September 30, 2008

Party Preparation
I have been decorating and making stuff for Hayden's party since Saturday. Jeremy came home from hunting on Saturday to a partially decorated house! I told him that I have planned for too long to just have the decorations up for a few hours. So they will be up for a week!
Here are the coffee filter jellyfish. There are 7 of them hanging throughout the kitchen and living room. Notice the fish net hanging on the window. They are all over the kitchen and living room too. The 2 liter bottle fish will go on the nets once September finishes them :-)

There are streamers up on the vaulted ceiling in the living room. As you can see there are fish swimming up there!

These chocolate shells are going to be incorporated into the ocean cake that I will be making later this week.

The chocolate sharks, fish, starfish, and seahorses will be incorporated into the cake too.

School Picture Proofs
Today when I went to pick Hayden up one of the teachers said, "Have you seen Hayden's school pictures? Good luck deciding which one to get because they are both SO cute!" I am just in love with them both-I know it's my daughter, but isn't she just the cutest thing!? I just had to share with my Blog friends.

September 29, 2008

Hayden likes to cram her body into small spaces for some reason. Tonight, it was this bin that we use as her laundry basket. She got in and then started grunting, groaning, and eventually whining so that we would get her out. Daddy had to take a couple pictures before he got her out!

An of course, once she saw the camera she had to put on a show and be silly...

Happy Girl
Layne is getting happier and happier each day. Her cute little personality is starting to show.
Still Princessing...
Hayden continued to dance around like a princess with her wand last night. She decided that she needed to stand on the fireplace so that everyone would be able to see her do her magic!

Bottle Fish

Aunt September found us a very cool craft idea for 3D fish. They are made out of 2 liter pop bottles. Our friends Scott and Heather gave us all of the bottles since we don't drink much pop. The first step is to remove the labels, so we did that this morning. Hayden was very good at that once I cut the labels. She was a great helper. I am trying to hold off so that Sep will be able to cut the bottles into fish....but I just don't know if I can wait until Friday!! Click here to see the 3D Fish idea.

September 28, 2008

Early Birthday
Today Whitney came over for a visit. She is going to be out of town for Hayden's party this weekend so she brought her present over. A princess nightgown (with slippers and a princess wand!), a hooded long sleeved dress, and a Little People set-that's all a girl needs!

September 27, 2008

Sisterly Love
Layne just adores Hayden and Hayden feels the same about Layne.


The other night Hayden was helping me unload the dishwasher. Normally, she just hands me the silverware but that night she wanted to put them away! Don't mind all of the dirty dishes in the sink...that's what happens when you have two young children and a part time job!

The work of Hayden...

She is growing and changing every day!


September 25, 2008

Fun with a Box
Oh the fun we can have with a single box. Jeremy and I had fun at our daughter's expense...but we all still had fun!

Fire Safety Week
This week at preschool it was Fire Safety Week. We planned for the fire truck to come to the preschool today and the kids LOVED it! The fire fighters gave every child a coloring book and sticker too!

One of the fire fighters dressed up in all of the gear so that in the case of a fire the children wouldn't be afraid of a fire fighter. Just the three and four year olds watched this part.

Here are the two year olds waiting patiently for the three and four year olds to go inside so they could have a turn checking out the fire truck.

The kids were allowed to touch and play with everything within reach on the truck. Of course, some were scared of the truck but most of the kids played.

Hayden even sat on the fire fighter's lap up in the truck. This is the only woman fire fighter in Rockdale County!

September 22, 2008

Hannah's Party
Here are some pictures from Hannah's party on Saturday. Jessica had a cute little girl's table set up. The girls sat there and ate their piggy cup cakes.......

and sipped their juice boxes while they chatted.

We picked this piggy out especially for Hannah the other day. I kept telling Hayden that it was for Hannah. When we got to the party Hayden made sure to give the piggy to Hannah....several times. Hayden wanted to make sure that Hannah knew the piggy was hers.

