October 18, 2012

Gwynn Updates

I'm so glad that we picked this toy up at the sale. She just loves it!

The growth spurt is still going on and we're hanging in there. It's crazy how she just wakes up and is ready to eat every 2 hours 15 minutes when she's going through a growth spurt! We are on day two of the growth spurt so maybe it's coming to an end? Another crazy thing about Gwynn when she goes through a growth spurt she sleeps really well at night! I am so thankful for that though. I couldn't imagine her waking up every 2 hours at night.

The girls are going to be owls for Halloween! Here's Gwynn's costume all finished. Hopefully I will finish the other two today. So cute and so cheap! Felt is so inexpensive!
HUGE flower on my head!!
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