April 17, 2012

Perfect Profile

How perfect is this child?! 
I had to do my 1 hour glucose test this morning (that stuff is SO sweet) so I also got to see my precious baby! Isn't she just beautiful? Her little profile just took my breath away when I saw it on the screen. I just want to meet that jumping jelly bean! 
She's still breech, which they won't really worry about until the last month. The funny thing is that her legs are right up there with her head (you can see her arms in the picture....but her legs are right there too!). So her bottom is pointing down but her head and feet are at the top! So silly. 
So, you know how I have shared with you about the due date confusion....well it's now becoming a little bit of an issue that we are not all on the same page. The doctor is still saying that I am 28 week and due on July 7th. Everyone else (including Jerm and I) think that I am 26 weeks and due on July 19th. Since the doctor thinks that the little peanut is two weeks further along than she really is the doctor is now saying that Gwynn is measuring small and she's a little concerned and wants me to come back in 2 weeks. But really, she is measuring the way she should since she's only 26 weeks along!! We'll get it all sorted out soon enough.

**UPDATE-Jan just called. She presented all of the data to the doctor this afternoon and they have now officially changed my due date to July 19th!! Everyone is on the same page now and instead of Gwynn measuring as a 28 week old baby in the 18th percentile for growth she is measuring as a 26 week old baby in the 50th percentile for growth!! No additional ultrasound in 2 weeks and no specialist for me!! 

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