February 20, 2010

Twin Birthday Cakes!

Brady and Connor are 4 year old twins with different interests. So, Sandra asked me to make them each a small cake. Brady saw the one that I did for Aaron and loved it. So, I made him a version of the Boston Red Sox cake. The ball is a toy since Connor had so many toys on his cake I wanted Brady to have something to play with too.
I tried to make it more of a little boys cake. This cake was chocolate chocolate chip with butter cream filling and icing.

And Connor was very specific about the kind of cake that he wanted: strawberry cake with peaches and blue berries and buzz light year. He got the Buzz light year and the strawberries.

Here's the cake without all of the toy toppers. This cake was strawberry with strawberry cream filling and iced strawberry butter cream. Everything in this picture is edible.
It was so great to actually see their reactions as I brought the cakes in. Most of the time my clients come and pick up the cakes and I never get to see the kids/adults reactions. Connor and Brady were SO excited and thankful. It was great to see.....

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