October 31, 2007

After a few trick-or-treaters came to the front door Hayden kind of got the hang of it. She stood on the couch looking out the window for a little while. She couldn't wait to see more kids.

She did tricks for us on the couch while we waited for more kids to come. She stood up by only pushing on the couch with her hands, rolled around, played peek-a-boo, and did "the Elmo". Grandma and Pap Milko bought her this cute little outfit.

October 30, 2007

Hayden's First Piece of Art
Last Thursday the one year olds at preschool made little hand print spiders. Here is Hayden's! She wasn't sure why I was having her stand against the refrigerator to take a picture.....as you can tell.

Then she turned around and saw the googly eyes!

Here's a close-up. Hayden didn't go to school with me today since she was sick...maybe she'll be well enough to see her friends on Thursday. She had another play day with daddy!

October 29, 2007

Diaper Delivery
Hayden and I worked together to push the big boxes of diapers and wipes down the hallway to her room. This is about as close to walking on her own as we get.
Here's Hayden making herself comfortable while she reads her very favorite book. It's a pre-made scrapbook that has little flaps for me to put pictures of Hayden in it. She loves to pull back the flaps and look at the pictures of herself.....and pull the pictures out! If you think she looks a little sick in this picture then you are right! She has cold number 2...doesn't it seem like she just got over the first one!?

Don't mind all of the clean clothes in the background....I just haven't gotten around to folding yet. By the way I HATE folding clothes!

Neighborhood Fall Fest
We had a fall fest in our neighborhood this Saturday. There were about 40 people there including the kids.....who loved it!

We had face painting, cookie decorating, a candy walk (it's a southern thing), apple bobbing, a baking contest, a pumpkin contest, food, and a costume parade. It was a great time!

Here's the costume parade.

October 27, 2007

Our Little Cheerleader!
I put Hayden in her Halloween costume today because we are having a neighborhood Fall Fest today. The kids can dress up if they want to. Grandma and Pap Milko got her this Steelers sippy cup to go with the outfit!

October 25, 2007

Working with Mommy
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Hayden spends some time with other 1 year olds in preschool. I get to work at 8:00 and preschool doesn't start until 9:00. So, Hayden has a "few" toys to play with while she waits for school to start. This is a magnet that she found and loves the play with. She refused to look up at the camera so no face shot.

Here is Hayden's play area in my office. She gets to play here for an hour before school and an hour after school. She even gets to eat lunch here!

Wednesday with Pop and Grandma
On Wednesdays Hayden goes to Jeremy's parents house while I work. She had a good time over there this Wednesday.

Here's Hayden feeding their indoor goat Ruth.

October 21, 2007

Hayden just loves to lounge around in her chair during snack time. This is how she sits in shopping carts too! She's just so funny sometimes.
Farmer Dance
Jeremy was watching Hayden the other day and he shot this video. It's of Hayden dancing to the farmer music. You will also get to see what she does every time the phone rings around our house. Notice that she is in her pj's. Mondays are "daddy day". I am going to work as the Interim Preschool Director at our church's weekday preschool 4 days a week. Jeremy is going to watch Hayden for 5 hours every Monday. I think there will be many more pj days in Hayden's near future!

October 19, 2007

Hayden's Style
When I put this shirt on Hayden this morning she had both arms in the sleeves. When we got Hayden out of the car this afternoon this is how we found her! What a little fashion designer!

October 16, 2007

Silly Daddy
I tutor until 7:00 two nights a week so Jeremy gives Hayden a bath on those nights. Tonight he decided to be silly and mismatch Hayden's pj's.

October 15, 2007

Standing Alone
Hayden has started to stand on her own....with a little (ok...a lot) of encouragement from mommy and especially daddy! Before I started videoing Hayden was standing on her own for about 15 to 20 seconds. But this is the best we could capture. It won't be long until those little legs are walkin'!
Everything Elmo
I guess Hayden wanted to comb Elmo's hair with the Elmo comb....what else would you use!?

