February 25, 2010

Sick Bowl

This morning Hayden came running into our bedroom crying and coughing saying that her neck hurt. I knew exactly what was about to happen so I sprang out of bed and rushed her to the toilet. When she's going to throw up she says her neck hurts. Sure enough, she got sick. So, I brought her into our bed since Jeremy was already at at UPS. I put a towel down and got her a bowl. She did such a good job of getting it in the bowl every time! She brings the bowl with her everywhere she goes. Does anyone do that? I remember when I was sick mom would get me a bowl so I didn't have to rush to the bathroom and risk an accident. I think that this was actually the same bowl that I used or at least it looked just like it! So, she and this green plastic bowl will be good buds today. Layner has it too, but it goes right to her diaper (T.M.I.?).

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