April 10, 2010

First Ice Cream Cones!

Today I fixed the girls ice cream cones and insisted that they go outside to eat them! Layner wasn't sure what the heck it was at first. But after watching sister she got the idea.
They both just licked it like little cats or something. Those suckers were melting faster than they could eat them!
So Cold.....But I must continue!
Little kitty cat licker.
Then they went through the sprinkler-video to come later-but Layne hung on to that ice cream cone. Here she is with her soggy cone drying off after getting soaked!
Hayden running through the sprinkler in her shoes and undies!
Then we cleaned out and filled the water table and they played and played all afternoon. We're going to have to get some sand for the crab part. I think they'd love that!

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Suzanne said...

Love that water table! We have a sand table that has two sides (one for sand and one for water), but we learned that it quickly just becomes a mud table on both sides. :)