April 2, 2010

Red Velvet Simplicity

Last minute red velvet cake order for this weekend so I didn't have time to make the flower myself....who am I kidding...I have NO CLUE how to make a gumpaste flower like this. Hopefully I will be learning soon though. One of those things I have to google and youtube when I have time. Any way, I just love the simplicity and elegance to this cake. I've seen a lot of wedding cakes like this and I love them!
Kelly Jones Benefit
I was asked if I wanted to donate a raffle basket for an event that some people are putting on in order to raise money for a woman's heart transplant. The event is at the Harley Davidson in Conyers tomorrow. So, I made six very thick 5 inch cookies and dipped them in chocolate and topped them with goodies!
So, here's the first basket that will be raffled off....one more to come later!

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