February 22, 2010


The name suited him, but a better name to describe the very first dog that I got while I was "on my own" would have been Tasmanian Devil! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was going into my senior year of college and my roommates and I had a house. If you have a house, you need a pet....right-even if it was "illegal"?! So, I looked in the paper for a small breed dog. I aranged to meet a guy in the parking lot of a McDonalds to see a puppy. My dad came with me just to be on the safe side. Well, as soon as we got there dad went inside to get some fries or something. That's when it happened. The man pulled up next to our car and came out of the car with the most precious fluffy white puppy. He was so white he almost appeared to be angelic! Those of you that knew Wiley know how funny that sentence really is! Needless to say, I was getting that dog no matter what. It was love at first sight.
Wiley had the most annoying bark and he chewed tables, walls, and shoes and if he go off his leash he went bonkers, and when he got super excited or scared he "sprung a leak" if you know what I mean- he was like a ball of fire...all the time! He was my little Wiley though and he had me wrapped around his little white paw.
We even made the move together to Georgia. Unfortunately, Jeremy and Wiley didn't see eye to eye. We were getting married and moving into a new house and the peeing and chewing was not going to work so well in the new house. So, Wiley took a trip to Pittsburgh to live with Mom and Bern! All I will say about his flight is that when mom and Bern got to the pet carrier that he traveled in it was falling apart so the airport people had wrapped caution tape all around it! Ok, it may not have been caution tape, but still!
So, he had a sweet life up in the burgh with mom and Bern. He had a huge fenced in yard to run around it, lots of dog buddies to play with, and two parents that loved and pampered him. Wiley and Bern were special buds. They were like two peas in a pod. Bern and Wiley even got into arguments! It was a crazy sight to see.
All of this to say, Wiley is in doggie heaven tonight. He had a great life and he will be dearly missed. A special thank you to mom and Bernie for taking such amazing care of him. I love you guys.

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