August 31, 2010

What do the two pictures below have to do with one another?!

Try to "survive" until tomorrow when you can read more about the above mystery!

August 29, 2010

Kitties Found a Friend!

The kittens are in love with this big dog of Layne' you will see in all of these pictures.
They love to curl up and sleep on the dog.

August 28, 2010

Thank You Cake

I made this cake for all of our amazing volunteers at Discover Point. Gumpaste "sticky notes" that say thank you in different languages!
Lisa's SURPRISE 30th Birthday Cake!
Lisa had a surprise luau birthday party today and they asked me to make the cake! This was my first attempt at gumpaste flowers. I was happy with how it turned out.
Happy birthday girl!!

August 27, 2010

Wanna Go For a Ride?!

Poor Kit wasn't too excited about Layne's bright idea!
Layne had a better idea, she wanted to "read a story" to Kit as she slept on Hayden's chair.
Simple frog cake. Yellow cake with strawberry cream filling.
Last minute (got the call this afternoon for tomorrow pick up!) Princess and the Frog cupcakes. The customer actually wanted the Princess and the frog cake that I did a while back, but I had to tell her that wasn't possible given the short notice. I suggested cupcakes!

August 26, 2010

So Sleepy

Layne was so gentle with the kitties today.
Trying to get Kit to take a nap on her lap. I guess Layne figured if she pretended to sleep then Kit would curl up and sleep too!
My little Princess!

August 25, 2010

Whimsical Forest Baby Shower

This cake is traveling 5 hours to Alabama tomorrow! Yikes! It's freezing right now and it will remain in the freezer until pick up.
Love the way the "moss" turned out. It's strawberry cake with strawberry cream filling.
Gotta have the turtles and frogs chocolate lollys for the favors!
Kitty Love

Update on Kit Kat....He's a SHE!
Update on Sprinkles: She's a HE!
When we told Hayden the news this morning she wanted to switch cats with Layne! So, we decided that we are just going to pretend that they are both girls. Sister....just like Hayden and Layne :)
Hayden is a very gentle caring watchful mother to her kitty (well, to both kitties) and Layne is a very hands on smothering mother to her kitty (well, to both kitties)! Reminds me so much of September and I!!
They played hard today!

August 24, 2010

Happy Early Birthday!

It all started on Sunday when a friend of mine said, "You don't know anyone that would want 2 you?". Of course I knew someone who would want 2 kittens!! The childhood memories of my cat Jessica started going through my head. Then I remembered that we got Jessica and her sister Who when I was 2 and Sep was 4! Perfect!! In my mind it was time for the girls to have their kittens. It took some convincing for Jeremy, but he got on board...or just realized it was a losing battle-not sure which.
So, we picked up the kitty's tonight and the girls are in HEAVEN!
Hayden would like to name her kitty "Sprinkles"
(a girl) and Layne has said she wants to name her "Kit" (a boy). So, looks like we're going to have Sprinkles and Kit Kat :)

August 20, 2010

Gotta Love the Candy Barrel!

I like to change up every cake that I do, the candy barrel is a hard one to change though.
I added these little cupcake cutouts around the the cake to add a little something extra.
Happy Birthday Aubrey!
Little Wyatt
This is a flyer that Aubrey gave me while they were picking up his birthday cake today. Wyatt is Aubrey's brother-it's actually a family of 3 boys! Wyatt is one of the cutest little guys I've seen. He has spiky blonde hair and big blue eyes.
Click on the flyer to make it larger. If you're in the area and can attend this event I'm sure they would appreciate the support. If you're not in the area but still want to do something you can read at the bottom of the flyer in order to see how to make donations.
Book Sling Project!

