April 17, 2010

Stopping to Smell the Flowers...

I picked on of the hibiscus blooms for Layner this afternoon. She sat there and stared at it for a little while and then....
....is anyone really surprised?!
Poor girl was up twice last night throwing up. I will spare you the details, so all I will say is instead of just one person being sick last night it was almost two! I had to call Jeremy in for back up! She got sick again this afternoon :( Then she just zonked out on the couch-in the middle of dress up as you can see. No fever, just can't keep anything down....We'll see how tonight goes.
The other morning Layne and I met Janna and Josie for some coffee and conversation. Layne had a mini donut and I had a green tea lemonade. The girls played with all the chairs outside while Janna and I caught up and chatted about life. It was a nice start to the morning.
And this is what happened on the way home from Starbucks!
Little Layner and her stuffed animals. She has no problem just sprawling out on the floor with her doggie, bear, or blankie.
Last night was Discover Point co-ed softball team's first softball game. The girls and I were up at DP for A Night Out until 9, but afterwards we came to the ball field to see daddy play. They were SO EXCITED to see daddy. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot they started screeching and squealing like teenage girls at a Twilight movie. After they saw daddy and said HI they found their friends and more importantly......the DIRT! What is it with dirt and kids?!

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