Happy Girl
Well, we think we found out what it making little Layne so fussy in the afternoon and evenings.....cheese and other dairy products. I haven't had milk in 2 months, but I didn't think I needed to cut out the other dairy products....looks like I have to! It's worth it though.

September 21, 2008

Aren't I Cute!?
I just love Hayden's outfit today. Cute little pleated skorts with ribbon accents, flowered tank top, and of course a pink hooded fleece for those cool mornings that we are having.

Playing ball outside.

Jessica told me about a website where you can sell used books: Here is the second crate of books that I tried to sell. It's a pretty good deal. All you do is enter the ISBN number and they tell you if they are currently buying that book and how much they will give you for it. Once you are done you print out a shipping label and send shipping charges!

Here is Hayden looking through the crate of books.

Sometimes when she is flipping through the books she licks her finger...I have no idea where she picked this up because neither Jeremy nor I do it!

Found It!
We knew it was only a matter of time before Layne found her thumb. She's not sure what to do with those four pesky fingers.

September 20, 2008

Piggy Party!
Today we went to Hayden's friend, Hannah's, 2nd birthday party. It was a cute piggy theme. Jessica made these pig snouts for the children.

They are made from egg creative!

They gave each child a huge pig balloon to take home too!! I'm sure Jessica will post pictures from Hannah's party on their blog: Harman Hood

September 19, 2008

Today we made a trial version of the goggles that all the kids are going to wear at Hayden's party in 2 weeks. I think I am going to put Aunt Tember to work when she's here...she can make the rest if all of her house cleaning chores are done! Can't wait till you get here Sep! Hayden loved to wear her pair of goggles.

Layne just sat hunched over in her bumbo while Hayden and I made the goggles. I kept sitting her up, but she would slouch right back over so that she could get her hand in her mouth. Doesn't look too comfortable to me!

2 Month Update
Today was Layne's 2 month doctor's appointment. Here are the stats: height is 23 3/4 inches (a little above average), weight is 10 pounds 10 ounces (average), and head circumference is 39 1/2 centimeters (a little above average).
When we got there we had to sit and wait for a while. Layne fussed a little while Hayden played. Then Layne fell asleep. Next they called us back to the room and I had to undress Layne which woke her up and she hates to be woken she fussed. Then they weighed her and took her temperature. I have to take her diaper off to weigh her. I was holding her while they took her temperature and sure enough she peed ALL OVER me. So, I was stuck with a wet shirt for the rest of the appointment. After the temperature ordeal we went back into our room and waited some more and Layne continued to fuss. Hayden was well behaved. Then Dr. Jattan came in and Layne got mad because the doctor was poking and prodding her. Layne realized that it wasn't a big deal and she quit fussing. Right at that point Hayden, who was standing on a little step on the examining table, fell backwards onto the floor. so, she started crying which made Layne start crying. What a mess. I calmed them both down. Right about that time the nurse came in to give Layne her 3 shots and oral medicine. It was all over from that point on!!! What a day...and it's only 11 in the morning!

September 16, 2008

Doggie Ears
Today at school Hayden made these cute little doggie ears. She also finger painted using the color brown since that's the color they are learning about.

She looks a little sleepy because she just woke up from her nap.

First Crush

This is DeeDee (Darrin) from preschool. Hayden is in love with him. They play together in the mornings because he comes early too since his grandma teaches at the preschool. She runs to him yelling "Deedee Deedee" and gives him a big hug each morning.

Then they stay in Miss Sue and Miss Nadine's room and play for a while before school starts.

When I come down and tell them it's time for school they clean up, Hayden grabs Deedee's hand and makes him take his book bag, and says "umon Deedee" (come on Darrin).....

And basically drags him down the hallway to their classroom!

Here she is walking down the hallway with her class. They are headed to the computer lab.

Here's another picture of the class going to the computer lab holding their cut little line keeper animals. I blurred out the faces because I didn't want to make any parents upset.