April 7, 2010

Working Out with Mommy

Lately, the girls have been "working out" with me in the afternoons. They like to participate, watch, and also just do other things. Today I decided to capture it all for you guys....in between reps that is!! So, Layne started out in a double sandal work out shoe and a resistance band. A little stretching before a workout never hurts!
Then we do some running in place, only Hayden kicks it up a notch and actually runs out of place.....and runs into the couch. Now that's a try P90Xer!
Hayden must have felt a little tight after her run because she went back to stretching for a little while. Gotta make sure that your muscles are nice and loose for the P90X workout we are about to endure!
I think Layne had some words of her own for our instructor, Tony Horton.
Look at that focus on her face. She's so good that she only needs to see out of 1 eye in order to complete the moves!
This is where the distraction begins for Layne. Hayden is still going strong, but Layne already has a sock on her hand....we've lost her!
Yep, definitely lost her! She's now decided that it would be more fun to sit in her toy basket shirtless than work out with Tony! Just goes to prove that P90X isn't for everybody!
Eventually mommy is flying solo. Hayden opted to draw on cardboard instead of workout.

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