April 4, 2010

Yesterday I asked Hayden to brush her hair while I dried mine. This was the end result!
Here is Layner decorating the Easter eggs yesterday. We just went with the sticker route.

Yay! 12 cute little eggs!
Not only was she filling Mazie's dish with food, but she was also sampling the merchandise!
Layne thought that it was funny to run right at the camera this morning while I was trying to snap a quick shot of them in their Easter dresses! Check out Hayden's pose in the background!
No clue where Hayden saw this pose, but apparently she liked it because she tried to do it in every picture this morning!
After their afternoon naps we got them dressed again and they went on an egg hunt!
They found their baskets and eggs.

Then we headed to Grandma and Pops house. They had this bike for Hayden and she loved it.
Layner liked to help sissy by pushing her to get her started.
Pop, always thinking of an easier way to do things!
Then we headed inside to make pancakes for dinner.

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