dear Lord, thank you for mommy baking cakes and thank you for mommy fixing that thing for me (no idea what she was talking about there) and thank you for making daddy's ribs feel better and help Laynie to sleep well tonight and get Moo Moo inside and I love you Amen."
The she looked over at me and said, "Mommy, did Grady hear that prayer? What about Chenayi and Dabney, did they hear that prayer?"
Tiramisu For Daddy...

Well, kind of! We are going over to Scott and Heather's tomorrow night and they asked me to make dessert. Jeremy mentioned Tiramisu and since it's Father's Day weekend I just had to make it for him :)
Heather loves chocolate and peanut butter so I made this one especially for her. It's peanut butter cookie and chocolate cheese cake. Have you ever seen a cheese cake glazed in chocolate?!
Here's my first groom's cake! And the funny thing is.....I have NO idea what it is. The groom just asked me if I could make a cake that looks like an "AKAI MPC1000" and I said, "Send me a picture" so he did and this is it! I guess it's used for recording music or something like that.
It's red velvet cake with cream cheese filling! Gotta deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

June 16, 2010

The Summer Cut

Just call me Victoria Beckham with my trendy angled bob......
The Band is Back

This was all her. She's just such a nut that will do anything for a laugh!
Then you have sissy that wants the laughs too!

June 14, 2010

Unwanted Visitor!

We've had a few unwanted visitors in our vegetable garden this summer. Let's start with the first ones. When we saw our beautifully bloom covered boysenberry bush we were SO excited. Then we saw the berries arrive and we just couldn't wait for them to ripen so that we could pick them and eat them all up! Well, someone else was waiting for that day too. One day we went out there and about 75% of them were gone. So, Jerm put up bird netting and they still disappeared. Ugh!
Then there was the night that the deer ventured into the garden and ate the carrot tops. So, Jerm made a deer fence and we haven't seen them since.
Now, we have these worms in our squash plants! Jerm read all about them and I guess a moth lays eggs in the plant and when the eggs hatch the worms eat the plant from the inside out. Bad news is that some of the larva could still be in the soil and won't hatch until next year. But, Jerm was determined to kill each and every live worm that was infesting and killing our squash plants! Nasty!
Potty Time!
Layne has figured out the potty game and she is VERY good at it. She has figured out that if she sits on the potty and goes potty it will play music....which she loves! She has also figured out that she can just go pee pee just enough to make it play music-get a treat and then sit back on the potty again and go and get ANOTHER treat! What a little smartie. All in all potty training is going excellently with Layne!

June 13, 2010

Reese's Pieces Candy Barrel

Oh yumm! What's better than peanut butter and chocolate....add in some Oreos too and it may just be a winner. Chocolate chocolate chip cake with Oreo filling and Oreo butter cream! Talk about SWEET TOOTH!!
Gigantic Cupcakes!
These are for two sweet little ones that go to Discover Point-Lily and Ryan. Ryan's cake is chocolate chocolate chip and Lily's cake is strawberry. The "wrapper" is chocolate! So, everything is edible. Now, how you go about eating this cake is a whole different story!!

June 12, 2010

The Circus!

Grandma and Pop took us all to the circus at the Horse Park yesterday. It was a bunch of fun!
There was a petting zoo with goats, donkeys, and lamas. We were also able to see a hippo, zebra, and elephants.
Talk about nasty teeth!
This was at the elephant area. The circus had lots of performers and a few animals. Fun stuff!

June 10, 2010


Starting this week we've been having "school" during Layne's nap time. Hayden and I just go through a few pages in her special workbook. Each day she reviews a letter, number, and shape that she learned in preschool. She's learning how to write and spell words too! She loves it!
Playing footsie in those chairs!

June 6, 2010

Stone Mountain Trip!!

Kenneth and Angie invited us to go to Stone Mountain with them yesterday. The girls had an amazing time. This picture absolutely cracks me up-they are both just so funny! This was taken at the top of the mountain.
Our adventure started at chick-fil-A for lunch. Then we all packed into Kenneth's truck and headed to the park. We claimed a picnic table and blew bubbles while we waited for Layne to wake up from her snooze. Hayden had to blow bubbles from every single bubble bottle that Angie brought.
Next was off to ride the train. That' what Hayden had been waiting to do so she was very excited. Layner loved it too!
Hayden sat with Kenneth and Angie on the train and she just took it all in. The train went all the way around the mountain.
Then we saw these guys that called themselves Ritmo. They played songs and beats on the tops of these buckets. They also had Boom Wackers. Kenneth and Hayden volunteered to use them.
What a sweet picture!
Layne just stood there and watched and danced a little.
So many bubbles!!
So much to color....so little time!
We went to see a 4D movie next. It had some scary parts in it with attack fish and dinosaurs, but we all survived. Hayden even had to remove her glasses for some scenes!
Hayden and Layne amazed me on this obstacle course thing.
They both had no fear.
Well...maybe a little fear when it came to this thing. She had to enlist daddy's help.
The last thing that we did before our cook out and laser show was ride the trolley up to the top of Stone Mountain.

June 4, 2010

Listening to Some Tunes.

Layne discovered how to pause and play the CD player and she got the biggest kick out of it! What a cutie.
My little kitchen helpers-always ready to assist.
Super Hero Cake
This cake is for two brothers. One loves Batman and the other loves Iron Man. It's marble cake with chocolate fudge filling and chocolate chocolate chip with oreo filling. Yumm!

June 2, 2010

Wednesday Night Dinner

Gio got to sit at the big kid table for dinner tonight....well, until he fell over backwards and hit his head. It was a great try though. And the girls enjoyed the company. It's always so great to see all three of them playing together. Jerm and I love to catch up with J & R too!
Hayden helped me make the grape salad today. She just couldn't stop eating the grapes!
The other night Hayden asked if sissy could sleep with her. So, I got sleeping Layne out of her bed and put her in bed with Hayden. Do you see the pure joy on Hayden's face!? She was so excited.