May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Madness!

Daddy and the girls got me these amazing gifts for Mother's Day. My cake business is booming so I am so excited to try out my new toys. They will be put to good use...that's for sure. They went WAY overboard!!
I woke up this morning when Hayden came into our room around 6:30am. She cuddled with me in bed for a little while and then she popped up and said, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy! I have a surprise for you. Here, come with me-let me show you. It's outside." So we rushed outside, onto the deck and down the ramp. She pointed to our bathtub pond that we have and said, "Look, it's clean! Grandma, Layne, and I cleaned it last night for you!"
She was so excited and proud-it was very sweet.
The other day when I walked into our bedroom during Hayden's "rest time" she was sleeping so sweetly that I had to snap a shot!
Shrinky Dinks!
These pictures are we'll start with the finished product!
After they were colored we put them in the oven. The girls stood there and watched them curl right up and shrink.
First, they colored the little shrinky dinks.
Layne was very focused on collecting all of the colored pencils and then hording them!
Layne and Hayden like to play "school" and "house" together. Most of the time Hayden is the mom and Layne is the baby.....surprise surprise!
Daddy got his hair cut by a professional for the FIRST TIME in about 15 or so year on Friday! He has always cut it himself until now........

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