I bet you can guess where I saw this cute little homemade book sling project....Family Fun Magazine! It was shown as a no sew project, but unfortunately all of our items in the cart didn't make it home last night. So, we sewed instead! I also added a pocket and Hayden's name to it. Love love love that magazine!!
Bringin' It!
Here are the girls "Bringin' It" the other night when we did P90X. They are so funny to work out with.
Dora Sisters.
Well, the first week was just perfect for the girls at preschool. They both had an amazing time. They even get to see each other when they go outside to play. Unfortunately, their playgrounds are separated by a fence so they can't hug one another. They do talk though.

Yesterday on the way to school this is what I heard"
Hayden, "Sis, is your class going outside today?"
Layne, "Yes"
Hayden, "Are you going to come and see me when you are outside today?"
Layne, "Yes"
Hayden, "About what time to you think you guys are going to be outside?"
Layne, "39"

So then they get home from school and while I am making their lunches I ask them if they saw each other outside. They told me they did. When I asked them what they talked about Hayden said, "We can't tell you, it's a secret." So I asked Layne what they talked about and she gave me that mischievous smirk and said, "Secret!"

August 16, 2010

First Day of School!

Here they are on their first day of preschool! Hayden will be in the 3 year old class and Layne will be in the 2 year old class. I guess when Hayden started at First Baptist I wasn't really nervous because she had been at HHBC preschool and for her first year I was the director there. For Layne....I'm a little nervous! Maybe it's just because she's my baby or because I know the troublesome Layne that she can be at times-what will she get into!? So, Jeremy and I dropped them off this morning. He was pretty annoyed at me when I told him that I wanted to walk them in instead of just going through the drop off car line! I just couldn't drop little Layne off without making sure that she got to the right classroom! Once we had dropped the girls off we were walking back to the truck and I just had this urge to walk back in the building so that I could peek in the window and make sure Layne was ok....of course, I didn't do it though. Maybe if I was by myself I would have!
Pick up is in 30 minutes and I can't wait to hear how their first day went!!

August 14, 2010

Cowboy/Cowgirl Party!
This was a big order for a join brother/sister birthday celebration! Kaleb is turning 1 so he definitely needs a smash cake! He also got a cowboy hat cake-covered in modeling chocolate- and some cupcakes.
Everything is edible....including the bandanna!
The hat cake is brown sugar cake with white chocolate buttercream filling. The smash cake is white cake iced in buttercream.
Kiley got a nice pink and brown boot cake!
Her cake is a white cake filled with cookie dough!
Cupcakes are Snickers and Giggles with buttercream icing and gumpaste accents.
Silly Monkey First Birthday!

I did these cakes for Christy Boan's daughter. They call Madelyn "little monkey" so when she saw the cake that I did for Layne's 2nd birthday she thought it would be perfect.
I didn't want to make the same exact cake because I would prefer all of my cakes to be different from one another. Christy gave me the freedom to be creative so I changed things up a bit!
And of course Madelyn needs her own little smash cake! I think that I have done 4 cakes for the Boan's and they ALL have been chocolate chocolate chip with cookies and cream filling-which is one of my favs too!

August 12, 2010

Open House!

The girls have been so excited all day for their preschool open house tonight!
Before I start on that though, let me give you the stats from Layne's 2 year appointment that she had today. She weighs 22 pounds which is still in the 3rd percentile and she's 32 1/2 inches tall which is in the 10th percentile. No shots for her this visit-yeah! Everything is perfect with the little Layner!
Here's Hayden with her teacher, Ms. Nanci. There are a lot of new faces in Hayden's class this year!
And Layne with her teacher, Ms. Melodie.
Now it's time to say goodbye and run down the big hill........
This was just not one of mommy's best ideas. Layne took off as fast as she could because she didn't know any better. This picture was taken about .5 seconds before she totally wiped out. Oops!
The girls new game is to set the chairs like this and pretend that they are on an airplane! Today I brought them their snack and beverage while they flew to Pittsburgh.
Sarah's back! We got to hang out with Sarah on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
Hayden is such a little mother, little Sarah doesn't even have to lift a finger when Hayden's around!
Sarah just thought Moo Moo was the coolest thing ever! Moo wasn't so sure about Sarah though.