April 6, 2010

"Hair" Band

Layner's new look is the elastic hair band. She's in love with them. She won't keep barrettes it-ok so they barely stay in the very few strands of hair that she has. She'll wear these hair bands all day though. I like them because it helps her to look a little more feminine!
And we all know the saying, "Monkey see, Monkey do". Well, Hayden decided that she needed a band too before we left the house. Oh my! Very interesting way of wearing it, wouldn't you say?
These poses when the camera comes out are killing me! Thankfully Hayden's band didn't last once we got into the car. Maybe she saw what it looked like in the car mirror or something.
If we go out in the car in the afternoon 9 times out of 10 Hayden will zonk out. Today Mazie came with us. As soon as Mazie saw that Hayden wasn't taking advantage of her window seat she hopped right on her lap and made herself comfortable. Don't worry, this picture was taken while I was stopped!
Just had to get one of little Layner and that band!

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