This Elmo doll laughs so hard that it bends over, slaps it's knee, sits down, and lays down on the floor. Hayden started doing this little move a few days after she got Elmo.

We think she is imitating Elmo....

October 13, 2007

Fall Pictures
It's finally starting to feel like fall around here since it's cooling off. I decided to take Hayden out to the garden bench and take a few pictures. On the way we got to see a 3 foot snake skin hanging on the railroad tie wall. It's always fun to get a little reminder of the large black creature that is lurking in my garden and living in the wall! No pictures of that though....out of sight out of mind.
Hayden makes this face a lot and I finally got a good picture of it. She lengthens her neck and breathes in hard while she makes the face. It cracks me up.

She has some great fall clothes, I am kind of excited that the weather is getting cooler.

She does have a mini bouquet of flowers in her hand...that she's crushing!

Yes, she still has that crazy big toe.

October 11, 2007

Snack Time
Hayden has started to sit in her chair for snack time. Today's afternoon snack was low sodium ritz and whole milk.
Daddy has been sewing a new tree "nest" for his tree lounge deer stand. He and Hayden just had to test it out before the weekend. So, we dressed Hayden in her camos that Gram and Pap got her and headed out to the "woods" (our front yard!). We had to put her pink boots on for a little "flare".

"Look how high we are mommy!". Not really, mommy is just on the dirty ground taking this picture!

October 9, 2007

My Little Chair
This is what Jeremy and I got Hayden for her birthday and it's finally arrived! We think she likes it.

She has found out that her chair is a great stepping stool in order to get onto the couch!

Another present from Gram and Pap came today! Sorry Sep....this is the thing I was trying to describe to you so that you could get it for her! You can cross that off the list. Back to the present drawing board for you...

Last night Hayden did this all on her own! What a crazy girl.

October 8, 2007

Good Morning Elmo!

Just passing through!

I think she's saying, "I saw Pappy doing this yesterday...How does this thing work?!"

More presents from Gram and Pap!! The UPS man came with two big packages for the Birthday girl today. The polar bear that she has in her hands really "growls" and Hayden growls back!
Grand and Pap also got her another 2 in 1 learning station. This one has a door though and it's inside and outside!
Here she is opening and closing the window.

She's also learned how to open and close the door.
She's even brave enough to crawl through! These new toys are awesome.

Thanks Gram and Pap!

Birthday Cake
Here's some video of Hayden "diggin into" her butterfly birthday cake on Saturday. She wasn't as messy with it as we thought she would be.

Hanging Out with the Grandparents
Hayden, Gram, and Pap had a great time playing with all of the new birthday toys yesterday.
Gram and Pop flew in from Pittsburgh on Friday night....just for the little princess' party! They were such a help throughout the weekend-we couldn't have done it as smoothly without them! Thank you so much, Gram and Pop, for everything that you did this weekend. We love you both
Just laying around.
Here they are reading one of the new books that Hayden got for her birthday.
This is the 2 in 1 learning center that Pappy got Hayden. She really love it. Pappy drove in from Florida on Thursday night after work. He was also a big help this weekend. Thanks so much for everything you did Pappy! We love you.
Here's Pappy trying to figure out how the light "knows" to turn on automatically.

October 7, 2007

More Party Pictures!
Here are some of the pictures that Pop Ross took yesterday at the party.
Here's the food table all set up nice and pretty. I'm so glad that someone thought to take a picture of it since I totally forgot.

Grandma Ross got all of the balloons for the party. There were balloons everywhere! They looked awesome.

Pre-party picture.
Here are some of Jeremy's family enjoying their cake and ice cream on the back porch. The house was packed!
Danielle and Grace enjoying their cake.
The three amigos. Charece (8 months), Hayden, and Hannah (1 year) having fun on the floor. Hayden is trying to put her hair barrette back in.