March 25, 2010

Kisses for Everyone!

Daddy gave mommy a kiss goodbye before he left for job number 2 this morning. When Layne saw it, she walked over to him, pulled on his pant leg and pursed her lips out. He swept her up and gave her a goodbye kiss too. It was just so cute!
Here is Layne helping me take the recycling out to the garage this morning....
Here is Layne being VERY dramatic about how "heavy" the basket is....yeah yeah, I know it's a Pet Smart shopping basket. Pappy brought it home when we got the FISH for Hayden's 2nd birthday!!! So, we just kept it.
Preschool Art Show!
Tonight we were invited back to Hayden's preschool for their Art Show! It's a chance for parents to check out some of the things that the kiddos have been doing. Our little Hayden is quite the artist!
Layne loved looking at big sis's art. Those teachers are so creative!
This was my favorite. And it's laminated so it will last forever!
I mean, how good is that?!
Hayden was so excited to see all of her friends. She greeted each one of them with a hug as they walked in the door.
This is her buddy Oakley. Layne just loved Oakley. She kept walking up to her giving her hugs.... Oakley wasn't too sure about that. She also wasn't too sure about how to say Hayden's name either. She kept calling Hayden "Payton" and her parents kept correcting her. Her mom told me that when she talks about Hayden at home she calls her "Payton" too and Miss Jessica says that's what she calls Hayden at school too. Poor confused little girl! Hayden's teacher told me that everyone LOVES Hayden and Hayden is friends with EVERYONE. She said that if Hayden misses a day all of the kids want to know where she is. She said that Hayden is the most talked about kid in the class. It made me so proud of Hayden. It's nice to know that Hayden is well liked and well mannered.
And lastly, we went to another room to have punch and cookies. We also told Hayden's teacher that she would have little sis next year! Next year they will both be enrolled in preschool 4 days a week. We also told Miss Jessica that she would see a definite difference between the two sisters!!

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