September 2, 2013

Catch Up!!!!

I can't even believe that's it's been right at a month since I have posted! I am SO SO sorry! I will be much better about posting from now on :) 
So, now it's time to play catch up! 
Here's a picture of the two sweet sisters on their first day of school! Hayden in first grade and Layne in kindergarten. We had some tears (mainly me!) on the first day and then some tears on the second day (Layne) and then more tears on the third day (me and Layne!). But now everyone is happily adjusted and loving school! Mommy is so happy about that!! 

Little first grader! 

Cute little kindergartner!

Mommy and Wynnie kept busy on the first day of school. We survived! 

Warm cookies and milk after school snack for the first week of school!

Mommy stretching her muscles out on the foam roller before a run. I wasn't the only one that liked the roller! 

On the Friday of the first week of school I took the girls to the carnival as a celebration for Layne not crying the last two days! They had so much fun and it was SO HOT! 

Everything was a spinning ride!! 

Wynnie has definitely inherited the Howat sweat gene! 

The guy running this ride kept spinning their teapot around and around. At first they laughed but then I think they started to feel sick! 

We had a ladies conference at DP. We each got one of these ReMade cups and then I won another one! So, the girlies got treats when I got home! 

This is how she wakes up every morning! All smiles.....unless she drops her blankie on the floor! 

Every day after school the girls have a snack and a little down time then it's time for homework. They are both so good at sitting at the kitchen table with me and just focusing on their homework. Such great students :) Here is Hayden quizzing Layne on her sight words. 

This bag of sugar is bigger and weighs more than Wynnie! 

She loved playing with it! 

A few weeks back I had my very first NIGHT race. It was called Area 13.1 and it was a night half marathon
in Roswell. Whitney ran it with me. The course was very flat for the most part and it was a GREAT day. The weather was just perfect-nice a cool for an August night. The darkness was interesting.  

I finished in 2:12, which is 5 minutes slower than my personal best. I was pretty happy with the time. 

Our little reader! She is a reading master! She comes home with a new book every single day. She reads it to us and then she takes a test on it at school (Accelerated Reader program). If she gets an 80% or higher then she gets to go to the media center BY HERSELF and pick out a new book. So, that's what she does! 

Layne's new hat! I love consignment sales!! 

Just being silly at Michael's one day....

Yes, Wynnie sampled Roxy's food.....

She just adores these dolls. She calls them "baba" (baby)

Wynnie hanging out at Ryleigh's birthday party! 

Our new rewards store at DP! We used to have a reward store filled with little toys for the kids. Throughout the month they earn tickets for making good choices. The last Sunday of the month they get to shop. Well, we changed it up a little starting this month. We have a team at DP that goes out and feeds the homeless. We have now stocked our store with items that the kids can buy in order to give to our homeless ministry. So, they are learning that it's better to give than to receive! Jeremy built the shelves and crates for me!! 

Little Layne just found out that she doesn't need ANY shots at this appointment! 

Talk about pooped! 

Checking her spelling words! 

Birthday package from Aunt September!! 

The other night we had a night of beauty! Daddy went to watch the UGA game at Philip's house so we got the new beauty masks and nail polish out and got busy! Hayden was so funny when she came back from peeling her mask off. She said, "That hurt so bad, it felt like my skin was peeling off." 

Kari, Mary, and I meet every week to do a Bible study. Right now we are reading a study on Ruth and Esther. So, last week we all showed up in jeans, purple shirts, and hair down! It was too crazy to not take a picture!! 

Bakers injury! 

I logged 138 miles in August! I have also run the furthest that I have ever run...16 miles! The training goes on though. For this month I am scheduled to run 174 miles and I think the most I will run this month at one time is 20 miles!! Seems crazy....pretty sure it is! 

Yep, that's a lollipop in Wynnies hair! That's what I get for letting her keep the lollipop on the ride home! 

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