October 20, 2012

Trialblazer 1 Mile Fun Run!

About a month ago Hayden brought home a form for the 1 Mile Fun Run and 5K race at her school. There was also a sponsorship form! I figured since Sugar and Spice Sweets is going to be back in business soon it may be a good move to sponsor the race! So, S&S Sweets did!! We got 4 free registrations with our sponsorship. Jerm and the girls were going to do the 1 mile run and I was going to do the 5K. But, then Jerm realized it was opening day for gun season so he was out. So, the girls and I just did the 1 mile together. Here they are ready to run!

"It's cold!!"

Got to stretch so that we don't pull muscles. There were only about 15 to 20 people that did the 1 mile!

The race started out rough. We were in the back since I had the jogging stroller. Layne started running with her hand in her pockets. When I asked her to take her hand out of her pockets she started to cry. She cried for about half a lap around the track. Finally she told me why she was crying, "Because I don't want to run!". My thought was....Ummm, this IS a 1 mile fun RUN, what the heck did you think we were doing? But instead of saying that I encouraged her and told her that she could do it! Everything was going great. We went a lap around the track and then around the school then through a church parking lot and back to the school-all running! Then we were on the last part of pavement before we headed back to the track and disaster struck! Layne tripped and fell! Yikes. We were about to start passing people too darn it! I had to shove that little spark of competitiveness away and tend to Layne. I really would not consider myself a competitive person at all, but something comes out in me when I am doing a road race....even if it's a 1 mile fun run apparently! Back to Layner though. So, she was crying pretty hard. I told Hayden to just go ahead. Poor girls just wondered around slowly like a lost little puppy. I ended up having to pick Layne up. So, now I am trying to steer the jogging stroller and comfort Layne while holding her and try to continue running to keep up with Hayden the lost wondering running. Finally, Layne felt like she was good enough to walk on her own. She decided that once we got to the grass leading to the track we could run again. So, we all finished in LAST place but we finished running! It wasn't about finishing first though. The girls had a great time and that's what matters.....right?! Hayden did get an award for finishing third in the girls group!! She got THREE MONTHS of FREE Karate lessons! How awesome is that!?

The palms of her hands got a little scratched (no blood) but her knee got skinned too. Thankfully, she did not see the knee injury until after we had finished the race. If she had seen in during the race she definitely would have lost it!

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