August 31, 2007

Ducky Ride
Here's some video of Hayden riding the enormous duck that Pop Ross gave her the day she was born. She really is moving it all by herself.

Peek-A-Boo....I See You
I was making lunch today and Hayden was playing on the kitchen floor. I looked over and saw her playing Pee-a-Boo with herself! I had to stop making lunch and get it on video!

August 30, 2007

Snack Time!
I normally give Hayden a little snack while I am making lunch. It keeps her happy and entertained.
Here she is dumping all of her goldfish out on the floor. I don't even know why I bother!

She just loves her fish.

They are Mmmm Mmmm good!

August 28, 2007

Can You Say...Too Much Food Network!
I have decided to make Hayden's birthday cakes for her first birthday (yes, I know it is a little over a month away!). I always see the pastry chefs on Food Network Challenge working with fondant and their cakes look so good. So, I thought I would try to find a fondant recipe that was easy to make and give it a try. I had already decided to make a butterfly and flower cake. I wanted to experiment with the fondant before doing the actual birthday cakes. is the butterfly! Now we just have to see how it tastes!

August 27, 2007

Daddy's Little Helper
Last night Jeremy was installing the safety locks on the cabinet doors. Hayden was really intrigued by the whole process. At some points her chin was resting on his leg because she wanted to get a closer look!

The other day Hayden was showing off her new trick...holding the sippy cup in her mouth with no hands!

Crazy Noises
The other night while we were getting Hayden into her pajamas she started making a crazy noise. We tried to get it on video, but it's not very good picture quality...I think you will get the point though.

August 26, 2007

Visit with Pop and Grandma Ross
On Friday we had Jeremy's parents over for dinner and a visit. Hayden had a good time posing for Pop's camera!

They brought Hayden 2 books to read. Hayden enjoyed hearing Pop read the best friends book.

She loves her juice and big girl cup.

Hayden doesn't use this as a walker much. She just likes to ride on it.

Even though we aren't at the beach anymore Hayden still loves to play with the beach toy Aunt September bought her.

August 25, 2007

Bed Time?

Hayden loves to shake her head "no" even if she means "yes"! In this video I am asking her if it's bed time......

For Me?!

I guess Hayden sees mommy and daddy on the phone a lot because she knows exactly what to do when she gets a phone in her hand!

Party Like a Rock Star

Here is video of Hayden dancing while we were in Florida. Make sure to watch her signature move at the end. It's the one where she looks from side to side. I think she is going to name it, "Look before you cross (the street)".

No Puffs For You!
This was a video that I took while we were in Florida. It took a few days for Hayden to warm up to Johnny. He finally won her over by feeding her puffs and juice. Here he is trying to convince Hayden to give him some of her puffs!

August 23, 2007

Cooling Off in the Pool
Today it was in the upper 90's so we decided to blow up Hayden's pool so she could go for a dip. She was a little startled by the cold water at first, but she got used to it quickly.

If you look closely you can see her two top teeth! I think she is very proud of herself since she now has 4 teeth. She loves to make this face show off her teeth.

This is another favorite of hers. She points to things and says, "Ba". To make the B sound she makes this face. It just cracks me up.

She doesn't mind splashing water all over her face, as you can see.

Hayden loves to laugh at things, even if she has no idea what she is laughing at. As soon as she hears mommy or daddy laugh she starts cracking up. Here she is laughing because I did.

August 22, 2007

New Bed?
Hayden woke up around 6:00 on Sunday morning! Jeremy decided to go and get her and bring her in our room....big mistake! She took over his side of the bed. I'm pretty sure that I heard her say, "Daddy, you can have my crib if you'd like...because I'm not moving!"

August 19, 2007

Last Day at the Beach
We decided to take some family pictures during our last day at the beach on Friday.
Left to right: me, Hayden, Jeremy, Bernie (my step-dad), mom, John (my brother), and September (my sister).

