April 24, 2012

The Garden Protector

Jeremy and Layne were out in the garden yesterday planting their sunflower plants and this is what they dug up!!! This trapdoor spider had a nice little home underground until Jerm and Layne came along. Now he doesn't have a home or a life anymore! It was the freakiest spider I have ever seen around the house!!

Here was it's home. It was a little cylinder and the spider was at the bottom when Jeremy tore it open!! 

When he smashed it guts squirted EVERYWHERE....including on my pants even though I was probably 10 feet away.

When the whole ordeal was over Layne said, "That was just terrible!"
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House of Collinsworth said...

I am completely grossed out and probably won't sleep again tonight. Thanks for that DISGUSTING post, Trista!!!!!!!!