December 17, 2013

Found these at the Dollar Tree. We got one of these EVERY year in our the girls will get one too! 

The other night the girls and I went on a little shopping spree for some angel tree kids from their school. The girls had so much fun sipping their hot chocolate and picking out clothes for kids in need. 

Then it got crazy! 

I decided to make some hand painted ornaments for some special people this year. I was happy with how their turned out! 

Jeremy ordered me an ornament for the tree.....a 26.2 marathon ornament! I am in love with it!! 

Well, it's that time of year.....cookies cookies everywhere! I made some extra for the girls to decorate! 

Oh my little messy bessy! 

My perfectionist....

My accessorizer.....

And back to Messy Bessy...

Mailbox is loaded wit Christmas cards and a gift for our postwoman. Love this time of year! 

Jazzed up some plain cookies with a little white chocolate dip and some holly leaves! 

For the first time cakes made the front of someone's Christmas card!! 

Our little Holy family! 

December 7, 2013