The Ross Family

Johnny's GQ pose!
Hayden has learned to whistle. Here she is whistling and tune with Aunt September.

August 17, 2007

Clearwater Family Time
My dad wanted Jeremy, Hayden, and I to have some alone time as a family during this vacation so he got us a beachfront hotel room in Clearwater. We got here last night and have been enjoying almost every single second of it. Last night I had a terrible headache so Jeremy and Hayden walked to the drug store to get me some medicine. While they were in the store an awful storm hit. They waited in the store for about a half an hour but it didn't slow up. So, they made a run for it an got SOAKED!
Here is the view from the balcony of our hotel room!!

This morning we walked down to the beach and hung out there for a little while.

I asked Jeremy to put Hayden's bathing suit on so that we could go to the pool and swim. Here is what I found when I looked over! Don't you understand why she's crying!?

We played at the pool for a while this afternoon. We practically had the pool to ourselves. It was very nice!

A Day in Long Boat Key
Yesterday we went to my Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy's house that's right on the canal in Long Boat Key. My Uncle Tom was vacationing there with his children Katie and Max. So, it was a big family get together! My Uncle Mark rented a 42 foot yacht with a skipper for the occasion.
Finally, the Ross family is together again! Here we are on the boat. Unfortunately, Jeremy had a conference call at 1:00 so he was not able to spend the entire afternoon on the boat with us. But he did get to go out for a little ride.

Daddy's little marshmallow puff in her life jacket

Our skipper took us out for a short ride and then we came back to drop Jeremy off. We all decided to take a dip in my uncle's pool before we got back on the boat.

Everyone was all smiles! Here's Bernie's daughter Amber (far right), and her two friends Ashley and Tiffany.

Hayden loved riding in Mimi the turtle.

September was splashing around in the pool in order to entertain our cousins Max and Katie.

After our dip in the pool we got back on the yacht for our afternoon of boating.
I gave September my sunglasses for the day because she has been squinting for 2 weeks straight. She squints so much that she has a tan line from the wrinkle in her forehead when she squints! She had to double up with her regular glasses though because she doesn't have anymore contacts!
Sleeping like a baby.
Everyone had such a wonderful time getting together and visiting. My Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy really went out of their way to plan an amazing afternoon for us! We did take a family picture on the boat but unfortunately the batteries in my camera were dead. So, I will post that once my mom sends it to me!

August 15, 2007

Floating Away....
Yesterday we took one of the tubes out into the ocean with us. It was nice to just sit and relax. I had to make sure that someone was with me so that we wouldn't drift away forever!

Here is Hayden enjoying the salty water again!

Three generations of girlie girls!

Here we are taking time for a little cuddle before we went inside for lunch.

One cool chick!

August 12, 2007

Downtown St. Petersburg
Today we went to Vinoy Park to walk along the coast. It ended up being VERY hot so we ended up doing a little shopping at Bay Watch. It was a wonderful afternoon.
Here is a picture of Morgan and September under a huge tree in Vinoy Park.

Same tree with the sisters.

This crazy root stuff was growing out of the limbs of the trees. We just had to take a picture of it and I needed a willing model for the shot!

A new food for the princess. Yesterday at the gathering Hayden found out what Goldfish tasted like and she loved it!

I do declare that Goldfish are number 1!!

August 11, 2007

The Gathering
My dad had some of our family over today to hang out. It was really good to see everyone.
Here's a picture of Morgan, September's girlfriend, reading a book with Hayden and Parker who is my cousin's child. Parker will be two years old in October.

Here we are blowing bubbles in the pool. Hayden has so many pool toys now she will be set for life!

Things got a little crazy in the pool with my dad and brother. They took turns showing each other "who was boss".

Here is Johnny showing dad what's up!

Dads turn now!
Parker loved playing in the pool with his grandpa who is my uncle Mark.
Hayden hanging out with aunt September.
Hayden with Pappy and his girlfriend Pita.