May 4, 2010


Sarah is just about the happiest baby that I have ever seen. She is always smiling and laughing and just a pleasant child all around! AND she's a great eater. Maybe she could teach Layne a few things in that area!
After lunch we all went outside for a little swinging fun. Hayden wanted to push Sarah and I was told to push Layne, so that's what we did. We couldn't stay out too long because Sarah and especially Layne have fair skin. We had a good time though.
I think Layne could probably fall asleep in this swing if I kept her outside and pushed for long enough. She LOVES to swing.
Sarah loved it too, but there was no sitting back and relaxing for it. It was all giggles, squeals, and smiles....
Oh, and I had to get the girls hats since Sarah had a hat!

Hayden has discovered a new toy on the swing set and she loves it!
They must have played hard this morning and outside because all three of them are out like a light right now!!!

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House of Collinsworth said...

So cute! You know...3 girls suits you! :o) Time for another one??? Heehee!