April 27, 2012

Fun Day!!

Today Hayden had Fun Day at Peachtree. It was a morning filled with games and fun!! She and her class traveled from station to station and played all kinds of games. Here's the softball toss.

Then there was a water game....

Layner came with me too. She didn't get into Hightower Trail's pre-k program for next year so she'll be going to Peachtree. I wanted her to see how much fun it will be! She's excited!!

Egg on a spoon....

Snow Cone relay!
One of Hayden's teachers, Ms Winstead, had some sweet words to say about my baby girl. She said that she's very smart, a natural leaders, all the kids love her, and she's beautiful inside and out. Of course, I agree with all of that! I feel so blessed that God has given me this sweet child to raise. I can't wait to see what He has planned for her!
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