May 3, 2010

Water Fun!

On Saturday the girls played with their water table while I worked in the garden. They can play with that thing for hours!
Notice Hayden's little ballerina outfit. Also notice how proper she's being as she scoops up the water while holding her skirt.

On Friday Grandma and Pop got to spend the afternoon with the girls. Here's Hayden going down the the park! Sissy is in the background checking to make sure that everything's ok.
Look, no hands!
No hand here too, but not quite as brave about it!
Then they headed back to grandma and pop's house and took a ride in the wheelbarrow.

They just got a bunch of free fish from some guys that are moving out of state. There are like 10+ goldfish in the lower pond now and 2 huge coy in the upper pond.

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