March 18, 2010

Layne's Favorite....

This is Layne's favorite part about mommy's baking! Today it was red velvet cake batter-what a mess!
After I carved the cake I went to the craft closet to get some paper for the cake board. As I searched and searched for the perfect paper I head a chair sliding across the kitchen floor. When I walked in this is what I found. Layne was standing up on a chair so that she could get to the cake...thankfully it was the scraps!!
Easter Dresses!!
Pappy and Melody went Easter dress shopping last weekend. The picked 14 dresses out and then texted me pictures so that Hayden and I could pick our favorites. It slowed down my grocery shopping, but we really enjoyed the process. So, today we got a package in the mail.
A dress for each of the girls, a pair of gloves, a headband, an Easter hat, a bracelet, a Dora watch, white shoes, and a cool glittery Easter bouncy ball (my favorite!).

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